The Dating Frenzy Begins, then There’s Bentley

As tonight’s epi begins, Chris does his customary speech about the dates and what to he leaves, he flops the date card on the table. Ames snags the card and reads it out: William, want to make a splash in Vegas, I do, love Ashley.

First up, Ash and William..............

Next we see Ash at her pad and she is reminiscing about “last night’s” first night rose ceremony and how she feels so lucky..........yada yada......... She arrives at the mansion to pick up William.......and they head off to the airport for a private jet to Vegas.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, we have Jeff and Ames talking other than the mask and Ames wanting to know when it is finally coming off........Not much was said, but Jeff still has that dang mask on..........give it up already!

As William and Ash pull up at the Bellagio in Vegas, they head into a cake shop, and William is starting to look nervous....... Once they finished with the cakes, they headed to find some rings.......Then Ash points him down the hallway to the wedding chapel. William was sitting there on a pew all by his lonesome waiting for Ash to come back, but in walked the minister........dressed in full regale. This of course makes William even more walks Ash to start going down the isle, when William noticed she had no bouquet so he grabbed the vase and handed it to the minister asks William if he chooses Ash, he says yes, which of course gets Ash prompting in a PI that she couldn’t believe that he agreed of course she put the brakes on things and said that one time this might happen, but not yet.

As they come outside to the pools at the Bellagio, William finds out that they are taking a row boat to where they are having their dinner in the middle of the fountains. As they were having dinner, William told her about how his dad is an alcoholic and how he was beaten up and died.........of how his watch is still set on the time that his dad died. Ash was obviously touched by his story and how things went. Ash then tells him how she has an alcoholic father as well and that the story is really hitting her close to home.

Back at the mansion, the guys get their date card and find out that Constantine, Ryan M, Chris, Ben F, Nick, Bentley, West, Lucas, Stephen, Blake, Matt, and Ames are all going on the group date............In sin city, boys will be boys..........Love Ashley.

At the Bellagio, Ashley grabs the rose and asks Will to take it........Once he agrees, they share some intimate kisses as the fountains go off.

Up date

As the guys head off to meet up with Ash in Vegas, she is standing outside the hotel waiting for the guys.......they all head inside to find out that they are going to see the Jabbawockeez show. The guys are split into two teams and the best team stays to do the live show with Ashley and the other team is sent back to LA. Team B(The Best Men): Matt, Constantine, Stephen, Chris, Ryan M, and Ames, Team A(No Rhythm Nation): Ben F, Bentley, Blake, West, Lucas, and Nick. As both teams practice their routines, Ash keeps filtering in, back and forth and seems pretty impressed with the routines that they have come up with pretty quickly. The teams were judged and it was decided that the No Rhythm Nation had the best routine so would be on the stage that night.........the other team was directly sent back to LA. As the crew learned their routines, they were obviously having fun. Later, they all went on stage to showcase what they learned and all of them thourally enjoyed it...........

After the dancing was done, Ash and the guys went outside to finish off their date. The first one to get some quality time on the date was Blake........they went off for a few minutes and had a few laughs. Next was West and he told her about his wife and her dying.

Back at the house, William started bragging about his date.........the wedding cakes, the chapel.

As Bentley and Ash head down the hallway to where they are having some private time, he begins bragging in a pi of how he really isn’t into her but is there for the competition of it, this guy is really getting on my nerves with the little amount of respect that he is showing for Ash.......the fact that he has “it all in the bag” as far as he is concerned..........shows how little he respects Ash................and then to top it all off.............the douche gets the rose; What??

Up Next.............Last 1 on 1

The next day the next date card arrives..........Ryan M is the one to get it and read it out.........Mickey and JP..............Love is a gamble, and I will be seeing one of you in Vegas.............then there is a coin in the envelope as well. After the coin is tossed, it is Mickey that wins the individual date. Ashley is at the airport waiting for him when he comes off the escalator. As they head back to the Mandalay, they constantly flip coins throughout the date to see what happens. After 3 flips of the coin, it is decided that it is white wine, Ash goes to get it, and Mickey controls how fast she goes up the chair elevator to get it. Once the wine is retrieved, they head towards the aquarium.......on the way, they flip the coin again to decide if Mickey is carrying her or giving her a piggy back ride.........Once they are seated, they again flip a coin to see who is going to ask the other something........Mickey wins and asks her when the last time she cried...........which Ash responds it as being when things didn’t work out for her the last time and all the self doubts creeped in.........

Back at the mansion, Matt and Ryan M are talking about Jeff and the stupid mask.......everyone has definitely had enough of it already.

Mickey is waiting for Ash to come down the stairs and she says in a PI of how impressed she is with him. As they enter their suite for the night with the incredible view of Vegas, they sit down to dinner and Ash asks Mickey about his family.........When Mickey goes into detail about his family, of how his mom has died, and how he is a true mamma’s boy...........he went on to explain the lessons that his mom taught him about life, etc.

Back at the house, JP and William are outside talking about how disappointed JP is that he didn’t get a date........

Back in Vegas, Ash and Mickey are still in their suite and she picks up the rose and decides right then and there to use the coin to decide if he gets the rose or when it is flipped, it comes out as heads and that means that he gets the rose.........then Ash lets him in on the secret and says that she was going to give it to him no matter what. After which they head out to the beach area at the Mandalay and walk on the sand together, even rolling up their jeans to their knees and walking in the water...........just as they were about to leave, the music started........of course this surprised the heck out of the guy, and Colby Colait begins singing. The two of them enjoy some romantic kisses and dance away to Colby...............

Up next................cocktail party

The guys were all waiting for Ash as she arrived for the cocktail party.............JP was the first one to haul her away for a chat........he did a coin toss for a kiss.........of course she really enjoyed it. Ash told him to relax, enjoy the process as she is interested in him and wanted him to know it. Then Nick steals her away to teach her a line dance, then William shows up to steal him away for some time.......... followed by Jeff, Ben C, and finally Bentley who once again reinforced how much of a douche he, that guy has no respect for women. After Chris comes to get Ash, she gives her customary speech and they head off for a chat.

Up next.............rose ceremony

After Chris comes in and gives his customary speech, in walks Ash to hand out roses to: West, Constantine, Ryan P, Ben C., Nick, Ames, Lucas, Jeff, JP, Chris, Ben F., and Blake. This leaves Stephen, Matt, and Ryan M. catching the next flight home.

Next week seems to be full of drama..............Hope Bentley is finally kicked to the curb. Hope you all have a great week and will be back next week to summarize the drama fest that ensues!!