Frank Eudy was an interesting character on Big Brother 14. Beloved by many & clearly a favorite of CBS host Julie Chen, after numerous eviction nominations, he was finally evicted in a blindside that left him reeling & not ready to play nice.

In the beginning of the game, Frank was chosen as part of Boogie’s team because Will told Boogie to pick strong men and that seemed to seal his fate. When deciding his gameplay strategy he chose villain & it got him nominated for eviction over & over & he would have been evicted early on if not for the sudden RESET of the game which rendered his nomination & certain eviction moot. His numerous nominations for eviction made him angrier & meaner which didn’t serve his game in any way.

It is hard to win any game when you align yourself with the resident evil one & Big Brother is no exception. Clearly a superfan, Frank made multiple mentions of his numerous attempts to get on Big Brother including the fact that he was an alternate last year. But all of his Big Brother knowledge could not prepare him for the facts of life; people don’t like mean, grandiose, misogynist players and that was the way he came off to many of the other players in the house. He was not calm or kind with his wins & usually isolated himself with Boogie & spoke to no one else in the house. His excessive flatulence wasn’t a friend winner, either.

Apparently, for those who do not have the live feeds and were not privy to Frank’s irregular moods and unkind comments about the other houseguests, Frank was just a “funny, nice guy” and they couldn’t understand why the rest of the houseguests were always out to “get him.” Frank seemed to be equally deluded by his own actions in the house & after numerous times on the block, he was blindsided by that marvel of misting powers; Dan.

Before he was taken to the Big Brother Jury house, CBS afforded Joker’s Updates the opportunity to ask Frank a few questions. This is our Q&A with Frank Eudy.

BestBBever: Frank, I know that you come from a wrestling background & often the villain is loved, is that why you decided to stay so loyal to the BB14 villain Mike "Boogie"

Frank Eudy: To me when I met Mike he wasn’t that much of a villain to me. I rooted for him and Will all the way through season 7.

Knowing him in person – he is much more human in person – Mike doesn’t seem like such a villain.

What connected me to Mike is his love for the game. I have a passion for the game and I saw that in him and that was our real connection.

BestBBever: Did you ever consider making friends with other people in the house so you weren't so isolated by your alliance with Boogie?

Frank Eudy: I didn’t know that I was so isolated from everybody.

BestBBever: Why did you trust Dan after Boogie had warned you to never trust him?

Frank Eudy: At the time, Dan was in a bad spot and I was in a bad spot. I was alone, with only Jenn as an ally, and he was on the block. He swore on the Bible and made a final two deal with me and I felt that I could trust him because of that. [Ed note: What Dan swore about when he used the bible is of great debate but it is on the flashback and it is not what Frank thought.]

BestBBever: Why didn't you try to form an alliance with other newbies to get Dan OUT?

Frank Eudy: Even if I had sent him home, Danielle, Britney, Shane and Ian would still have been a group of four against me in the house. I thought if I sent Britney home I might be able to break that group up and have a better shot.

BestBBever: If you ruled the Big Brother Universe and you could do your own RESET for BB14, who would you form a power alliance with?

Frank Eudy: From the beginning, if I could have had Mike, Janelle and one or two other people, we would have had a good shot. But Janelle wasn’t my coach and she didn’t trust me so we could never get on the same page.

BestBBever: Who would you permanently evict?

Frank Eudy: I would permanently evict Danielle, Dan and Ian.

BestBBever: Who would you be sitting in a Final 2 with?

Frank Eudy: For the Final 2? Me and Mike.

That was all of the time that we had with Frank. There were so many more questions to ask him, including whether or not he had real feelings for Ashley, but we did not have the time. We did ask him one question that was censored:

Jdogg71 from Joker’s would like to know: When you are on All-Stars 2 [everyone at Joker's thinks with your power comp wins & your cute curly locks, you will definitely be asked back for Big Brother All-Stars] will you still play a trusting game or will you be more cutthroat?

This question was censored. I am not sure if it was censored because of the comments suggesting he would be on All-Stars or for another reason but I appreciate CBS being careful about what is asked or how it is asked. When the players are going to the Jury house or are in sequester, I have to be very careful not to ask a question that would alter the way they feel about the Final Two....or anything that would change their vote for the winner of Big Brother.

Frank Eudy had the brain & the brawn to easily win the game of Big Brother but he forgot the most important part of any game; you have to like who you are playing with. All of the ingredients were there for him to be a great affable player but he chose the dark side & it was hard to root for him after you heard some of his live feed conversations with Mike Boogie or his comments about the other houseguests, women in general and Dan’s wife in particular.....

Love him or loathe him, Frank Eudy was an integral part of the game of Big Brother, season 14. He was a beast at comps, winning HOH three times & POV whenever he needed it, except this last time. And the comps were not just brawn. Frank displayed a quick mind & a thorough understanding of the BB game......except when it comes to making friends.

IMO, if he had used his charm on a few more players instead of just Ashley & Boogie, he could have won BB14. Maybe he is young enough to learn.

@BestBBever for Joker’s Updates