It ain't worth the nickel it'll cost ya to read, but here's one Beaver's take on the crazy HGs of BB4


Dana is a psychological mess. Uber-competitive, to a game-breaking fault. She'll risk her credibility in the house by running back and forth between groups just for the instant-high of having the 'upper hand' in a conversation where she has a bit of info that the person she is talking to lacks. She'll give it up just for the reaction. She does this because she is relentlessly seeking affirmation and/or wants to have the power in any dynamic she's involved in. Dana is petrified of being vulnerable or seen as weak in any instance.

This woman is severely over-compensating for never feeling the equal of the 'pretty girls,' who none-the-less she wants nothing more than to be one of. And Dana wants what the pretty girls want - the hot, studly guys with the fast car and thick wallet. Dana probably has never been in a relationship with a good, kind man. She is drawn to either men she can dominate, but those relationships are likely short-lived, or men who can dominate her- and these men may well be abusive.

Dana has probably always been considered 'one-of-the-boys', and likely has a hard time keeping female friends in real life, unless she can find a kindred cynical spirit with whom to bash the world. Her flittering around the house gossiping and revealing information may in part be a result of her searching for such a co-conspirator. She needs to be 'part of the loop', and when she is not, she grows frustrated and aggressive very quickly.

Dana will not win this game, unless a truly vile character emerges (Robert) and decides that Dana is their best bet to take to the final. Even then, she will have a difficult time containing the massive chip on her shoulder, and her hair-trigger tendency to get 'pissed awuf.'


Jee's personality drives him to make decisions and then move forward unquestioningly on the path he chooses. He's highly impressionable before he chooses a path, however, and can be manipulated at that time.

Jee's one-dimensionality results from an extreme belief in his own abilities and perspective. Jee also believes that men know more and are smarter than women. Despite his inflexibility, Jee tries to remain cautious and has an air of pessimism about him. He tries to analyze all angles and cover for potential future failure by worrying, however his inflexibility creates large blind spots to the realities of the future.

Jee believes strongly in 'respect,' though he defines it in his own way, and to suit his own ends. He highly over-estimates his own contributions to any collaborative effort, and down plays others' positive contributions, while emphasizing any input that, following a failure, may be held out as the 'blame'. Jee doesn't like to admit failure himself.

Jee has a previous emotional commitment to Jun, and believes he owes her a debt for the time she spent with him when his father was sick. Jee will not nominate Jun, and will likely try to avoid voting against her if at all possible.

Jee doesn't so much want to be 'a cool kid' as he thinks he is a cool kid, and is only waiting for others to recognize the fact. This makes him susceptible to phony affirmation and fake compliments.


Erika is more mature than other women in the house, and she is also more reserved. Having a hard time acting 'silly', she fears appearing goofy or unrefined.

Erika is graceful, but her looks have not always gotten her as far as she would like. Obviously fit and with abs of steel, Erika still seeks to refine her appearance through maintenance of a large main of hair - her pride - and by getting breast implants - her joy. Erika seems to be an average girl who wants to be a bombshell, but isn't willing to dumb-down her conversation to truly play the role. She, therefore, seeks nothing more than the respect of others. She is drawn to older men, or men of obvious intelligence. But she is not immune to the physical, and therefore wants her men to also be strong and protective.

Erika will join an alliance, and will be strongly committed to that group. She is more selfless than others, at least on the surface, and does understand that BB is a game. She therefore will not hold it against others if they 'turn' on her. She will, however, seek credit for this magnanimous attitude by ensuring that it is understood, rather than letting her actions speak for themselves after the fact. Erika's role, therefore, is inclined toward that of 'sacrificial, but stoic, lamb.'


Jun spent a long period of her life under strict rules of a Korean family, and as one of the fat, unpopular kids. She is now rebelling against both. She reject her culture, and she rejects the humility learned by her past. Jun is like a militant ex-smoker who becomes the most vocal critic of smokers, but still sneaks cigs on the side. Jun wants to be thin, but has a hard time with self-control. In this way, she is much like many of us (waves). But she is also subtly vindictive, and will tend toward trying to 'get with the in crowd'.

Jun is, however, slightly more creative than her fellow female HGs, and as cook and crafty person, she may parlay these skills into moving into the late game...if she can keep her mouth closed and cast her lot with the power-center's) as needed. And this may be possible, as Jun has demonstrated an aloofness that has permitted her to be on the fringe of both groups, and therefore she's needed by both sides, and a target of neither. This makes Jun a classic reality TV contestant, who can easily be seen reaching the finals as a 'third option', between two powerful opposing players.


Dave is fairly intelligent, he's fairly good looking, has a decent sense of humor and he can be assumed to have some self-discipline having been an Army Ranger, albeit for a very short period of time. Dave is therefore a major threat in this game. He has claimed to be hiding behind his goofy humor for game purposes, but it may well be something he hides behind in regular life to compensate for a lack of maturity. Dave is young, at 21, and while his intelligence and possibly emotional awkwardness draws him to older, more mature people, he himself has difficulty knowing how to respond properly to certain situations. This leads to his humor sometimes being seen as inappropriate or over-the-top. It can be grating to some people.

Dave has a tendency to want to save the day. He thinks he can fix most things. This 'Knight in shining armor' mentality may ultimately outweigh his game- sense, and cost him the game, though with Jack along to temper and moderate this tendency, Dave forms one half of a very strong team. Add loyal Erika to the mix, and Dave seems destined for a final 3 finish, however as the 'strong' link of this team, may be the first targeted if another group IDs the unit, which seems to have happened.


Jack is obviously the most mature of the group, but more than Erika, he also has an ability to fit in with the less mature. Physically he is in shape, and this serves him well in the house, allowing him to join in working out bonding time with the boys.

Jack's ability to forecast, predict and manipulate the game may be too obvious, and therefore may lead to problems, with others. Jack is driven by a desire to solve puzzles, and is in his element in the game. He is able to logically process problems and come up with likely scenarios. His strongest strength is the ability to keep his mouth shut. The distance he goes in the game may be directly related to how successful he is at controlling the flow of information.

Jack's Achilles heel, however, is that he lacks the charisma to impose his will on the younger set, and must instead rely on gentle prodding, seed planting and inference to steer his team's direction. He will be a factor in his alliance's direction, but he'll never step up and truly lead. Despite being the father/Yoda figure in the game, he's more comfortable being the side-kick. Look for him to be taken by, rather than take, someone to the finals, unless the leader of his alliance gets picked off near the end, forcing Jack into a position of leadership.


Michelle is young and naive. She is accustom to getting what she wants, and she's achieved a lot based on her looks. When she fails to get what she wants, and when her sexuality fails to secure success, Michelle has a hard time dealing with the situation. Emotionally, she shuts down. Watch her cross her arms and legs and tilt her head down. When she does this, she's in full-body-pout mode. Michelle doesn't have the experience or intelligence to compete or even participate in this game with the others, nor has she got the requisite experience with rejection or failure.

Michelle is naturally drawn to the best looking men and women in a room. To her, these are people who she sees as equals, and worthy of her time and graces. Anyone she deems as less attractive, Michelle will only tolerate, and she will seek to move away from - physically and conversationally - as quickly as possible. She is easily influenced, and will eagerly follow any handsome or beautiful person with a strong will and even marginal charisma.

Because she has such little experience with rejection or failure, there is no telling how she will respond, or what measures she will ultimately try to rescue what she needs. She may just continue to pout her way out of the house, or she may decide to heighten her sexual efforts, and leave herself very, very open to manipulation. Therefore, the sooner she gets out of the house, the better it will be for her.


Alison falls somewhere between Michelle and Dana on pretty much every scale. She's an attractive girl, but has always had to chase the hot boys. She derives affirmation from their attention. Alison is susceptible to abusive relationships, we know, and she has a hard time distinguishing between friends and people who are taking advantage of her. This will mean she has trouble choosing a side in the game, and effectively will end up not being a member of any core group.

Alison wants to be everyone's best friend, but won't hesitate to diss them behind their backs. She is a crier, and has learned that she can get attention and her way through tears, or lying. She is able to tell anyone what they want to hear, if it will advance her interests. The crying will not work in the BB house, however, and may result in increasing frustration for her, or it may result in her moving toward her ability with lying, which may well serve her well.

Alison's problem is that she is neither intelligent nor wise. She lacks a lot of game sense, and needs to be directed by someone else how to use her lying best. She is a valuable weapon for other players. Her major problems are consistency and focus.


Robert is slime. Pure evil. Yuck-factor 9. Robert spoke openly about getting Amanda drunk so that he might take advantage of her. Robert believes his own hype. Robert probably spends a good deal of his life believing he is smarter and just as hot as anyone else. Robert's ability for self-delusion is unlimited. He is driven by a dislike of his former girlfriend Erika, and while he wants to win the game, he mostly wants to get his way. He does not really listen to others when they discuss themselves, rather he's busy thinking of what he wants to say next. He loves to hear himself talk, and when he does, it's almost always to build himself up. He needs to do this constantly b/c subconsciously, he understands that he's neither truly clever, nor truly good looking. Robert's overcompensation is most evident in his mirror time. Watching him in the HOH room pausing in front of the mirror every time he passes reminds viewers of Hardy and Will.

Robert probably is able to maintain a good rapport with casual friends, because he is able to conceal his inflated ego slightly better than others. However, Robert also has demonstrated an extremely poor attitude toward women, his words indicating he treats them as property and objects to be possesses, used and discarded. His real nature has probably been 'found out' by every woman he's ever been with, which may go some way to explaining Erika's disdain.


Justin is smarter than he looks, but not brilliant, as some HGs believed early on. Justin has gotten fairly far in life on his looks while at the same time surprising all with his basic competence - beyond that which may be expected from a near-pretty boy. Justin likes to always have a woman near, but he doesn't' really want to commit to a full time girlfriend, never mind consider true commitment.

Justin is far more comfortable leading a group of guys. He is uncomfortable with other strong male personalities, and is unlikely to bond with such types. While he is able to feign politeness and maturity in some company, Justin is, at heart, just as raunchy as any other true meat-head.

Justin isn't interested in establishing relationships in the house, and all such connections will last only as long as they are beneficial.


Nathan is Michelle, only a couple years older, with curlier hair and less of a pout. But not much less. Nathan gets what he wants on looks, and has basically cruised through life. He's not familiar with much beyond his home state, save for a few exotic spring break locales.

Nathan assumes he will succeed at whatever he does, and most of the time he is right. He won't assume challenges which are too difficult, or that he doesn't feel he can do well at. He will avoid hard core plotting, and alliance making, letting people (mostly women) come to him instead. Nathan will play a bit hard to get with the women, and other than possibly bird-of-a-feather Michelle, there are probably none up to his 'standards' in the house. Nathan won't form friendships with other males in the house, but he may get close enough to be the loose end of an alliance. He will always seek to allow himself an out, however, and will never be willing to sacrifice for the good of the group.