By BeccaInUtah, July 16, 2012

5:50 AM
JoJo is up. She goes into the storage room, then off to the kitchen to get a drink and outside for a smoke.

8:00 AM
Boogie and Joe are now up and Joe is doing laundry. Frank comes out and the three of them engage in small chitchat. Frank, Ashley & someone else is hoping they get alcohol for Boogies birthday and that the "have-nots" get to, as well.

11:30 AM
Willie telling Britney he knows Ashley would vote Kara out and that Janelle views Wil as her #1 to win BB. He is depending on that for her to win coach prize. Janelle joins and is at the point where she doesn't care who goes. Britney is telling Janelle the reason to vote out Kara is to make Dan weak and feels that if Kara stays she will float through to later in the game.

12:45 PM
Willie telling Ashley and Janelle they can't move out of the HOH room next week and that someone from their teams must win. They start talking about the food from last night. Willie says he's not a big fisher eater but Janelle loved the potatoes from last night. And Shane, Danielle, Dan, Frank, Boogie, Joe, Brit, Ian all outside sun tanning.

1:00 PM
Talk moves to the kitchen. Janelle telling Ashley that Jenn is nice, but it's so obvious she's working with Boogie, saying that Boogie has been doing Big Brother the longest, since 2001. She goes on to tell Willie, Ashley and Frank about all of clubs and restaurants that Boogie owns.

1:45 PM
Willie and Frank are now in HOH room. Willie tells him he needs to start being quiet. He says, "I'm taking a risk. You need to understand. This could end my game." Frank says that if Willie gets the votes for him, he'll know that we can trust him. Willie tells Frank not to feel on the outs and Frank said he told Boogie it was up in the air. Frank then tells Willie, "We need to get rid of these floaters, the people who aren't doing anything. Mike is easy to deal with because all I have to do is stroke his ego. He is so full of himself."

4:05 PM
Boogie and Ian talking game. Boogie tells Ian he is doing good and he is getting the game now. Ian thinks he is an obvious target because of his brain. Boogie says, "Keep it simple; it's almost over." Boogie then gets up, leaves Ian and heads over to talk to Frank who is smoking on the couches.

Frank said if they don't look like they are scheming they will be okay. Boogie tells Frank, if he can survive this week he should be okay for a bit. Boogie says, "I highly doubt they're gonna come right back at ya." He thinks it would be odd to save Frank on Thursday night and nominate him Friday. Boogie says, he thinks Joe and Ashley are with Willie then just their three. Frank says, "Willie doesn't have any power anymore." But they agree that they're going to do what Willie wants; they say, "It's so stupid." He says, as long as we have Joe, JoJo and Shane, Ashley and Wil can vote for Kara to stay. Frank says Wil is too afraid to go against the house and if they do get Kara out this week, "I think I'll have Wil in my pocket." Boogie then told Frank, "We have to go after Janelle's or Britt's team if they get HOH." Jenn joins Boogie and Frank and they fill her in.

4:30 PM
Meanwhile, Janelle and Wil are in the mirror lounge talking about the game and what's coming up next. Then they begin discussing possibly getting rid of Frank. Joe comes in and is spilling to Janelle about Boogie wanting to start a guy's brigade. He continues saying that Boogie said he would put up Danielle and JoJo to prove his loyalty. Janelle tells Joe and Wil how Willie is flip flopping and Joe says that none of it makes sense because of what Frank told him last night. Janelle says she's getting so confused. They begin to talk about possibilities for upcoming comps and that they need to win HoH. Ashley joins them and they fill her in.

5:00 PM
Britt and Willie are talking in the hammock. Britt doesn't want Dan or Boogie's people at the end of the game. Talk continues about Willie being paranoid and the chat breaks up.

5:20 PM
Willie and Joe are in HoH room. Joe asks Willie if they have a final two deal. Willie says, "No, but I'm willing to work with you." Willie says to Joe, "Nothing does me good to get rid of you!" Joe and Willie are worried about Wil's loyalty to Kara. Joe, "I don't think Kara can win an HOH." Willie, "For the group exspecially (sic) Kara needs to go." The say they got each other's backs and talk ends.

6:25 PM
Ian and Ashley are laying on the chair in the backyard under a blanket. It's silent between the two besides a few comments spoken by Ian. Ian mentions how it is a nice night out. Ashley has her eyes closed but hears what Ian is saying and after a few moments of silence, Ian mentions to Ashley that the reason why they put a green fence on top of the backyard was to stop people from throwing things into the backyard. Then back to silence between the two. Feed then switches back to the washroom conversation with Shane, Danielle, Kara and Dan.

7:00 PM
Willie and Ashley are in the Have-Not room talking game. They want to take each other to final 2. He says, "I know who I want to bring to the end right now, and that's YOU and JoJo." Willie says to Ashley, "I'll never put you up." Ashley says to Willie, "I'll never put you up. I'll protect you forever." Willie says that he and Janelle had a back and forth argument before about keeping Frank or Kara. Willie mentions that Janelle's number one person is Wil. Ashley says that Wil does not tell her anything because Ashley is upset about the whole keeping Kara thing. Willie says that Janelle did not want to leave Ashley alone in the HOH room alone with Willie. He says that you have to be blind not to know why Janelle wants Kara to stay. Willie also says that he is tired of people thinking that it is the coaches' game. Willie's plan is to bring Ashley along to the end. Ashley says that she will fight for him every week. Willie says that he does not care what people say, that is his honest to god truth. Willie says that Ashley cannot let other people get into her head. Ashley says that everyone thinks that she is stupid. Ashley says that she does not trust anyone. That Wil does not have her back and that he is playing the game with someone else. Ashley asks Willie who Frank might put up next week and he said Danielle. Willie says that everyone is freaking out and that is the reason why he wanted to have a meeting on Wednesday night. He says that Janelle is worried that Willie wants to keep Frank to protect Britney's group. Ashley mentioned that there are so many people in the house and so many people in the alliance that someone is going to be gunning for someone else.

8:30 PM
Willie giving Danielle a massage in the hot tube while libations arrive!

10:00 PM
Janelle and Wil are in hammock scheming against Willie. Janelle says, "I think Willie is making deals with them, like a lot of deals. I caught him in a lie with a conversation Joe told me about with him making deals with a guy alliance and Willie denied it completely because JoJo was in the room." Wil: "We could have the power next week. We have enough information to nominate Willie next week." Janelle: "Not by our HoH. It'd be stupid for us to turn on them right now." Wil: "Just go along with the charade. But week 3 -shotgun sound- (WBRB) Britney's team is a lot more a threat to us than Boogie's team. I wonder if we could align ourselves with Boogie's team." Janelle: "Boogie's gonna target my team because he wants me out. He's gonna save me until the end." Wil: "I don't trust him with my life. He's putting himself in a situation where any one of us can say ***** off to him because of all the deals he made." Janelle: "It will come out if we're in a position of power too. The thing that troubles me is that he's overweight and I'm gonna kick his ass in competition. And he's so dumb, I'm telling him the comps wont all be physical and he doesn't listen he is such a dumbass." They break up because Wil has to pee.

11:45 PM
While Ashley, Brit and Wil are upstairs talking game, Boogie and Willie are outside talking game in the backyard. Willie reassuring Boogie that Frank is staying. Willie says that if Boogie's team gets HOH he needs to get rid of Wil and Boogie agrees. Ashley walks outside and the conversation instantly changes to Willie's job.

12:50 AM
Willie and Ashley are in the HOH. Willie is reassuring her a final 3 with JoJo when Britney walks in. They all say that Kara is for sure going home and continue to talk about other houseguests. Willie keeps saying we're good and that they are going to make it far. Ashley says Wil and Kara have "something going on" and they all say that this is too much drama. They talk about how sad it is that they can't trust anyone. Willie says that if Kara stays in the house they are all *****. Ashley says she can't talk to Janelle and they start talking about how Joe needs to calm down. Britney disagrees and says they need to listen to all that Joe tells them about the other houseguests. Ashley says she sees the flip-flop personality of Janelle and Willie says that they have about two more weeks of this group (Janelle and Britney's teams) staying together and then it's over.

1:40 AM
Joe is talking with Dan in the mirror lounge. Thinks there is a guy alliance. Joe doesn't buy that Frank doesn't like Boogie. Both guys know they need JoJo or Jenn to save Kara. Joe seems completely on board and offers to talk to Jenn. Dan says, "How many times do you have a shot to get rid of Frank?" Joe doesn't get why they don't get rid of Frank and thinks they are missing something. Dan thinks they made a deal to stick together. Dan says, "We need to convince Willie or have a flip."

1:45 AM
Willie, Ashley and Britney are in the HoH talking game. Brit says she has felt like an outcast in the coaches' clique since Day 1. She thinks the other coaches look down at her. Willie sees Janelle heading up the the HOH and they stop game talking. She comes in and they all act like everything is cool. Janelle leaves and then they start up again talking about Janelle. Britney says Janelle has no emotions because she hasn't cried since being in the BB house and she has a kid. Britney gets called to the DR and once back from the DR, she tells Willie and Ashley that she saw Janelle talking to Danielle.

2:30 AM
Dan runs into Janelle and they head into the mirror lounge to talk. Dan says he's going to get the vote to evict Kara; Janelle still wary and doesn't want to show her cards too early. She tells Dan that even if he loses a player this week they (her & Dan's team) could still work together next week. She also tells Dan that JoJo thinks she has a final 3 with Willie and Shane. Dan is trying to convince Janelle that he can get JoJo to vote to keep Kara. Janie just doesn't know how that's possible but does admit to Dan that she thinks he is really good at this game.

3:30 AM
Janelle and Britney decide to head inside for bed. Willie is waiting for them on the HOH balcony by the chess set. Janelle goes in and leaves Britney and Willie to talk. Brit tells Willie that she is really angry because she was told she was only coming back to be a coach and not play the game again. Britney says you're the only one who knows. Willie says he has to reshuffle the whole deck now that the coaches are going to enter the game to play with everyone else. He says they wouldn't have put keyholes next to the coaches' faces on the memory wall if they weren't going to play. Willie is pushing for Britney to tell everyone that the coaches are going to be entering the game to play for the $500,000. Britney really doesn't want to do that yet and she starts to tell Willie that if she does that, BB is always listening and maybe they wouldn't play out that twist if everyone already knew about it. Willie thinks Brit needs to be the one to expose the truth about the coaches. All the HGs need to see that the coaches are out for themselves and they are playing hard because they know they'll be in the game eventually. They decide to go back outside so that Janie doesn't hear them. She tells him, "Listen Willie, if I go into the game I'm not going to win it. If I don't win it, I want you to win it."

4:00 AM
All HGs are in bed.

What is going on with all of the flip-flopping? Will Britney tell the other HGs about the possible coaches' entry into the BB game? Will it be Kara or Frank?

Many Thanks to the Joker’s Updaters!