Well, we are off, starting a new season of The Bachelorette, season 6, pegged with the title; As you travel around the world to fall in love with Ali. There was an update on Ali to begin with and as Chris said, let’s meet the guys:

There were video clips of Frank, Jay, Craig M., Kyle, Justin, Phil, Jonathon, Ty, and Chris L. There were also intro’s of guys that were filmed at the hotel, including, Roberto, Jesse, Tyler V, Derrick, and Steve.

As the first limo pulled up and the guys started pouring out, there were a lot of laughs, hugs and comments made.
The shown limo order is as follows:

Limo #1
Chris H. whom she called cute, Jesse, Chris L. Whom she thought was cute, Ty, and Frank whom proceeded to jump out of the roof of the limo.

Limo #2
Justin, Jay, Chris N whom slipped a rose out of his coat, Kasey who made a speech about guarding her heart and hopes that she will give him a chance to show her his heart, and Kyle whom tried to reel her in like a fish......

Limo #3
Roberto of whom she called him cute and sexy, Craig M., John N., Tyler V., and John C.

Limo #4
Jonathon, Craig R., Steve, Kirk who made a paper rose for Ali, and Tyler M.

Limo #5
Hunter, Derick, Phil, Derrick with a nickname of shooter, and Jason whom climbed out of the limo on the wrong side and climbed up on the roof where he did a backflip off.

As the guys walked into the house and the party started, the first 4 guys to get a PI were: Chris L, Roberto, Justin, and Frank. Chris Harrison met up with Ali standing in front of the house and informed her as to the FI rose that would show up and told her to give that to the guy that she was certain she wanted to make safe for tonight. As the party got underway, Ali was able to have some private time with Frank, Kirk who produced a homemade scrapbook for her, Kasey.......Chris Harrison enters the living room and places the FIR on the table, reminding Ali that she knows what to do.......

As the party progresses, Ali has some private time with Derrick, Roberto, Chris L., and Justin. At this time, Ali hands out the FIR to Roberto while commenting that the reason why she gave him the rose is because he is cute, she likes him and finds him sexy.

When they come back into the room, Chris Harrison comes back into the room to announce that he needs some help as he would like the guys to vote for the one that might be there for the wrong reasons, considering in the past years, the wrong person might of slipped through. As the guys proceed to fill out their ballots, Ali is able to have some more private time with Craig R who produces a small keychain with a yellow sneaker on it and says that one day it would be nice for their 2 keychains to be used..........or something silly like that. Ali then takes Jesse aside whom gave her a two piece wooden heart that he made for her, then she talks to Ty.

When Chris Harrison re-enters the room, he has the tally from the guys votes. At this time, Chris says that there is an overwhelming amount of votes for Justin. Ali proceeds to take Justin out for a private conversation before making her final decision as to whether she wants to keep Justin or send him packing. When they come back into the room, she decides that she will keep Justin for now and gives him the LCR(Last Chance Rose).

The roses were handed out as follows:

FIR: Roberto, 26, Insurance Agent, Charleston, SC
LCR: Justin, 26, Entertainment Wrestler, Toronto, Canada

Jesse, 24, General Contractor, Peculiar, MO
Ty, 31, Medical Sales, Nashville, TN
Craig R., 27, Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA
Tyler V., 25, Online Advertising, Chelsea, VT
Frank, 31, Retail Manager, Geneva, IL
Steve, 28, Sales Representative, Cleveland, OH
Chris L., 33, Landscaper, Cape Cod, MA
Kirk, 27, Sales Consultant, Green Bay, WI
John C., 32, Hotel Business Dev., Issaquah, WA
Chris N., 29, Entrepreneur, Orlando, FL
Chris H., 27, Real Estate Developer, Vancouver, Canada
Hunter, 28, Internet Account Executive, San Antonio, TX
Craig M., 34, Dental Sales, Sarnia, Canada
Jonathan, 30, Weatherman, Houston, TX
Kasey, 27, Advertising Account Exec., Clovis, CA