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Ali as the Bachelorette, epi 2

As Ali starts off her night tonight, she has 17 guys and is looking forward to her journey.

As CH greets the guys in the living room, he does his usual spiel about how the dates are going to go this week as he hands out the first date card and leaves it on the table. As Hunter reads the card out..........Frank, all sign’s point to love............

Frank is the first one up and Ali has a full date planned for them. She picks him up in an old blue caddy with a sunroof and headed towards Hollywood on the end up on the side of the highway when the old caddy stopped in it’s tracks. After a few laughs, the pair got out and caught a cab into Hollywood. As they toured around the Hollywood boulevard, there were a lot of paparazzi surrounding them as they took pics of each other and Ali signed some autographs. They then caught another cab and went up to the Hollywood sign where they had their first kiss overlooking the city of Los Angeles below. As the caddy was fixed they found a secluded spot overlooking the lights of LA and had a picnic on the hood of the car.

Back at the house, the group date card came and the names on the card were Justin, Kirk, Hunter, Steve, Jonathon, Ty, Chris H., Tyler, Craig R., Chris N, Kasey and Craig M. After the date card was read out, Craig M. Proceeded to strike up an argument with Jesse regarding his tats. Talk about a drama King........A new nickname for the guy is born......Drama King Craig......DKC.......LOL.

Back on the date, Ali is getting ready to hand out the rose to Frank, but before doing so, in her PI she admits that she is crazy about Frank and at the beginning of this journey, she promised herself that she would tell the guys how she is feeling about them as she is tired of the dating “games”. As Frank accepts the rose, Ali is seen in her last PI from the date: “No matter what happens through this process, I met a guy today who made me believe that everything I am looking for is possible.”

Next up is the group date at Malibu where a photo shoot is set up for a charity calendar called the Sexy Guy Calendar........after the guys got dressed and ready for the shoot, albeit some embarrassing moments were had by Jonathon and a few of the other guys, the shoot began. Ali and the guys proceeded to play on the beach, getting into different poses and looked like they were having a great time. Ty was the main guy to get some QT at the beach when he grabbed his guitar and sang “living in the moment” to Ali. As Ali and the guys head off to continue their date at a different location, Hunter, Ty, Justin and then Jonathon get their QT’s........during Jonathon’s QT, he proceeded to spill the beans about the “dangerous” Craig M. LOL. Ty is given the Group Date Rose (GDR).

Jesse is picked up at the house and is driven to the airport where he meets up with Ali and they head off in a private jet to Las Vegas. With how scared Ali is of flying and since Jesse had never been in a private jet before, they were supportive of each other during the flight. When they touch down in Las Vegas, Jesse is surprised to find a red Ferrari waiting for them on the tarmac which they have a speedy drive to downtown Vegas and pull up in front Liquid Pool and Bar, a brand new joint open only for them.......they talk and have some playful time in the pool.

Back at the house, the DKC was at it again by performing the “weatherman fashion show” they get into it, you can tell that things are ramping up and shit will soon hit the fan......LOL.

Back in Vegas, Ali and Jesse are enjoying a private dinner overlooking the lights of Vegas and as Ali gets prepared to give out the rose, she says in her PI of how she feels he is cute, a stand-up guy and wants to know more. Jesse accepts the rose and they head off to a private club called Haze where they are serenaded by Jamie Colum..........

As the second rose ceremony cocktail party starts, DKC is back in the groove starting more drama(not that Jonathon is any better with his tattling to Ali). First up to get some QT at the party is Chris L. As Chris is talking about family and that is “who he is”, you could see Ali is really into him. When their time is over, Chris is seen in a PI describing how she melted him........
Next up for the QT is Roberto. They start talking and Roberto tells her of how he was signed to a college team and to Minnesota Twins.......which seems to impress Ali. Roberto proceeds to ask her if she wants to throw the ball around where they proceed to go out to the front of the house. The next to get the QT is Kasey.....which of course is cut short when Frank arrives to steal her away for his time........After they talk for a bit, they have their smooching time as some guys look on. Next up is Jonathon............aaaah Jonathon, off to the races again as he does his tattling on Craig M. Once again.......This guy seems to love spending more time talking about the other guys there than talking with Ali. Ali then takes Craig M. Off for some QT and promptly confronts Craig with whether or not he is actually into her or just wanting to be there with the guys. Of course he keeps looking around, squirming and not answering her completely until the last minute............At the end of their QT, Craig calls all the guys together for a “meeting”. DKC is on the warpath trying to “call out” the weatherman Jonathon. Good about drama, I thought the women were the drama queens

As the rose ceremony starts, you see Frank, Ty and Jesse with their roses standing off to the side, and Ali has 11 more to hand out.

The remaining roses go to: Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L., Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C., Craig R, Chris N., and Jonathon, whom Ali thanks for having her back this week.

I am sure it has been noticed, the messup by the production crew...........Jonathon actually had a rose already before Chris N went up to get his rose.........LOL.

I will see you again next week with a recap of epi 3