Episode 11 –

Goodbye to Chris and the beginning for Ali and Roberto

Tonight’s epi is sad for Chris and his story, yet very romantic for Ali and Roberto.......

The show tonight began with a summary of the season thus far and Ali’s journey to find love. First up is Roberto and his turn to meet Ali’s parents.

As Ali and Roberto meet up on the sand before heading off to Ali’s family bungalow, Roberto is voicing his concerns regarding meeting Ali’s family for the first time as he doesn’t want to screw things up as it is so important that he gets it right. Ali and Roberto arrive at the family bungalow and walk inside to a great welcome.

As they all sit down at the table for lunch and talk, Roberto opens up regarding the first night they met when he got out of the limo, of the two of them dancing at the RC, then Ali’s brother and sister take Roberto out for a little heart to heart between the three of them. Meanwhile Ali is inside talking to her parents regarding her feelings for Roberto. Ali’s mom then takes Roberto aside for a heart to heart as she is interested in his intentions when it comes to Ali and their “future”. As Roberto begins to open up to Ali’s mom asking her what he could do to keep Ali happy, you can see Ali’s mom is now becoming emotional as well. Roberto listens to her talk and tries to comfort her along the way as well. Ali’s mom speaks from her heart to Roberto and says to him in Spanish, “yo creo, que tu corezone es puro” (pls excuse the butchering I did there) but in English, it means—I believe your heart is pure. Next Roberto and Ali’s dad have their chat..........

As Roberto and Ali’s dad Alex sat down, Alex asked Ali how he feels about Ali. Roberto tells him how much he cares for Ali and how he wants to make her happy. When Alex asked Roberto if he loved Ali, he answered without hesitation and of course by the end of their talk, he definately got Alex’s blessing.

As Ali and Roberto said by to the fam and headed out together for some quiet time together, they talked of how the meeting went and of course shared some more time together.

Next up...........Chris meets the fam

Chris and Ali meet up on the boardwalk with Chris carrying a basket of fruit for the fam. As they head in to meet the family, Chris remarks how nervous he is and how important this day is to him as he knows when they were at his families place on the Cape, it really changed their relationship so he wants that to continue. As they all sit down for a bite to eat, Alex makes a toast to Ali and Chris. As they are sitting there eating, Ali’s mom brings up Chris’s mom again to find out more about the situation. You can tell that Ali’s family is touched that Chris went back home to help look after his mom. Mike and Raya head outside with Chris to talk. As they sit there with their feet dangling in the water, they get to relate to each other better and Chris expands on his relationship with Ali and he divulges to the brother and sister that he does love Ali. Meanwhile Ali takes her Beth aside and has a heart to heart with her and asks Beth of her opinion of Chris. Next Alex and Chris have their conversation and Chris wants to get Alex’s approval of Chris asking for permission to marry Ali.

Chris stressed how important Ali is to him and at the end did get Alex’s approval and permission to get engaged to Ali. After all the seriousness was over, Ali, Chris, and the whole fam got together for some swimming off of the dock.......lots of fun for all.

As Ali walks Chris out, they have some quiet time together to say good bye.

Ali heads back to the family to get their opinions. Alex felt that Roberto was more into Ali and more willing to do what it took to fit into Ali’s life, and thus, Alex had a better opinion of Roberto. Now Raya, Beth, and Mike felt that Chris was being very “real” with his feelings, had his heart on his sleeve and had told Raya and Mike several times through their talk of how HE would be proposing to Ali in 3 days......very sure of their situation and very sure that it would be him that Ali chooses. It was obvious to Ali that both guys have made an impact on Ali’s family and now she really needs to search to where her heart lies.

Next up........Roberto’s and Ali’s last date

For their last date together, they head out on a jet ski exploring the area when they “run into” a school of sting rays.......as they get fish to feed them, Ali is obviously weirded out and scared of the rays. Roberto stays close and protects her........afterwards they head to shore and enjoy a picnic together. Close to the end of their picnic, it started to rain......the two of them headed out into the ocean and layed down in the water, kissing and cuddling.

After they have their time at the beach, they head back to Roberto’s casa and they are both hoping to open up to the other more.......Ali hopes to hear how Roberto feels, and Roberto hopes to fill her in more on where his feelings stand right now. Roberto gives Ali the picture of the two of them walking around their heart shaped island, and he told her that he loves her! He wants to be with her forever and to start a life with her. Ali confides......everything she came here to find, she found in Roberto. She says that she knows there is a date with Chris the next day, but doesn’t want to go as she can’t see herself saying goodbye to Roberto.

Next up..........Chris's goodbye

Ali heads up to Chris’s place to see him and to break the news that she is letting him go as she has fallen for someone else. Chris takes the news extremely well, like a complete gentleman.........even though you can visibly see his heart is absolutely breaking. For what it is worth.......I believe that Ali showed a lot of class and respect for Chris to break it to him like this and not to string him along any longer considering that she knew where her heart lied. Kudo’s to you Ali.

As Ali leaves and heads down the walk to her cabana, Chris goes outside to the deck and right in front of him is a rainbow........again, his mother is with him and helping him through. Chris soon leaves the island by boat.........

FRC and Ali and Roberto’s love story..........

After Roberto finds the ring that he wants, we see both of them getting dressed and talking of their feelings and their journey to make it this far. Roberto catches a skiff to the RC area and after climbing tons of stairs, he finds Ali waiting at the top. Roberto talks first of his feelings for Ali and how far he has come on his journey. He then tells Ali that he wants to be the man that loves her forever........she tells him that he is the only guy there today and that she loves her. Roberto then proposes and Ali accepts. To top it off there is the song from the Lion King.....Can you feel the love tonight..........as a montage of their dates and times spent are going across the screen.