Happy Saturday morning from the BB House! Today is POV day so BB has been waking up the HG one at a time for Diary Room sessions beginning at 6:30 am. Players for the POV are; Wil, Ashley, Ian, Frank, JoJo, Shane, Joe is hosting.

Feeders are still trying to figure out exactly why Willie was expelled from the game. Here is what we learned from Ian & Frank’s conversation in HOH at 11:45AM. Ian says that he head butted Joe 4 times and he went all Hulk on the door. Also, apparently he threw pork rinds and Janelle. We will not know what happened for sure until the show Sunday night, but this is what the HG are saying.

HG are spending the morning getting ready for the POV competition. There is a strange calm in the house in the wake of Willies departure. Everyone is getting along well and the tension we have seen the past week has disappeared (BOO!)

POV comp 12:30 – 3:00 and the winner is…………………SHANE!

Janelle, Boogie and Frank in HOH discussing competition. All are surprised Wil did not do better. Janelle says her team sucked! They agree that Jojo did a good job in the comp. They consider who to put up as a replacement nominee when Shane pulls himself off and agree that Danielle is worthless and needs to go.

Downstairs, Danielle and Dan talking in have not room. Dan tells her not come off too strong, but still make an effort to get everyone's vote. Danelle says she wants to go to Frank, but doesnt know what to say. Dan tells her they have to try to get Frank on their side and possibly get hin to put up someone from Janelles team instead of her.

Dan joins Boogie and Britney in HOH discussing their players . Britney says Ian did really good today! And Jen is one of the most genuine and nicest people in the house. Boogie: says he thinks she can do it socially but he would love to win comps then sit next to her. Dan says I got no jury. Brit says you got more than me. Brit says to Boogie, I watched season two. Loved it, watched season 7, Loved it. I didn't come here to watch you NAP! What happened? Dr. Will! Boogies Asleep! Boogie says, Dr. Will Kirby! Paging DR Will Kirby! He's probably not even watching! He'd love it!

9:00PM Frank and Danielle in HOH. Danielle says even if she is put up as a replacement nominee, she won't come after him. She says that Dan doesn't make her decisions for her and that she wouldn't blow up or get upset this week. Danielle is asking about criteria for deciding who goes home if it's her versus Jojo. Frank said it's up in the air at this point, mentioned concern of coaches going up. Danielle said she didn't want to get voted out because of who her coach is. Frank says people will say you're a bigger threat than Jojo. You're smarter than her. Frank said it's up in the air at this point. Danielle plead her case for staying, but added she said she didn't want Frank to feel uncomfortable around her. Frank said he knows it's a game and that it won't be that way. Danielle said she's willing to work with Frank but that she won't keep up there badgering him. Frank said she's welcome to come up anytime to talk. Danielle told Frank multiple times that she would not stab him in the back. Frank reiterated that there will be a conversation on down the line (to decide who goes home) and that nothing was decided at this point and won't be until later.

Later, Janelle, Ashley, Britney and Danielle decide to dress up 80’s style, hair, make up, the works. Wil joins them and puts together a dance routine for them to do for the house.

Ashley & Janelle in the hammock, contemplating pros and cons about keeping Danielle or Jojo. They like the possibility of keeping Danielle. Ashley thinks Frank is being a sore loser because Willie left voluntarily and Shane won veto. Janelle thinks Jenn should have been a pawn and Frank thought about it but Jenn was opposed. Janelle proposes baking a cake or peach cobbler for Frank to make him happier.

11:30PM Shane joins Boogie and Frank in HOH. Boogie says it would be good if Shane won HOH next week. Boogie thinks that if Shane stays quiet and doesn't tell anyone about a possible deal, he'll stay safe with them. Shane says he needs to do what is good for him. Boogie says he has no use to keep Jojo. Shane is now throwing her under the bus. Boogie thinks Jojo was impressive in the veto competition, but doesn't want to keep her.Boogie says this is your shot to stay alive. Shane agrees and says he needs to win HOH otherwise Janelle will be gunning for him. Boogie says this is like me and will, helping Janelle. Boogie tells Shane if you make it to the f2 your record will show but we have to get you there. All Dan can do is cause paranoia. Shane says I'm willing to work with you. Janelle's team is gunning for me. Obviously you'll put up Danielle but you'll keep her. Jojo is showing her true colors, she's 50/50 and expects leaving but in the back of her mind knows that if Danielle goes so does Dan.

Elsewhere, Britney talks to JoJo and advises her not to campaign. Britney says that If her team claws, fights, and digs, they might still end up with two people. Jojo hopes BB has something up their sleeves. Britney says that her and Jojo have to pay for Willie's mistakes for the rest of the game. Brit says Danielle has nothing to offer. Talk to Frank when the time comes but let me tell you when to do it, I get the feeling from Boogie that they want to save you. They think Ian, Jenn, Shane would stay loyal with votes. Britney says she will talk to Frank and Boogie and then Jojo will go up and prove herself.

1:30 AM Janelle tells Ashley they should cut a deal with Jojo and hang with her (doing "girl time" type stuff) and ignore Danielle to make Jojo into a bigger target for this week. Ashley seemed to think that was a good idea. Janelle said her only problem is Joe wanting Jojo out so bad and that it concerns her since she doesn't really know why. Ashley said she doesn't think the coaches will enter the game. Janelle agreed and said, if it happens, BB would be a competition to see who would get to enter. Janelle admitted it would be awkward to hang with Jojo this week but that she thought they could do it. Janelle said Boogie wants Dan out, which makes her want to keep Danielle (and thus Dan in the game). Ashley said if she won HOH she would nominate Shane and Frank. Janelle suggested Shane and Danielle instead with Danielle as the pawn. Ashley expressed concern about Shane and Frank being in longer, saying they have to go initially. They discussed the possibility of backdooring Frank with Shane/Danielle scenario, but both said Shane they think will be easier to manipulate than Frank and speculate that Shane has a small crush on both of them. Janelle said not to put Danielle up since they need her vote and to instead put Shane and Jenn up on the block, the idea being able to get Danielle, Joe and Wil all voting their way (since they fear Danielle might not if she went up as a pawn). Ashley says everything thinks I'm terrible, but I'm just as smart as them all."We're working this week for *next* week" -- their best-case plan being Jojo out this week, Ashley winning HOH and then putting their aforementioned plan into action. They both said they wish it was Shane (who it can't be since he won POV) "but whatever". They reiterated their belief that they need to get Frank out next week if they can.

3:00 AM In the Arcade Room, Janelle filling Wil in on her and Ashelys conversation about the plan to hang with Jojo this week to make her seem like more of a threat (if she was getting close with the two) to ensure Jojo would go over Danielle, and then next week if Ashley (or presumably Wil) wins HOH that they could get Frank out, perhaps backdooring him. Ian said he didn't like how Frank yelled at him and that HOHs have gone on power trips. They are saying that the HOH power is going to Frank's head. Ian seemed unhappy that Frank was not more appreciative about Janelle's team saving him with the vote this past week. Janelle noted that Boogie wanting Dan out so bad made her want to keep Dan in the game and thus vote to keep Danielle this week. Wil said he understood the need to keep Danielle since it could keep one from their side having to go up on the block next week. Wil said the bravado of Frank and Shane bothers him. Janelle pushed for Jojo to go this week and that it would be best for them; Wil agreed. Wil lamented that it comes down to who wins the next HOH. Ashley noted that Ian is sliding under the radar and that he will have to go as well at some point. They agreed that they should not tell Joe any of this since they figure he will tell Frank, but that they should be able to get Joe to vote their way because he's so amped about playing Big Brother and making moves, etc. that he would go along with their plan. Wil said he seems Shane as a bigger threat, but Janelle and Ashley countered with the points they made in their earlier talk that they could work Shane better than Frank. Wil said he thinks Shane wouldn't target him as HOH, seemingly coming around to Ashley/Janelle's way of thinking. They discussed possibly working with Shane if they can get Frank out next week. "We're not going to tell him a lot," noted Ashley. Wil countered that Shane might not work with them if he went up on the block, but Janelle countered saying the sell would be that they need Shane to win POV to ensure backdooring Frank. Wil said if Jojo is evicted this week that they should make a move sooner to get Shane to keep the numbers. He added that it would put Shane in a spot where he has no one else to work with (by voting out Jojo). Wil asked if they should tell Dan and Danielle or even just Dan the idea, but Janelle said it needs to stay among the three of them for it to work. Janelle said she didn't like the idea of acting like floaters. Wil says "We're not floaters: we're behind-the-scenes manipulators!" Janelle described the plan as them being "hostile social gamers". Janelle said just because Shane won two POVs that now he's talking smack. Janelle seemed amused by idea of back-to-back weeks of doing the opposite of what the HOH wants on the vote. Wil: "Now we have a solid plan: we have a strategy!" Janelle cautioned to not get the rest of the house nervous about them for next week (between now and the vote). They count votes for next week if one of them wins HOH: Wil/Ashley (whichever doesn't win), Joe, Danielle and Shane. Janelle: "That would definitely be a Chilltown type thing to do." Regarding Shane, Janelle noted the logic that Shane would rather have two people coming after him (whichever from Boogie's team that would go) than five if he worked with them. Wil noted that he would be afraid that Shane would agree but then flip back on them. Janelle told him not to be so paranoid.

**Pretty much a boring day in the BB house...Post-Willie, the feeds suck!**