Drama in Turkey


Oh good grief......where do I even start with this one. Whether the Justin part of this show was scripted or not.......it was definitely crap for sure. LOL. Too much drama. I think I am done with that part of this blog as I am not going to waste time on that little drama fest.

Once the drama ended, the date card arrived and Ty got the first 1 on 1 this week. After Ty met up with Ali, they walked through the streets of Turkey till they found the bathhouse. The Bathhouse is normally only used by guys, but yet have been given special permission to use for their date. As they got close inside and were giving each other massages, they were definitely enjoying themselves.

Back at the hotel, the group date card arrives..........Love conquers olive........Chris, Roberto, Kirk, and Craig. Of course Craig goes into a major funk over not getting a one on one date, and Frank goes into la, la land as he knows that he gets the one on one which is the first time this season that a guy gets 2 one on one’s. Back at the bathhouse, things are getting really steamy between Ali and Ty as they share their first kisses.

At dinner, Ty and Ali seem to keep getting closer as Ali quizzes Ty on his marriage and divorce and what he had learned from it. As the night winds down, Ali gives Ty the rose and the two of them head out into the street to have a little dance to music that is playing from the street musicians.

Next up is the group date with the olive oil wrestling. As the guys walk along the river looking for Ali, Chris notices her up in the castle crown. As the guys enter the coliseum, they find Ali there with a tub of olive oil and a table of beer. As Ali brings in the entourage in with the Turkish olive oil wrestlers, you could just see the guy squirm. Then she announces that today, her guys will be fighting them. Chris says: when asked “what did you do in Turkey”........”I stripped down and got oiled up” He admitted later that he hasn’t done much with olive oil before but putting it on asparagus and grilling it.......this will be a first. First the guys wrestle the Turkish guys, then it is announced that they will be wrestling each other with the winner having some more one on one time later. First up is Chris and Craig.....surprisingly, Craig won that match up. Then next was Roberto and Kirk........that matchup didn’t seem to last as long. Then to decide the winner, Craig and Roberto met up.........as they sparred for quite a while, Craig eventually won. As Ali pulls out the wrestling trophy and hands it to Craig for winning the wrestling spars........the guys are sent back to the hotel and Craig and Ali take off on a boat cruise........they pull over onto a private island and find a dinner set up for them. As they continue to talk and get to know each other, you can tell that Ali isn’t feeling as much for Craig as Craig is feeling for her.........you kind of know how this one will turn out.

Back at the house, the guys are there talking about the wrestling spars that they had and the date card comes for Frank. It says, “The road to love is bizarre”

Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Craig and Ali are treated to a fireworks show over the water.

Ali meets up with Frank in the market area......as she admits that the old Frank is missing and she just wants him back. As they walk through the plaza, they come up in front of the “spice bizarre”. As they check out the various shops, they try the different foods and spices. Frank tries on the sultan hat, and Ali tries on the belly dancing outfit. After they left that shop, they are seen in a carpet shop. As the carpet shop owner tries to convince them to buy the carpet. Frank is insistent that they wont be buying a rug........as you see Ali and Frank leave the carpet shop.........they are carrying the rug over their shoulders.............so you are so not buying the rug....right Frank? LOL.

As they walk down the street, Frank with his carpet and Ali with her picnic basket, they pull up in front of a building called the Basilica Cystern where they are having their dinner. It is an underground tunnel area that is full of water........as Ali states, there have been so many lovers that have passed through the building, and they are just adding to the history. As they rounded a corner, they saw a platform in the middle of the hall surrounded by ice cold water. They walk out to the platform in their bare feet, and find pillows and their dinner set up for them. They continue to talk and kiss through the night. At the end, Ali gives him the rose and they enjoy some more kisses.

As the guys gather for the cocktail party, they are discussing where they are all at with Ali.......meanwhile Ali calls in Chris Harrison to inform him that she doesn’t feel the need to have a cocktail party as she has already made up her mind. Meanwhile, downstairs the guys are getting worried that something has gone wrong. As Chris walks down the stairs to tell the guys that there won’t be a cocktail party, the guys are looking pretty worried.......They are told that a cocktail party won’t happen and are asked to head upstairs for the RC.

Rose order:
Ty and Frank have their date roses, Roberto, Chris, and Kirk then get their roses.

As they raise their champagne glasses, Ali informs them that they are headed off to Portugal next.