Fiji Bound, and One Return Gives Pause for Thought

Tonight’s epi began with a look ahead as to what is going to happen tonight..........we see we have the return of Ryan, and three sexy fantasy dates to look forward to.

We see images of Fiji as Ashley is talking about the country and how she’s always wanted to go there. As Ashley takes a walk around the Namale Resort, we get a PI from her talking about each of the guys she has left.

Ben: The more she gets to know him, the more she see’s herself with him. He’s everything that she’s been looking for and there’s never a dull moment. Her first spark with Ben happened on the orphanage date in Phuket. A huge part of his personality is fun and playful, but more than that there is the sincerity and the honesty that he has.

Constantine: very physically attractive, a good head on his shoulders, handle situations. Smart, honest, thoughtful, good communicator. Their relationship is moving very slow, has meaning and depth to it. True to his feelings and a relationship she could see lasting a very long time. Loves Constantines family. Feel more connected and took the largest step forward after htd.

JP: Gorgeous, looked like a model out of limo night one, loves his smile, sincere, grown man, knows what he’s looking for. After the first date, she knew it could get serious. Attractive, emotional connection, good balance.

First up...............Ryan

Yes, Ryan comes back and surprises Ashley and asks for another chance to spend time with her and a possible
connection/explanation. Ryan says that he is there as he feels that there are unexplored feelings, and wonders if
she may have some regrets regarding sending him home. Bottom line, he just wants to know if she’d be interested in giving them another try????? So Ryan slips her a piece of paper with his hotel room on it and asked her to think of the possibilities of them having another chance.......

Up next..............Ben’s date

Ashley is waiting on the dock for Ben when she is rethinking Ryan’s return and how she did second guess herself on his departure but is really looking forward to Ben’s date and wants to concentrate on that right now. After Ben arrives, they board a catamaran for a day on the ocean. After they board the boat, they begin talking of Ben’s HTD and actually how well it went. Ash mentioned that she was nervous around his mom as she really wanted his mom to like her. They lay down and put suntan lotion on each other.......totally flirting with each other and loving it. After they laid in the sun for a bit, they dove into the water and went snorkelling in some of the best snorkelling waters ever. After they board the boat and begin on their journey back to shore, it is obvious how close they are getting due to them constantly touching, hugging and kissing each other.

After they met up for the dinner portion of their date, it is obvious how much their relationship has grown through the day as she greeted him with a kind of a baby voice. As they sit down to dinner, they are talking of their journey today and their comfortable they are with each other, how easy their time together is. It was funny watching Ben as he was so very close to telling her at dinner that he’s falling in love with Ash.........After the date card is handed out, they head back to the fantasy suite to check it out. As they wander around the suite, we get voiceovers from both of them regarding to how their relationship is going, what they feel will come out of it and how their feelings for each other are growing........we then see them in the pool, hugging, cuddling and kissing as there are more voiceovers from both of them. Then we see Ben picking Ash up and carrying her inside............

Up next..............Constantine’s date

Ashley heads out to meet up with Constantine for their date and as they are catching up, Ashley is doing a voiceover regarding how slow their relationship has gone thus far. They head off together and Ash surprises him with a heli ride over the islands. They tour over the reefs below in the ocean, and see the greenery of the islands.

Their flight path of course goes directly over Ryan’s head as he is wandering in the ocean, checking out the reefs and is doing some voiceovers of how he really hopes that she’ll change her mind and want to spend some more time with him.

Back with Ashley and Constantine, they land on this island and wander through the forrest to find the Bouma Waterfalls on Taveuni Island, Fiji. Constantine is so surprised to find out that they are actually jumping off the waterfall and swimming through the water in the springs. As they head back to the beach for a picnic, they begin talking of their hometown date and how Constantine is feeling about things now. As they are talking about how many houses he looked at before deciding on the right one, Ashley is saying that it directly relates to their relationship and whether he can actually jump into a relationship without having to think so long and hard about it. As she states in a voiceover...............Constantine is one that probably has to wait a while before making a decision and time is something that they are running out of........(sound familiar, something that Jill said to Reid in Hawaii on their FD, hmmmmm).

As the head back to their hotel to get ready for the dinner portion of their date, they soon meet up on one of the balconies at the Namale resort. As they sit down to dinner, they are talking about whether they are going to get the closeness that they want. Maybe it just isn’t there...... As they talk it out, they decide that maybe there just isn’t the closeness there between them that needs to be there in order to carry things on, and thus because of the respect value between everyone, they decide that maybe they should go their separate ways tonight.........Constantine leaves Ash on the balcony and heads back to his cabin to pack and leave Fiji.

Up next...................Ryan

Ashley heads over to talk to Ryan and give him the decision on whether he will be given a second chance or not. Ashley tells him that on paper, walking out of the limo, Ryan fit the bill, but after a while, it really turned out differently. Ryan admitted that he did get emotional after Taiwan, and she admitted that seeing him in Fiji reaffirmed what she already thought of him as being a great guy...........And she did admit that letting him go was the hardest one as it was a bit premature......... But with all things considered, she really didn’t feel that there was enough there between them to give things another go and in fact she now feels that she did do the right thing by letting him go in Taiwan. Even though Ryan looks like the rug was swept out from under him again, he’s happy that she has found the passion that she wants. As they say their goodbye’s, Ryan states that his life is missing his one true love but at least his heart is open now and he wants it even more.

Up next............JP

Ashley heads back to await JP and the start of their date.......... After greeting each other, they look towards the ocean to find the plane coming to get them. As they flew out over the mountains then over the ocean, they headed off to their own island. As they spend time in the shallows talking, they are both hugging and cuddling.......they are talking of spending six months in Fiji, then six months in New York.

After they leave the island and head back for their dinner portion of the date, they meet up for a picnic dinner and talk of their possibilities of a life together. Then Ash confides that she said goodbye to two guys this week. She told him of how the date went with Constantine and that he left...........and of how somebody came back. Of course he was surprised.....and Ash explained about Ryan and how he is gone now too so it is left to just Ben and JP. Ashley told JP that she remembers being at this point and that you can’t hold back or we won’t get to where we need to be. JP says that he wants to be the last guy standing but because he wants her and not to just be the winner. Ashley then presents JP with the fantasy suite card and they agree to head off for some quality time together. After checking out the suite, Ash heads off to get changed. She comes back in this skimpy number(again reminiscent of Jill in her season and the FS with ED). The last we see of JP and Ash, they are kissing and hugging on the bed.

Up next..............Ashley has her talk with Chris

They start talking of the dates, first off with Ben...........if you were to write out a guy for her, it would be Ben.........they had a wonderful date, playful, fun and really got to know each other, probably the one she is most compatible with.

With JP, it was a wonderful date........They have something for beaches and lets say they got to really know each other better. They compliment each other, and she feels that they can make each other very happy

Constantine............there was no real romance there and she feels that he gave up early when it came to find that out. was harder saying goodbye to him than Constantine as it was Constantine that initiated the breakup........where as with Ryan, she could see the pain in his eyes.

They are still having a rose ceremony as she “needs” to know that they are wanting to accept the roses too...........sound familiar............kind of the same thing Brad said last season when he said good bye to Ashley before the Rose ceremony and he still felt the necessity to have the ceremony for the women to accept his roses.

The roses were handed out to Ben, then to JP and of course both guys accepted the roses gladly.

Well, next Sunday is the Men Tell All, followed by the LCD’s/FRC on Mondays episode. Then we will see the AFTR immediately after the FRC. I will be back next Monday with a followup on Sunday’s show as well as the FRC on Monday.............See you all then. Have a great week everyone!