HTD’s.........Pizza Pie, a Carriage Ride, Rollerskating, and a Wine Chaser

Tonight’s epi began with Ashley at her apartment talking about how things went last week and how glad she’s back in the USA, and telling us a bit about the guys and what she wants to find out about each guy.

Ben: She says that she loves everything about Ben, he’s so a guy, physically attractive to her, his build is great and just a man. This journey for Ben has been about opening up and getting real with his emotions.......they have a very real connection. More than ever, she could see herself with Ben, it would be very rich and exciting. There would never be a dull moment with him.

Constantine: One of her faves from the beginning, he’s been gorgeous and attractive from the beginning. He is one that seems sexy to her. Real sweetness about him, and in Taiwan, she thought that they could actually have something together, definite chemistry, the total package for her.

Ames: He is really funny, humble about his accomplishments, never met anyone like Ames, Ames would be perfect to share a life full of spontaneity and adventure.

JP: Feels like she’s known JP forever, comfortable and secure around him. Feels relaxed around him and not a care in the world, be playful, emotional, and carefree. She hopes they stay in the moment and know that everything is real........with JP everything is there, the physical and the emotional, she really needs to make sure it is very real for both of them.

First Up:

Constantine in Cumming, GA.

After Ashley arrives, they greet each other with a great hug and quick kiss. As they sit on the picnic bench and talk, the conversation was quite light. As they head over to Giorgio’s, the family restaurant, they greet everyone and get busy making pizzas. After making their pizza and salad, they head outside for a chat and to eat. After eating, they get into some serious conversation, and Ashley states in a PI of how much chemistry there is between them.

They then head over to the family’s place for Ashley to meet up with dad, Dimitri, mother, Alenia, and sister Maria. When they arrive at the house, there is a welcome home sign outside for Constantine. After the introductions were made, they sat down to a lamb chop dinner, and the family were all kibitzing together. After supper, Ashley and Alenia went out for a chat. The main thing that “mom” wanted to know is if she would re-locate if they were meant to be together. Then “dad” and Constantine head off for a chat. Dad just wanted him to make sure that he has the right person, not to rush into everything, and just to make sure that everything is perfect in the beginning. At the end of their convo, the big fat greek family scene happened when the whole extended family just showed up. As they all hooped and hollered around, Ashley stated in a PI of how she was in love with his family, how much fun they had, and she knew that there would be something great there if she chose him. They had a kiss before Ashley left, and of course the whole fam damily was watching and hooping/hollering when they kissed. The two of them were still standing on the lawn when we left.

Ames in Chadds Ford, PA

Ashley arrives at Ames place and after they greet, he takes her inside to meet his family: sister Serena, sister’s hubby, Randy, mother Jane, brother Jim, brother’s wife Tracy, and the nieces and nephews. As they head in for some conversation, they were all sitting around laughing and talking, then Serena took Ashley aside for some more one on one conversation. Serena and Ashley are talking about Ashley’s feelings towards Ames and that Ames is like the proverbial have to keep peeling back the layers before you find the whole Ames. Ames and his mom also sit down for a chat as she just wants to know how strong his feelings are for Ashley. The way Serena was Ames actually too perfect for her???? Then Ashley and mom have a chance for a chat. They are talking about how their relationship is going slower than the other ones and in a PI, Ashley states that even though her relationship is going slower with Ames than with others, maybe slower is better, but on the other hand, she is still looking for that passion that seems to be missing with her and Ames. Ames then sits down with Serena and she tells him that if he feels that strong about Ashley, then kick up the romance another notch.

When they leave the house and family, Ames has arranged for a carriage ride into the woods and have a picnic under a magnolia tree. Here they get a chance to have a serious talk and Ashley carries on to dig away at those onion layers. Ashley then tells him that the ones that ever made him feel unpopular when he was younger were stupid.........they then shared a kiss. As the two of them ride the carriage back through the woods, they ride out of site to us listening to Ashley talking of how this could be a fairytale romance that she will tell her children.

Ben in Sonoma, CA

As Ashley runs to meet up with Ben, we get a PI from Ashley saying how sexy she finds Ben, the hair, the fashion, everything about him screams sexy to her. As they head off, they go to the winery to sample some wines, then head off to a picnic. As they enter the winery, we get another PI from Ashley saying that while they are around the winery, she is seeing the romance, the sophistication, the knowledge and the passion that he has. As they taste some wine, they share some kisses and Ash makes a comment that she wished her mother was there and how she would of loved it. Ben says that she can come for the holidays. As they head to an older house to sit on the veranda for a picnic, they are talking about how Ben has only brought 1 other person home to meet his mom. Then with his sister, she lives in San Francisco and they are very close. As they get into conversations of his father’s death, it is serious conversation, but it is also obvious that Ashley is totally wanting to learn more. Before they go to the family’s place, Ashley admits that she’s nervous meeting them as she knows how important it is and Ben admits that he’s feeling fine and confident about things as he feels confident about them.

As they arrive at the parents place, Ash has flowers for the mom and she is introduced to Ben's Mom, and his sister, Julia. As they are sitting down to eat, Ben has his arm around Ashley and the four of them are talking about Ben’s experience with this in genera. Julia admits that she’s the one that signed him up for the show. He admits to his mom and sister of how he’s been able to get into the emotional side of him and because of that, it has really changed him. Julie and Ben head off for a talk, and she is just trying to find out how deep the feelings are going and how he truly feels. Ben then sits down with his mom, and again, tells his mom how deep the feelings are going. He tells his mom that he hadn’t told Ash yet that he loves her, but has told her the feelings run deep. At the end of the evening, Ashley said her goodbyes to Ben’s family and he walks her out to the it pulls off, Ben is looking on. During this time, we get a PI from Ashley stating how she can really see herself married to Ben.....

JP in Roslyn, New York

Ash arrives at the park and meets up with JP..........As they walk up to each other and hug, they head off to a rollerskating place. As they skate around the rink, holding onto each other’s hands, they share some kisses. Once they are done skating, they settle down for a “picnic” in the middle of the rink. JP tells Ash that she’s going to meet his mother, Eileen, father, Peter, brother, Roy and girlfriend Andrea. With JP’s last relationship ending so badly, he tells her how his family will be so protective. Ashley is still concerned how strong and secure their relationship is. He says that he is opening his heart for it to be broken, but hopes it’s not him.

Ash and JP arrive at the family’s place. As they sit down and dig into the lasagna, they are laughing and kibitzing back and forth. Then Eileen takes JP out for a chat. When Eileen asks if he’s in love, all he could say is that there are a lot of signs pointing to it. After being asked, JP admits that if he’s feeling it, he will propose to Ashley. Eileen admits in a PI of how Ashley is great and all, but she is very guarded as to them getting engaged this early on. Then Ashley and Eileen head out for a chat. Eileen voices her concerns of the possibility that JP is going to be left heartbroken again..........Kinda reminded me of the edit Jason got in DeAnna’s season of how Jason might be the one hurt again. Anyways, at the end of the conversation, they still had reservations of JP getting hurt again, but they all like Ashley. At the end of the date, Ashley says her good byes and heads out.........JP walks her to the car and it drives off, leaving him standing there watching her leave.

Up Next.............Ashley and Chris have a heart to heart

Ashley and Chris sit down to talk about the guys...........starting with

Constantine ..........Ash says that it was the best date, so much fun, so much depths were reached.

Ames .............Ash finds their conversations so stimulating, she learns more about him, about herself, and he is so smart............Ames had everything she was looking for and would be the best husband.

Ben .............Ben really surprised her, planned such a great date, the date was everything she could ask for and more.......she also found an emotional/vulnerable side of him. She found the family to be sophisticated, thoughtful, educated and welcoming.

JP ...........his mother was the sweetest one to talk to, so warm, open and accepting. Ash felt really good about JP’s hometown. She fell in love with his family.

Up next..............Rose Ceremony

As Ashley enters the room and gives her customary speech about how warm and welcoming all the families were, she hands out the roses to Ben, JP, and Constantine, leaving Ames to make the solo walk out to the limo and his way home.

Things of note tonight................the only hometown where the parents didn’t speak on camera in a PI was for Ben.