The Orient Adventure Begins

Tonight’s epi began as usual with a look back at the previous epi and also a look forward as to what would happen tonight. As Chris Harrison comes into the living room, he begins his spiel about what’s happening this week, that there is a group date and 2 individual dates, but he doesn’t have the date card today............instead, he tells the guys that they are heading to Thailand to continue their journey to find love. Get ready for the mother of all road trips, they got 2 hours to be on the airplane. Chris leaves the room as the guys scramble off to pack their bags.

Next we see Ash in the boat cruising to Phuket and we get reminded once again of the connection that she had with this guy ever going to go away?? As she states, she feels that she may of been neglecting the guys due to her “loss” of the slimeball Bentley but she is really hoping to dig herself out of the hole and be there for her and the guys.

As Ashley sits down with the tour guide to plan out her few days, we are getting glimpses of the guys boarding their flight for Phuket. As the guys arrive at the Phuket Renaissance Resort and Spa villa, we are still seeing Ash planning their events while they are there.

Once the guys get settled into their villa, the date card arrives and it is JP to read it out. Constantine.............Let’s sea Phuket together, love Ashley..................Nick immediately pipes up in a PI, that he’s bummed as he hasn’t had a one on one date with Ashley so he hopes that it rains for their date............hmmmmmm. As Constantine retrieves his suitcase and puts it by the door, he heads out to meet up with Ashley.

Up next.............Constantine's individual date

Ashley is standing by a dock waiting for Constantine to they are greeting each other and Ash tells him that they are going to take a cruise out to a private island, the skipper of the boat comes up and says that the weather is too bad to head out so they have to come up with plan B. Plan B consists of shopping through the old town section of Phuket on Soi Romani Road. It is one of the oldest roads and shopping districts in the old town area. They were going into the different shops, trying on hats, looking at fabrics, etc......While they are touring around, they pass a temple, then onto the street where the come upon an older guy at which time they stop to talk to him and ask questions about how long he’s been married and if he has any advice........This guy had been married for 36 years and the advice that he could give was to forgive and forget, don’t try to win..........

Meanwhile back at the villa, the guys were talking about whether they thought Constantine would get a rose........JP pipes up saying that if he don’t get one he doesn’t care as that would give more roses to the rest of them. The next date card arrives and Lucas is the first to get it and read it out...........Ben F., JP, Blake, Mickey, West, Ben C., Nick, Lucas, William and Ryan..............Let’s make the world a better place.

Back with Ash and Constantine, they are sitting down in an outdoor “cafe” enjoying a beer and conversation together. Towards the end of the first part of their date, Ash says in a PI of how her heart is healing after Bentley and she’s ready to finally give a piece of it away to one of the guys that are still there. As the two of them sit down to dinner, they begin talking of their connection and the possibilities for the future.

At the villa we see JP, Ben F, and Blake talking in a room about their time there and feelings towards Ash. JP is getting frustrated and sounding like he is starting to have a real hard time with the process, meanwhile Ben F admits that he’s already kissed Ashley before and he is trying to say that if you keep going frantic and worrying about the process, it will be really hard.........try to take it easy as it will be what it will be.

Back on the beach, Ash and Constantine are talking more and getting down to the nitty gritty of what they may have together. Constantine admits that before he would of been so afraid of failure that he wouldn’t put it all out before but now he feels that he can and wants to.

Up next......................Group Date

At the beginning of the group date, Ashley stated in a PI of how she feels that she owes it to the guys to give them a really good date today as her mind and heart had been with Bentley and now that he’s gone, she’s going to put her mind and heart on the guys that she has left. As the guys arrived at the Baan San Fan Orphanage, Ash tells the guys what they are doing today on their date. The guys split up into different groups and get to work either painting, cleaning, unloading plants and planting them, or just pitching in everywhere when needed. Some of the guys were starting to have a hard time with Ryan, but from what I saw, he is an eager guy to get things done. Ashley goes from group to group to see how the guys are doing and pitch in where she can. She finally found Ben F. painting a mural for the kids. Ashley comes in and starts to paint flowers and as she states, the more time she spends with Ben, the better she is feeling about Bentley being gone.......... Once they are finished with their work, Ash introduces the kids to the guys. As the kids went inside to check out the changes that the group did, out comes the guys with bikes for the kids.

That night they went back to the lounge at the hotel for the after party. Ben is the first one that Ashley takes aside for a chat about the day. They both went in for a really good kiss(according to Ash) and as she says, she felt it more in an emotional way so it meant more to her. Back with the guys, there is a group of them that are dogging Ryan once again. It sounds more like jealousy versus anything else. Ryan is the next one to get some private time with Ash.........They are both talking about what they want in someone and Ash states that she wants to be able to flirt with someone and have that physical connection.........they both agreed that they have “it”. As Ash and Ryan are still enjoying their time, we look over and find JP, Blake and Mickey talking about who is going to get the group date rose and it is JP that states if the rose goes to Ryan again, people would leave........hmmmmmm a little jealous are we JP?? Ash then talks to Blake, Lucas, and then JP.........they head out to the beach to have a chat. As they talk, they bring up the last date that they had and how Ash felt that she owed him a better date.........meanwhile JP says that it was a perfect date. Ash states that she feels that JP is one sexy man.........

Back at the villa, Ames date card arrives...........Ames............It’s more romantic in the rain...........Love Ashley.

At the lounge, Ash gets interrupted before she hands out the group date rose by Ryan as he wants to have another chat with her...........kinda reminded me of how Ash was ticking off the ladies and talking to Brad right before he handed out the group date rose during her time on Brad’s season. Anyways, when Ash came back, she handed out the rose to Ben F................because JP didn’t get it, you could see the jealousy in his eyes........At the end of the date, they all head out into the pool to play.

Up next..................Ames individual date

We first see Ash waiting on a dock for Ames to show up for their date......... After their greeting, they board the boat for a tour to Phang Nga Bay...........or James Bond Island area where they get off on their canoe to do the caving/sea kayaking tour. After their tour on the catamaran, they boarded the sea kayak to enjoy the caves that led into other lagoons and different scenery. After a while, they pulled up on this private beach and enjoyed a picnic lunch together. After sitting down to talk for a while, they got back into their canoe and headed back to the main boat for their journey back to shore.

As the two of them met up for dinner, they climbed down the staircase to where their dinner was set up on the beach. In PI’s that Ash gave, she says that because Bentley is now gone, she is finding herself opening up to the possibilities of what if with the other guys and if Bentley was still there, she’s not so sure if she’d give him another thought before. As they are sitting there at dinner, the conversation gets deep as it is Ames that is engaging her in conversation mostly. Ash asks Ames what he’s looking for in a woman, and he says that he’s got no list, but goes on feelings.

Up next.................Cocktail Party

As all the guys show up for the cocktail party, Ash arrives and through a PI, she says that last week the cocktail party was cancelled but this week she is in a different place and is looking forward to getting some times with all the guys. First she takes aside West and gets into some serious conversation as to whether he is ready to start another relationship considering his wife’s death. Then she takes Lucas aside and asks him about his ex wife and whether he is ready as well. During the cocktail party, Blake takes his “opportunity” to take Ryan aside and tell him that the guys don’t like him.........Blake comes off as a whiner more than not with that. Right after that, Ash takes Ryan aside to talk to him. She asks him if this is the way he always energetic and happy. Ryan answers by saying that there is enough crap and sad stuff about life.........why hang onto that when you know life could be over in a flash........hang onto the good and fun times. After their time together, Ash states in a PI of how she knows Ryan P is great, is so positive, so successful and could bring out the best in her. After Ryan and Ash get back to the group, Chris comes in and brings a halt to the cocktail party.

As Chris and Ashley heads off to have their chat, Chris brings up the Bentley thing once again and trying to figure out if Ashley is ready to move on.....As she said at the end of the conversation with Bentley.........she says that there may be a couple of guys that she can develop a relationship with that would surpass what she felt with Bentley. Chris then says that two guys are to be sent home, at which time Ash says that she wants to add another rose to the ceremony tonight which leaves only one guy going home.

Up next..................Rose Ceremony

Chris comes back in and informs the guys that another rose will be added to the group of roses to be handed out thus only one guy will be heading home. Ashley comes in to give her customary speech and the roses are handed out to: Lucas, Ryan, JP, Nick, Mickey, Blake, William, and Ben C. which leaves West to catch the next flight home.