Episode 4: Singing, Lion King and Lobsterís for dinner

Tonightís episode began with Chris Harrison coming to the guyís house and explaining how the guys are hitting the road and the first stop is New York. Next you see Ali in New York going to a fashion shoot at In Style Magazine.

Shortly after the guys arrive at their NY condo, the date card arrives in which Kasey is the first up for an individual date.

Ali comes to pick up Kasey at the condo unit.........they take a taxi to a heli pad and await the arrival of the heli that takes them on an aerial tour of NY. After which, Ali and Kasey get dropped off at an Oceanside park for some champagne and.............singing. Not Cool. Talk about an awkward moment and a ruined romantic sunset. Later they take a cab to the museum.

Meanwhile, back at the condo, the group date card arrives. Ty, Frank, Roberto, Kirk, Jonathon, Jesse, Craig.........Come play with me.

Back at the museum, Kasey and Ali sit down to have a heart to heart and.............more singing. Kasey comes to bat.........and strikes out as he leaves without a rose but is asked to stay until the Rose Ceremony.

Group Date is up next as the guys arrive in Times Square and find Ali with a message on the billboard; Come and find me in the Concrete Jungle. As the guys look around, they see Ali standing in the window of the theatre where the Lion King is being played on Broadway. After Ali greets the guys, they go to the theatre where they are greeted by the producer and are then prepared to take part in the training that goes into such a production as the Lion King. The guys are then put through the paces with the dancing portion of the training........once that is completed, they are informed that they will be singing the song and then judged as to who gets a special date with Ali that night. As they all go through their singing, Jonathonís was painful to watch, but Jesse was actually pretty good. Roberto steps up next and takes the tactic of singing to Ali. The producer announces that Roberto is the winner of the date, then goes onto explain that the date involves being in the play that night. As Ali and Roberto go through their training for their play appearance, the guys sit out in the audience and watch. As Ali and Roberto are backstage getting dressed and ready to go on stage, they both explain how nervous they are.........as they head out onto the stage, you see the rest of the guys backstage watching the show on TV. After their performance, everyone heads back to the hotel for the wrap party. Frank is the first one to take Ali for some private time. The two of them head outside and go for a walk as Ali gives him a pep talk and asks him to hang in there........several kisses later, they are now back in the hotel at the party.

Meanwhile: back at the condo, the last individual date card arrives and it is for Chris L. - Letís take a bite out of the big apple!!

Back at the party, Craig and Roberto are the next guys to have some private time with Ali. When Kirk comes to take Ali for some quality time, he suggests that he walks Ali back to her suite as she should call it a night considering how sick she is getting. Ali comes back and tells the guys she isnít going to hand out a rose, then says that Kirk is going to walk her upstairs. As Ali crawls into bed, Kirk crawls up beside her on the bed, they have a few kisses...........Next you see Ali sleeping and Kirk blowing out the candles before he leaves the room.

The next morning, Ali wakes up and doesnít feel much better so she asks Chris to come and meet her in her suite. Chris shows up carrying flowers and chicken noodle soup. Ali and Chris sit down to talk and Ali asks Chris why he left NY. The conversation is then turned to Chris and his sick mom and the reasons why he went back to the Cape from NY.

Back at the condo, the guys are discussing Kasey to find out that be is MIA and you see Kasey walking down the street towards the tattoo shop.

Back at Aliís suite, you see Ali under the covers in her bed and Chris laying on top of her bed and the two of them are talking. Ali explains that she is feeling better and wants to continue with their date. As they arrive at the restaurant, they find a lobster and oyster dinner waiting for them there. At dinner they continue to discuss Chrisís mom and his family. Considering it is Chrisís birthday, Ali pulls a phone out of her pocket and asks Chris if he would like to phone his dad. The phone conversation goes well and Ali even talks to Chrisís dad. As you see Ali sitting there with the rose in her hand, she explains that she feels so much love all around when Chris is talking about his family. She then comments that she thinks that Chris is awesome and a real cool guy. They then head up to the roof top where Joshua Radin is waiting there to serenade them. As Ali and Chris dance to Radinís songs, she explains in a PI that she ďis overwhelmed with emotion, happiness, and excitement. Sharing that with Chris on his birthday was so special.Ē As the camera pans out, you see Ali and Chris sharing a kiss.

More drama happens between Kasey and Justin at the Rose Ceremony. Justin decided to call Kasey out regarding his story of the burn on his arm Ė the burn that was actually a tattoo.

Kirk, Jonathon, Kasey and Frank were the guys that got some quality time with Ali at the cocktail party.

Roses were then handed out to: Chris L.(IDR), Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N., Roberto, Justin, Ty, and Kasey..............The guys heading home are Jonathon and Jesse.

Next stop: Iceland.