EPISODE 8 – Meet the Parents
This week started off with Ali saying how nervous she is, how crazy she is with the four guys she has left, and how excited she is to meet the families.

HTD # 1: Roberto

Ali meets Roberto at his school and he promptly takes her out to the ball diamond to show her where he played ball when he was in school. Sitting on the fence was a jersey with her name on the back and Roberto’s number on it. Ali commented that it made her feel proud to have his number on it---- like a proud wife. Roberto comes running out to meet her dressed in his uniform. Ali later comments that she didn’t know that he was going to come out dressed in his uniform, but she found it very sexy. They seem to be having lots of fun as they play some ball and later they “cop a squat” on the grass while eating grapes, Roberto pulls out a laminated players card from where he played in Williamstown, MA. Ali is obviously thrilled that he shared that with her, and later admits that she is really glad that he decided to do this for their date as it was fun and something she could see herself doing in real life.

As they head off to meet the fam, Ali remarks that she is a little nervous about meeting them as she really wants to fit in. Roberto remarks of how important it is that Ali meets his parents as their opinion means a lot to him. As Ali sits down with Roberto’s dad, he questions her as to her own personal goals – Ali tried to re-assure him that she would want to make Roberto happy and that family matters. When all was said and done, Roberto’s family are on board and with the blessings given, the family gets together and Ali is treated to watching the folks dance the salsa.........As Ali and Roberto join his parents dancing, Ali remarks that it is obvious as to the chemistry they still share.

HTD # 2: Chris

On a beautiful sunny day --- NOT, Chris --- yes, it was completely raining but both seemed to not be bothered as they met up on the beach that Chris grew up on. Ali comments that their relationship started out as friends and in Portugal, they moved past the friends state, but she feels there is more to Chris than what she has seen thus far. Since they are in Mass and they are both from there, they both feel more relaxed and they feed off of each other – when he’s feeling more comfortable, I am feeling more comfortable & vise versa. As they sit on the porch talking, Chris definitely opens up to Ali about his feelings for her and of how happy he is. Chris’s dad Ed shows up and meets Ali – Next are the sis in law’s with the brothers in tow. As they are standing in the kitchen, the wine from Portugal comes out and the discussion turns to the Dennis bracelets and of their family motto “love is the only reality” and if you have love – nothing else matters.

As Ali and Ed are talking together – Ed reminds her of how Ali nursed her gramma and how Chris helped nurse his mom – a major commonality and it is something to be given great weight to. Sometimes life is short lived and if you have love, you have everything.

Chris and Ed are out on the porch and having a heart to heart when Ed asks Chris if Ali is his sould mate – Chris responds by saying that she definitely could be. But I don’t want her to pick someone else – I want her to just fall for me. Ed then asks – if mom were here – what would you say to your mom about Ali? Chris responds by saying I feel if we walked in and mom saw the two of us together, she would be going like nice job Chris. After some emotional good-byes, Chris takes Ali out to show her one last thing – a tower in the backyard – The last thing we see is Ali and Chris sharing some passionate kisses.

HTD # 3 : Kirk

As Ali and Kirk meet up, Ali is told she will be meeting both sides of the fam. As they first head to his father’s place, Ali is pulled down to the basement to see his taxidermy workshop, it is obvious that Ali is very uncomfortable and a little freaked out at the sight. Once she got over the shock of the workshop and as Ali and Kirk’s dad chatted, she realized that he is a great guy.

Ali and Kirk then head over to his mom’s place to meet up with Kirk’s mom, his gramma, and sister. They all had a good chat over a home cooked meal, then Ali and Kirks mom went aside to talk about Kirk’s illness. As they all say their good-byes, Kirk walks Ali out to say his own good bye at the vehicle.

HTD # 4 : Frank

Ali and Frank meet alongside the water and she is so excited to meet his parents to find out if she fits into their life in Chicago. She loves how easy going Frank is and that is important to her. During the boat ride, it is obvious that his insecurities are creeping back in again.

As they enter the family house, they are all very excited. Ali and Frank’s mom head outside for a visit when his mom comments that she can see Ali fitting in with her family.........meanwhile, Frank and his dad are talking in the house. Frank voices his concerns and his insecurities to his dad in the form that he really feels like he is questioning if he is ready for the final outcome and he wonders if this is going into the same direction as his other relationships have gone.

As they all say their good byes, Frank walks Ali out and says his good bye before Ali takes off in the vehicle. As Ali pulls away, Ali is now voicing her concerns as to whether Frank will actually “allow” himself to fall in love with her.

Rose Ceremony

As Ali pulls up in preperations for the RC, Chris H. walks her in to have a conversation with her regarding her HTD’s. Chris basically asks how things went and her concerns with each of the guys........her comments regarding Roberto...........Roberto is almost like the fairytale guy that she thought she never really deserved. After being around his family, she is realizing that he just loves his family and wants to start one of his own.
Chris.........Being back at the Cape, he was so relaxed and himself, and she was falling for him in a different way. She comments that she took the biggest steps forward with her relationship with Chris but wonders is it too late? Kirk.......Kirk admitted that in the past he has had trouble with commitment, Ali found during the trip that the love and support Kirk gets is great and she feels that he is ready to commit but is he the best one for her. Frank........She admits that the insecurities are really getting the better of him right now, but is he really ready for a relationship with her??

After a stressful, tearful speech, the roses are handed out to: Roberto, Chris, and Frank which leaves Kirk getting walked out to the limo for a final good-bye.