Episode 9 – HTD’s

Hearts, pearls and drama.......once again.

So tonight’s epi began with the guys speaking from their hearts about Ali while they pack for Tahiti........or at least for Chris and Roberto. Frank is packing for Chicago as he is talking of how he has had brewing feelings for his ex girlfriend, Nicole....... Next we see Frank walking around Chi town as he heads for Nicole. Frank explains to Nicole of how his feelings for her are stronger than they were before and he knows he wants to spend his life with her...... blah, blah, blah. Enough already..........enough time wasted on drama for the sake of drama, and off to Tahiti we go!!

Roberto’s Fantasy Date:

Ali shows up in Tahiti on the island of Le Taha’a and her first date is with Roberto. They head out from his hut to a nearby heli pad for a tour of the island. As they land on a local island, they find that there is a heart shaped lagoon that they begin to explore and frolick in. Ali in a voice over reveals “There is someting so incredible about having someone make you feel taken care of. Roberto makes me feel that way. He’s genuine, and real, and caring, and he’s got a huge heart. He just radiates love and life. I think if I end up with Roberto, I would live a wonderful life.”

As they meet up again for dinner, in a PI, Roberto is voicing his feelings “It seems like every time I see Ali the feelings just get stronger and stronger.” At dinner Roberto opens up regarding his feelings for Ali. He tells her that he is falling in love with her. Ali then hands him the fantasy suite card and they head out to the suite by walking through the ocean as the suite is a bungalow over the ocean. As they enter their hut, their bed is covered in rose petals and there is a tub in the bathroom with petals around it as well.

As Ali and Roberto explore their suite and each other, Ali divulges in a voice over her feelings about the day: “This day with Roberto has been so much better than I ever could of imagined. To finally hear Roberto tell me that he is falling in love with me. I needed to hear that. I needed to know how emotionally attached Roberto is. He made it very clear that he is in this for the long haul.” “This could be the beginning of the rest of their lives together.”

Chris’s Fantasy Date:

As they meet up on “the longest dock evvveeer”, Chris picks Ali up and spins her. They head out onto the catamaran for the boat cruise to their own private island.......Ali remarks that their relationship has been slower but things really turned around for her at his family’s house as it was the most emotional that she has felt for him than she ever has and is looking forward to the potential that they have for their time here. They both remarked how at ease they were and natural during his time at home. As they lay on the boat cuddling and smooching, they both remarked in their PI’s of how things started out slow for them in their relationship but now are bounding ahead. As they jump off the catamaran and are kissing and swimming to the island. Ali says “That to me is the love I am looking for, the love where you are romantic and passionate and want to be together but you are still laughing, having a good time and you want to be buddies........it was perfect. Being here in Tahiti, I realize our relationship has grown a lot!”As they get to the island, you can see Chris carrying Ali through the water as they head to the beach. As they walk around the island, they pick up the oysters of which they have pearls inside. They cuddle and kiss as they sit and watch the sunset.

As they walk out to their own island for dinner, they see it covered in tiki torches and find a “pit” there that holds their food covered in banana leaves. As they cosy up and have their dinner, they continue to talk of their journey on the show. Chris tells Ali that he could really see himself with her forever. Ali remarks that he is funny and goofy, but he is also really romantic and she loves it. Ali then gives Chris the F/S card and they head to the suite for some more private, quality time together.

As they enter the suite, there are candles everywhere, a canopy bed covered with rose petals, and an outdoor pool surrounded by candles and rose petals. Chris says “I don’t know how you are going to top this one on our honeymoon, you have your work cut out for you”, which of course sends Ali into laughter. As they sit on the edge of the pool with their legs dangling in, Chris opens up more again by saying that he doesn’t care how they spend the rest of their lives together, whether it is Cape Cod or Sanfrancisco, at which Ali pipes in with saying that she never, ever, ever thought she would want to go back to massatucets again, but being with Chris’s family changed that. Chris remarks to her that he doesn’t care where they live as long as he’s with her. But I’d need to visit the Cape a few times a year. She laughs and says I could do that. Before they leave the pool area to head in for their quality time, Chris snuggles and hugs her saying “god I love you!”

Drama time with Frank:

I am not going to waste much time with Frank as I don’t think it is going to affect the final outcome and is just a waste of time. Frank shows up in the boat and arrives at his hut.......he is there to break up with Ali and go back to Nicole of whom he has finally decided that he loves. He first meets up with Chris Harrison to see if he would have some advice; Chris tells him just to lay it on the line and be “frank” with her about it. Chris leaves and Ali shows up a short time later. As soon as they hug, Frank tells her they need to talk and they head outside onto the porch. Frank tells her about Nicole and of how his feelings have changed and he is wanting to go back to her as that is where his heart is going. Yada, yada, yada...........I think you all get the drift and would appreciate the short version.

Ali heads off to sit on the beach and sort things out.........that is where Chris H. finds her and they sit for a while and talk while Chris tries to console her. Eventually he suggests that she goes back to her room, relax and try to figure things out.

Rose Ceremony:

The next day after the Frank drama fest is the RC. Chris H. arrives to talk to Ali before the ceremony, and they decide how important the RC is to Ali as she needs confirmation from the guys that they still want to be there for her and only her. As she says, it is not just about her handing out the roses but it is also about being accepted back and she needs to hear that from them. As the ceremony begins, she tells the guys that Frank has things back home that he didn’t deal with before coming here so he has gone back home to deal with them, which of course leaves the guys with stumped looks on their faces.

Ali giddily hands out the first rose to Chris, then looks equally happy to give Roberto the next one, then of course tells the guys that they are headed off to Bora Bora where they will meet her family.

Rose Ceremony Chart