Finally, Bentley Finds the Exit Door

Tonight’s epi began with a brief look as to what to expect tonight............Can I say that I KNOW I will be totally fed up with Bentley before the show even begins?? Sheesh..........we’ve been treated to some tools on this show before but Bently takes the cake!!

So we first see Chris Harrison coming into the house and giving his customary speech regarding the dates this week, etc. and before he leaves, he drops the first date card on the table once again. Ryan is the first one to grab the card and read it out..............Ben C..............Love strikes in a flash!

Ashley comes to pick Ben up and they head off to a studio to rehearse the dance that Ashley knows they will be performing in the Americana Mall......... After they practice their dance in the studio and Ash feels confident with it, they head to the mall and after sitting there for a bit, they get up and begin their dance........meanwhile others are watching and then when he least expects it, music starts and everyone there joins in. As the date progresses, they both look like they are having lots of fun. Once they finish dancing, the Far East Movement group was there to perform a concert afterwards. Once the band is done, the crowd chants for them to have a kiss. After they left the mall, they went out to dinner and got to get to know each other a whole lot better.

Back at the mansion, the next date card arrives and Chris is the one to read it out............Ames, Ben F, Blake, Chris, Jeff, Lucas, Nick, Ryan, William and Bentley.............Make me laugh. Bentley chimes in with one of his little quips of the night...........wants to go out for the fun, not for Ashley, knows that Ash is digging the stuff that he’s putting out so will go in for the kill...............this guy is starting to ramp up the el sicko a feeling it will get a lot worse before the night is over.

Meanwhile back with Ash and Ben, Ben is telling Ash that if they had this “first date” in the “real world”, he would be finding a way to contact her for a second date..........Ash decides to give Ben the rose, and afterwhich they enjoy some smooches.

Up date

After commercial break, we are treated to birds chirping, chipmunks munching, and a serenity scene........then the phantom music begins as we see mask man er, Jeff standing on the balcony and as he tells us in a PI, today will be the reveal day with regards to finally taking off his mask.

After Ash comes into the house and sits down, Jeff asks her to go outside for some time and after they sit down, you can see that Ash would rather be somewhere else, but listens to Jeff talk to find out that he wants to reveal his face today before they take off for their date. After the mask comes off, Ash states in a PI of how she thought he is older than she thought but he does look cute. Now that one fiasco is finished with, they head out to the limo and on their way to their date.

They head into Hollywood to the Comedy Store where they meet up with the roastmaster general, Jeffry Ross. After Jeff tells the guys the idea of their “roasting” today, the guys head off to try to get their spiels figured out before Jeff Ross brings them back onto the stage to begin. As everyone files into the comedy store, and Jeffry introduces Ashley, Jeffry then calls on Lucas to start things off. First of all, he picks on Ames and his forehead, then Jeff/masked man, then went Ryan followed by Ames, Blake, Jeff, Nick, Ben F, Chris, and then William. Now he definitely stepped over the line. He first started picking on Ash with her being Brad’s leftovers, then went in and said how he thought he was there to find Emily or Chantal and it ended up being Ash.............after every jab, you could see her sulking back into that big chair. I felt so bad for Ashley by the time that William finished with her. When the group went off the stage, Ash found a quiet corner and her emotions got the better of her. Good ole’ Bentley found her and as he said in a PI, he was going to go up to her and take the opportunity to mess with her head. The whole time he is “comforting” her, he is stating in a PI of how ugly it is when people cry. Towards the end of their time talking, he said a real low blow IMO as we all in the listening audience hear his wise cracks and his put downs of Ash...........he told her that he could promise that at least 24 of the guys showed up for her..........we all know he definitely isn’t including himself in the ones there for her!

After Ash came back to the group of guys, she mentioned how the small b@@b thing didn’t really bother her as it is true, but the fact that she was really worried coming into the situation that there would be a bunch of guys there looking for someone other than her.........when that was brought up at the roast, that is what hurt her the most. After she finished talking, William asked to take her aside for a chat. William said that maybe he should pack his stuff and leave as he truely hurt her and didn’t think he belonged there anymore. After their talk, she talked to Chris, Jeff, and some other guys...........the whole time, she is saying in a PI of how she really doesn’t know if she will ever satisfy any of the guys, doesn’t know where she stands............then Ryan takes her aside and is able to convince her that he is there for her and her alone, which time they share some kisses and she is obviously feeling better.

Back at the mansion, the next date card arrives and Ben is the one to retrieve it and read it out...........JP, there is no place like home.........Love Ashley.

Back at the comedy store..............Ash and Bentley head off for another chat and she confronts him with regards to the emails/texts that she got from Michelle Money.........of how he is there to promote his business and not for her. In his explanation, he immediately says that it may of come from Michelle as she knows his ex-wife and that neither of them are good sources for info..............Man this guy is a slippery eel..........In a PI Ash states how she feels for him, feels protected............ In a PI, the slippery eel himself states how that was close and he thought he was going to get caught........

After Ash comes back to the group, she is readying herself to hand out the rose. After she asks Ryan to accept the rose, you can tell that Bentley is kinda beside himself that he didn’t read her better as he seriously thought he was getting the rose. Bentley then states in a PI of how since he didn’t get the rose, he is justified in leaving.........give me a break guy...............good riddance.

The next day, Ash is at her house walking around outside meanwhile her PI states how over the moon she is with the eel and how if it was up to her, she’d run away with him. Meanwhile we are at the mansion and here’s the eel thinking and trying to figure a way to get out of this easily for him. I could go on and on about the nastiness and crudeness of the eel, but I think you all get my opinion on that. He does go to see Ashley and after several minutes of crying, hugging and Bentley’s crap, he leaves. Ashley is left with a “broken heart”. After Bentley leaves, she crawls into bed for a good ole’ fashioned cry...........after she gets up, she gets ready for her date with JP.

Up next................JP’s date

JP arrives at Ash’s door with a bouquet of flowers and the two of them head into the living room with their takeout containers to have their dinner by the fireplace........after some immediate consoling on JP’s part, they decide to carry on with their date together. After they finished eating, they changed into their sweat pants, and came back to the fireplace. JP in his PJ bottoms and Ash in some lounging bottoms, and her glasses. She thanked him for being there for her and just letting herself be her. She also voted that the kisses with JP were definitely better than Bentleys.

Up next.............Rose Ceremony

Ashley arrives at the mansion and immediately heads to her deliberation room where Chris finds her. They begin their chat time and as hard as he seemed to try, Chris couldn’t knock her out of her glum after the eel left. Chris heads out to where the guys are waiting and tells them there will be no cocktail party but they will go directly to the Rose Ceremony instead. As Ash enters the room and gives her speech about the week and how tough it was and how she’s looking forward to the next week.............the roses were handed out to: Constantine, West, Mickey, Ben F., Blake, Nick, Ames, Lucas and William.

Well, that’s all for this week............hope you all enjoyed the show and my blog. I will be back next week with another instalment and now that Bentley is gone hopefully the drama will be as well and Ashley can find the love that she is there for.