Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

As tonight’s episode starts, you see the guys plane land in Iceland...........Kirk is seen looking up the meaning of Icelandic names on the plane teleprompter in front of him as he sits on his plane seat. The guys are gathered together and Chris Harrison is seen telling them that this week, there will be a 1/1, a 2/1, and a group date.......for the one on one, there is a poetry writing challenge for them to do. As some guys are seen writing their poems on notebooks provided, you also see other guys going around town, asking the locals the meaning of some words. Next, the guys are gathered to read their poems aloud to Ali. Kirk is the one that wins the competition so he gets the 1 on 1 date.

Next you see Ali and Kirk meeting up and heading through town to check out a sweater shop where they try on lots of sweaters before making up their minds and choosing matching sweaters before taking off to a local coffee shop for a chat and something warm to drink.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, the guys get the group date card------Roberto, Chris L., Chris N., Craig, Ty, and Frank are the ones going on the group date leaving Justin and Kasey for the 2 on 1 date.

Ali takes Kirk out to dinner at the Lobster House where Kirk explains to Ali of his mold diseases and what they did to him for the amount of time that he lived at one of the college houses. You can see that Ali is touched by the problems that Kirk had with the disease and how it changed him. At the end of the date, Ali gives Kirk the rose, as the two of them are seen kissing and embracing.

Group date time:
Ali is seen standing with some horses as she waits for the guys to show up. They all get on their horses and begin to climb up into the mountain area from the valley bottom and pull up in front of a cave area. As they descend into the cave, beginning with Chris L and Ali, the other guys follow. When Ali meets up with Chris on the cave bottom, she admits to her hands being cold so Chris exchanges gloves with her to warm up her hands......Once they all meet up in the cave bottom, they begin to explore the cave and end up at another entrance where they climb back out of the cave to find a picnic area set up where they enjoy some warm drinks and watch the sunset over the mountains. Ali and the guys head off to the Blue Lagoon, a mineral lake, where Ali promptly does a strip tease and the guys find her already dressed in her bikini. As Ali jumps into the spa, the guys get changed into their bathing suits and join her. Ty was the first one changed so he and Ali head off for their private time first. Chris L. is the next one seen on private time with Ali. As they are talking, Chris comments that in past relationships, he has changed to be more of what the girl wants, when Ali asks him about this time, he confesses that absolutely not, he is acting like himself and if she likes him that’s great. As they are seen smooching and hugging, Frank is seen getting very jealous and completely beside himself with Ali spending time with the other guys.......a sure sign of the problems that might be on the horizon for them.

Meanwhile at the hotel, the 2 on 1 card arrives – it reads: Kasey & Justin, let’s explore the land of fire & ice. Of course this gets the testosterone going between the two of them. Kasey in his crazy love state and Justin with his weird wrestling mentality. Good grief, enough is enough with both of them........LOL.

Back at the Lagoon, Frank and Ali head off for their private time when Ali lets him know that she feels he is pulling away and not wanting to be close to her on the group dates as it seems he disappears during the group dates........ Back in the pool, Ali grabs the rose to hand out......Ty is the winner of the group rose as he was there to help everyone out that date and Ali appreciated it.

2 on 1 time; Volcano and Glaciers

Ali is seen waiting on the tarmac at the airport as the guys pull up and they all board the heli for the volcano tour. The tour takes them up to the volcano where they circle it and find somewhere to land where all 3 are seen standing overlooking the volcano as it erupts. Very cool seeing the volcano erupting and glaciers right next to it....first time in over 200 yrs that it has erupted. The next thing you see is Ali and the guys entering the “icecave” that has benches, tables made in ice as well as ice cascading off the walls. Ali and Justin have their private time in the “ice den” and then Ali goes out onto the glacier and has some quiet time with Kasey..........who of course goes into his creepy mode and shows Ali his tattoo. The look on Ali’s face was priceless as she was obviously very uncomfortable....good grief, enough already with his craziness and send the guy home......Ali gives the rose to Justin and leave Kasey on the glacier as they take off in the heli.

At the cocktail party, Frank is the first one to take Ali aside for some private time. He admits to giving their talk that they had on the group date some thought and admitted that she was right. As their time ends, they are seen kissing and hugging. Craig is the next one to get Ali’s attention.....he decides to mock Kasey and make a “tattoo” on his arm in ink and shows Ali....of course she cracks up and says that she loves it. Next up is Chris about awkward.....nothing there at all. The poor guy is just really shy and trying to connect with Ali but it is obvious that it is a no go. As Ali and Chris L. settle in on the couch, Ali asks him where he would want to live and if he could see himself leaving the Cape......he confesses that he could live anywhere for love and family.....even being a garbage collector in San Francisco if that is where she wants to live. They ended their time together in a long and loving embrace. Roberto is the next one to take Ali for some quality time and leads her outside where they share a few quiet moments and a couple of kisses before going back in for the rose ceremony.
In the deliberating room, Chris Harrison calls Ali out and tells her that he thinks she is afraid to fall in love. She confessed that she is afraid to fall in love then find that she isn’t loved in return. Chris leaves the room and Ali is seen looking at the pictures as she thinks about who is going home.

Rose order as follows:
Frank, Chris L, Roberto, and Craig.
Chris N was sent packing at the RC, and Kasey was left on the glacier during the 2 on 1.