Today seemed abnormally calm in the Big Brother house. Shelly was the first to get up at 7:40am (she is usually the first one up each morning) Brendon woke up about an hour later. Brendon and Shelly spent some quality “get to know you” time together in the backyard. Big Brother let the HG’s sleep in until noon. They were woken up to the sweet sounds of Stevie Wonder’s “You are the sunshine of my life.”

HG’s spent the day sunbathing, working out and relaxing. There wasn’t as much game talk as there has been in past days. Talk seemed to be more about “life outside” the BB house. It seemed to be more of a bonding time for the HG’s rather than game play.

A highlight of the day was Jordan’s HOH camera time. The HG’s were pretty creative in their picture posing. Jordan also posted on Twitter to say hi to all of the Big Brother fans.

Later in the afternoon Rachel and Porsche went around counting house items in hopes that this will help for tomorrow’s competition.(Although Porsche won’t be playing due to having the Golden Key) Rachel and Brendon also spent some time quizzing each other later in the evening.

At 5:30pm Dom offered to wash Cassi’s hair outside. Cassi didn’t want to take a cold shower but wanted her hair washed. He told her at one point he felt like he was “giving his Pit bull a bath.” Jeff and Dani watched from inside and thought it was extremely weird that Dom was washing her hair like that.

Around 11pm Shelly went to bed. Brendon and Rachel continued quizzing each other in the hammock. Rachel and Brendon had another evening spat arguing over what they should be studying.

At 2am Dani, Porsche and Kalia were talking in the bedroom while Dominic, Adam, Lawon and Cassi sat outside and talked. No game play talk was going on ….just some random “life outside the BB house” talks. Cassi tells the boys this is their last Jacuzzi talk.

Adam got up around 3:30am to go smoke. Lawon, Dominic, Dani and Kalia were still up talking...mostly about sex !!!

All HG’s settled in for a good night’s sleep around 4:45am