Temples, Boxing and Elephant Trekking

Tonight’s epi began with the traditional look ahead of what will happen this week. It also highlighted once again, the slimeball that is called Bentley. The guys take a bus from the hotel to the airport in preperations for a flight to Chiang Mai. Chris is waiting to greet them to Chiang Mai and the Mandarin Oriental Dhar Devi hotel that they are staying at while they are there. In the meantime, we are getting PI’s from both Ryan and Nick saying that they are touring around after Ashley on the quest to find love......then Nick comments on how out of it Ashley seems and he hopes that things will change in Chiang Mai. After Chris finishes his speech, the guys run off trying to find their villa. After taking a good look around, Chris comes back and tells the guys that there is a 1 on 1, a group date, and a 2 on 1..........after which, he hands them the first date card.

Constantine grabs the card and reads out.................Ben F.............Let’s fall in love in Chiang Mai, Love Ashley..........in Ben’s PI, he states that there is a 100% chance that she will be kissed today. Ashley shows up to pick up Ben and to say hi to the guys. After they leave, Ames does a PI saying how the guys know that Ash and Ben F have chemistry, and it is hard seeing them go off together.

Up next.....................Ben’s 1 on 1 date

As the two of them head off of the hotel property walking hand in hand, we get a PI from Ben and he’s commenting on how everytime he sees her, things get better and better..........Ash also comments on how much time they spent together on the last group date. As they take off from the hotel in the open aired taxi, they are having fun pointing out the different sights for each other to see. As they head into town, they come across a market and stop there......they spend time walking through the outdoor market, tasting food, trying on clothes and just really enjoying the day. They eventually stop at a Chinese Umbrella painting shop where each of them begin painting their designs onto some of the traditional umbrellas.........Ash makes a comment about putting the umbrellas onto the mantal in their home, so Ben jokingly asks her where do you propose we move to..........then Ash kids him about the idea that he may be proposing already..........they seem like they are enjoying their lighthearted banter. As they continue to walk around town, they come across the huge Chedi Luang Temple. They sit down on the bench there to talk and Ash says that one of the rules is no kissing. So they’ll joke around about having mental kisses.

As they meet up for dinner, they head out to the hotel grounds to enjoy a cultural performance....As they walk along a pathway to a door, they open it up to find their dinner table in the middle of an elaborate display that was lit up with lanterns. During dinner, they begin talking about day to day things and what Ben’s life is like on the vineyard. Then they talked about how Ben’s dad played a huge part in his life and he died.

Back with the guys, the next date card arrives and Nick gets it..................Constantine, Ames, Nick, Blake, Lucas, Ryan, JP, and Mickey............Love is worth fighting for. This of course leaves Ben C and William for the 2 on 1 date.

Back with Ashley and Ben, they are still talking of what Ben wants to do from there, what he see’s for the rest of his life and he says that he wants to find the one that he can travel with, spoil and spend the rest of his life with......In a PI, Ash states that Ben is saying all the things that she wants to hear............Ash then asks Ben to accept the rose..........after which, the fire dancers/fire eaters then come out to do their ceremonial dance and we are left with Ash and Ben exchanging some really nice kisses.

Up next.......................Group Date, boxing.........Muay Tai style

As the guys pull up in the van, Ashley is there to greet them and tells them what they will be doing that day. They are going to learn how to Muay Tai box. They spend 3 hours learning how to box, complete with situps, pushups and etc.....getting a great workout. Once the trainers feel that they have learned enough, it is revealed to the guys the new boxing gear that is there waiting for them. As they put on the gear, they are sent out to a public boxing forum and that is where the guys learn that they will be fighting one another. First up was Blake and Lucas, with Blake winning, then up next was JP and Mickey with JP winning, then Ryan and Ames........Ames ended up getting clocked in the fight and eventually ended up going to the hospital to be checked out. As Ames is loaded into the ambulance, it is very obvious how bad Ryan feels right now. Next up was Constantine and Nick with Constantine the winner. After the battles ended, we see Ash waiting for the guys at the lounge in the hotel. After the guys show up, they do their traditional greet and then they all sit down to talk. Ryan is the first to get some quality time with Ash, followed by Mickey; while Mickey and Ash are talking, Ames shows up and is warmly greeted by the guys. It was obviously a huge relief to Ryan that Ames is alright. Ashley then takes Ames aside for some quality time..........

Back at the villa, the three remaining guys are sitting around talking when the group date card arrives..........Guide me to love.......Love Ashley. Then on the other card it reads, 2 men, 1 rose, 1 stays, 1 goes, signed Chris Harrison.

We then catch up with the guys and Ash as they are sitting around talking. Blake is the next one to get some QT with Ashley. When Lucas catches up to them, he takes Ash aside for a while. Lucas nailed it that she’s still thinking of Bentley and that he is more her type.........just from the looks and such.

After having some good quality time with most of the guys, Ash hands out the group date rose to Blake. After pinning the rose on Blake, the two share a nice kiss. Afterwards, Ash makes a toast to Ames for being such a good sport and hanging in there.

Up next.................2 on 1 date Elephant Trekking

Ashley is at the Elephant Life Experience waiting for the guys........As the guys arrive and Ash greets them with a hug, they head off to check out the river as they board a bamboo raft. After rafting for a while, they pull off to the side and set down to a picnic. Ash takes William aside first and he tells her some crap of how he is ready to go home and is looking forward to the dating websites when he gets home and all that bilge..........William’s true colors are definitely showing today. As Ash and William come back from their chat, she says that she is sending Ben C home right now. When she tells him what she found out, he contradicts what William said, she still wants to send Ben packing. The maid comes to the guys suite and takes away Ben’s suitcase. As Ben floats down the river and away from Ash, he tells how he knows William sabotaged his chances there with Ashley.

As Ash and William meet up for their dinner, they walk down a path to a table set out in a “garden” setting. They continue to talk about the day and their date thus far. As Ash and William continue on with their dinner, we see JP and Blake talking in the room about the chances of William coming back and what that will mean for his confidence level. Then we see Ash and Will talking about what Will said with regards to wanting to be a 30 year old boy.........she definitely sounds like she doesn’t want that and as she puts it, she wants a man. She says that she is going to say goodbye to William and walks him back out. Next we see one of the room attendants grabbing William’s suitcase from the room which pleases the remaining guys immensely. Ashley walks back to the table and grabs the rose.......she voices her concern about being alone in the end as she places the rose on one of the burning fires........

Up next.................Cocktail Party

As the guys file in for the cocktail party, Ashley is talking of how the weeks dates went okay, but the 2 on1 was really tough and it also made some of her insecurities come to the forefront again. After Ash arrives at the cocktail party and makes her speech..........Ryan is the first one to take her for some 1 on 1 time. During their one on one time, Ryan just wanted to reaffirm with her that he still has that same feelings that he had on night one and that he is definitely there for her. Up next for some private time is Constantine and they again are talking about his feelings for her as well as how she is feeling about him. Once their talk was over, Constantine goes back to the guys and states that bringing someone home to meet the family is such a big thing, you really want to be sure that you are wanting to be with that person.............he doesn’t know right now where he stands with that. The next one to get some private time is Nick. They have a chance to have a general talk of feelings, but you can tell that things just aren’t right with Ash. Later, JP and Ash get to have some time together.......Ashley brings up how JP would feel when they get back to normal life. JP also admitted to her that when she came to pick up Ben for their date, JP felt that knott in his stomach and it was the first time when he could honestly say it bothered him that she was going out with someone else. Then JP asks Ash what’s going on with her.......After going back to rejoin the guys, Ash states once again, that she can’t stop thinking about Bentley and needs closure with that before she can carry on with any of the other guys. Ashley says that she’s also asked the guys to be really honest with her, yet she feels that she hasn’t been extremely honest with them and now is feeling kinda hypocritical of the whole situation. Chris comes in and breaks things up.............taking Ash with him to the deliberation room.

As Chris and Ashley are talking, it is obvious that she is still on the fence. She tells Chris that somehow, someway, she needs closure with Bentley.........She asked Chris to arrange for it. As she does her deliberating in the room as to who she is giving roses to, Chris leaves to give her some privacy.

Up next................Rose Ceremony

Chris comes in and delivers his customary speech and when done, Ash enters the room. After her speech about honesty, she hands out roses to Constantine, Lucas, JP, Ames, Mickey and Ryan. Nick was sent home on his own tonight.

Well, that’s it for tonight............I am going to be out of the country for the next couple of episodes but will be back for the HTD ones and will at that time summarize the two episodes that I will be missing. Until then, hope you all have a good few weeks.