Episode 10 – Men Tell All

The season of the: taxidermy, cheaters, girlfriends, horrible singing, phantoms and maybe some love??

Tonight’s epi was the Men Tell All or as others have nicknamed it “complete waste of time”......me, I tend to call it the train wreck epi as that is when you might get some more info on any train wrecks that happened through filming.......ie, Justin, Frank, Kasey, and so on. The guys in attendance tonight were: Jesse B, Hunter, Kyle, Tyler V, Craig R., John C., Derrick(shooter), Jason, Steve, Chris N, Kirk, Jonathon, Kasey, and Ty.

First up was Chris H.’s private talk with Ali and they launched into it first by covering “Rated – R”. Ali and Chris discussed a bit of the early ballot box, then talked about Turkey and the phone convo with Justin’s girlfriend Jessica and of how Justin disrespected Ali. As Ali said, she wasn’t going to stand by and let herself be treated and hurt that way......
Next up: Kasey, the guardian of Ali’s heart......LOL. As Ali states, the singing was horrible, but the tattoo just sent her over the edge with him. She hopes that he is okay with the tattoo knowing how things turned out and isn’t sorry he did it.
Kirk is next in their convo, and Ali stated that she didn’t know if he would of made it past the first night if it wasn’t for the scrapbook that he made for her. They also touched on Kirk’s HTD when Kirk’s dad took her to the basement and she saw the taxidermy business that he had there.........As Ali put it, if it was any other situation, she probably would of been running for the front door, but with visiting his family in this situation, she showed respect for his dad and eventually found out that he is really a nice guy.
Next up........Frank in Tahiti.........Ali stated that her first thought is that Frank is broken......that she would have to once again reassure him that everything is okay........then she finds out about Nicole. As Ali stated, she kept seeing signs, but kept saying to herself that it is probably because she has so many feelings towards him and is just scared.
At the end of their conversation, Chris H. asked her if she had any regrets looking back? Ali stated: “I learned a lot and I don’t regret anything. You know I had very, very, distinct instincts along the way, feelings that I can remember having and right up until the very last day, I followed those instincts. I am so glad that I did.”

Chris Harrison and Ali then took on a lighter tone and talked about some scenes of what happened during the show that didn’t make it onto the TV.......first was Roberto trying to be romantic by opening up the champagne bottle, and in the process, nearly doing an injury to Ali as the cork just missed her head. Next up was at Frank’s house when his dad was trying to break the ice with the toast. Ali states that he starts off with all this jibberish which of course almost makes her laugh until she realizes that everyone is looking at him pretty serious looks on their faces. As they clinked their glasses and the family started laughing, Ali stated that she was so glad when they all started laughing.......it was really funny. Next is Kasey and Ali’s Astranaut helmet........Chris was asking Ali if she remembered what happened in the planetarium......sad, but she didn’t remember that she wore the helmet. LOL.......I think you all can draw your own conclusions on that one. During one of Ali / Roberto’s time together in Portugal, they were having a romantic moment, and along comes this cat that stole some food off their plates.....during the same date, they were sitting on the couch and trying to have a conversation when this peacock starts cawing from the tree.......totally ruined any serious conversation at that point. LOL. Next up was Chris H. talking about Chris N. (the phantom), they were on a date in Iceland and of how he was there one minute and gone the next whether that is in the Blue Lagoon or on the couches upstairs......

After the guys were introduced, and Craig R had his say, Chris H. started talking to Chris N., whom of course stood up and showed a t-shirt under his dress shirt labelled The Phantom in response to the Rated – R shirt that Justin wore. Chris N. stated that he took a lot of time off work, committed himself to the process and in walked that “blank” hole and acted the way he did. The “weatherman” was then asked why he and Craig M. had such a hard time getting along and Jonathon responded by saying that he thought the dislike happened right in the beginning as they were both sitting there talking to Ali and Jonathon did talk a lot of the time so when it was Craig’s turn, he didn’t have much to say and blamed Jonathon for taking up all the time....for some reason, it just went from there. The topic of the ballot box came up as well as who was there for the right reasons and whom wasn’t, and because of that quite a bit of the conversation revolved around Justin, Frank and Kasey.
With regards to Kasey, it was mentioned of how crazy they guys thought he was, but at the same time, he stayed true to how he presented himself from day 1.......because of that, he may of been crazy but the guys also respected him for how he was there to “Protect Ali’s heart”. With regards to Justin, the guys knew he was there for the wrong reason and as Chris N. stated, he came there with his Rated-R shirt that he brought out to self promote himself right off the bat, you could see clearly that he was there for one thing only and that was to make himself famous......he is a little famewhore. According to Kyle, before they got into the limo with the camera’s on, he was an alright dude, but when they got into the limo, he started bragging in front of the cameras.......
Next up the discussion went to Frank. Craig R. says that the comparison made between Frank and Justin are two different things and shouldn’t be pitted against each other.....Justin came onto the show for publicity with 2 girlfriends at home.......Frank came onto the show in the beginning to fall in love with Ali, but as time went on, realized he still had feelings for Nicole. I think Ty has summed it up pretty diplomatically but it does work: He says that Frank was dealing with the situation but he was hoping that his feelings for Nicole would just go away but they kept knocking on the backdoor so finally he is like I got to answer this as he can’t do it any longer. I think he was hoping that they would go away because he really did like her. Do I think he was selfish, now after seeing everything, yea, I think he was selfish.

In the “hot seat” tonight were: Kasey, Kirk, Jesse Sulidis (talking about Justin)

Kasey in the hot seat: Chris H. asked him whether he went overboard with the guard and protect the heart slogan, but come on.......a little overboard by the tattoo, do you think?? Well, at least he stayed true to himself.........??

Kirk in the hot seat: Chris H. talks to Kirk and trying to find out what was his true feelings and nature regarding his feelings of rejection and how his relationship with Ali had gone. The last RC in LA when Kirk was let go......Kirk feels deprived of the opportunity to advance his feelings and relationship with Ali and he feels very bad with that.

Jesse Sulidis: Referred to Jessica as being the primary girlfriend of Justin with Kimberly talking to him for the last 2 months before Justin went onto the show. Jesse talks about more voicemail, text messages, and emails that happened WHILE Justin was on the show.

The conversation has now gone back to Justin and his escape from Turkey with his tail between his legs.....Craig R says “that the guy is evil....his intentions of coming on the show were not only to gain publicity for himself but were to hurt an incredible girl. He knew what he was doing and his goal was to make it to the final 3 and sabotage everything that she wanted to do on this show just for his own public benefit, it’s just, one of the worst things you can do to a human being.” Craig carries on to say “any public statements made right now by him saying that I am a part of his family, or an extension of his family, or that I am a friend of his, that I have talked to him since we have been off the show.....I haven’t had one conversation with him since we have been off the show, I am not an extension of his family, I don’t consider myself a friend of his, I want to speak for myself, but I almost feel that I am speaking for each one of you right now when I say that none of us right now feel that what he did was cool, and none of us right now feel that we want to continue any sort of ongoing friendship with him. I, I really don’t care, I couldn’t care less about him right now, I really couldn’t.” This of course gets a resounding agreement from the rest of the guys and a roar from the audience there. Kirk was a room-mate with Justin in Iceland and at 3:00am he was in the bathroom with the faucet on and the shower on while he was on the phone with Jessica speaking sweet nothings into the phone at her.

Okay, enough of Justin.......Ali’s up:

Chris and Ali are talking about how difficult being the bachelorette really was.......one of Ali’s comments back struck me......she said that she went into the situation thinking that it was going to be all rainbows and butterflies.........Could this be a clue, considering the big issue made of how rainbows and butterflies affect Chris L. and his family?? Meanwhile Chris H. asks Ali how she thinks she handled the Justin situation.....she says that she is proud of how she handled it and that she wanted to be strong for her, Jessica, and any others that have been hurt that way before.......hmmmmm?? The toughest part of her journey was saying goodbye to everyone......just because she and ? weren’t right together, didn’t mean that that guy wasn’t a good guy. Tahiti and Frank is definitely the low point of the season for Ali. After Kirk had his 2 cents, then Chris H. says to Kasey......the floor is yours........oh no....here we go with another song......mind you, this one isn’t bad. LOL.

Next up was the gag reel clips.......there were 5 of Chris L. and 3 of Roberto in the clips. I loved the RC clip of Chris H. coming out with a wine glass and him tinking it.....to find out it is plastic.......he asks who is the jack a$$ that gave him a plastic cup........Loved it!!

Good phrases from the guys tonight:

- Craig R: I came into that first night with a hard and fast rule and that was to not talk negatively about any of the other guys.....Chris H. asks him how long that lasted.........Craig responded: about 5 seconds.

- John C. talking to the weather man and told him that he “b1tched-out” when it came to dealing with Craig

- Chris N, on the conversation of Justin.........”he’s there for one reason, to make himself famous....he’s a little famehore”

- Jonathon describing how Kasey and Justin were going at it one night and out come the tears.....John C. piped up saying that Justin is bi-polar, which of course gets the audience laughing.

Final thoughts from Ali on the last 2 guys during the preview:

Roberto: “From the moment I saw Roberto, I felt an instant connection. I always said that I didn’t think that I could fall for someone at first sight but I could of proven myself wrong here. Not only is he this attractive, sexy athelete but he is genuine with integrity and I find that so sexy and attractive. One of my biggest worries about Roberto is that he is too good to be true because our passion is so intense and strong, I just hope his heart is in this, as I know mine is. I would be so lucky to have Roberto as my husband. Roberto is everything a girl could want in a guy, he makes me feel that I could fall down and he’d pick me right back up and he’d be there for me. I think it is so important in a relationship and something that I had been missing my whole life.”

Chris: “Chris was just so sweet and charming the second he stepped out of the limo. I just remember having like so many butterflies. There is just something very manly about Chris that I find very attractive. His integrity, honour......he’s an unbelieveable man. I know he’d treat me so well, he’d make a great husband. I’m just smitten when I see him. I’ve never felt that way about someone. But we’re not really getting to the level that I feel our relationship needs to be as fast as I’d like. But after meeting his family, pow, things really turned around for me, I got to see a totally different side of Chris and we took a huge step forward. The walls finally came down and he’s all the things and more that I thought he was that first night I met him. I am speechless talking about him and even speechless being around him. Chris just dropped out of my dreams, Chris really could be the one for me. I can see my life with him being full of romance and love.....I am so excited about us.”

At the end of tonight’s show was a sneak peak for the bachelor pad show.........

I will be back next Monday to put a cap on the season, as well as I hope to be doing the blog again for the Bach pad show..............so until next week........have a great week everyone.