9:47 PM
The live feed viewers are greeted with a new fish tank. Only minutes until the feeds are turned back on.

10:00 PM
The feeds begin with BBAD and we see Rachel and Porsche chatting in the storage room. Lawon, Kalia, Jordan, Dominic, Shelly and Cassi are talking about which celebs are “Hot or Not”.
Adam finds Dick’s name under one of the nomination seat cushions and nobody knows why. The HGs think that there may be similar clues throughout the house. ED is not on the feeds. The HGs speculate about him being gone, or it being part of the “twist”. The HGs begin looking around the house for clues as to where he may be. Turns out that Brendan and Jeff planted the paper under the cushion as a joke, but ED is still missing.
Keith and Porsche’s keys are missing from the memory wall, so it is assumed that they two of them are nominated.
Production is in the back yard constructing the POV game that will be played tomorrow. The HGs believe that they are on lockdown until tomorrow afternoon/night.
Jordan talks about a bruise she got in a competition. The feeders believe it was probably a Have/Have Not competition, but we don’t know for sure.
JJ speculates about the whereabouts of ED. They go over scenarios of him being let out to do a show, and possibly something happening to him or his family.
The HGs begin playing a game of “Find the Differences”, where they change something in the house and the other HGs have to figure out what changed. The house splits into two teams to play the game (Adam, J/J, Porsche, Brendan, Kevin and Kalia vs. Rachel, Cassie, Shelly, Dani, Lawon and Dominic). One team waits in the HOH while the other team makes changes. Cassi wonders if she’ll be nominated if she doesn’t play. Jordan appears lost, and Kalia wants to sleep.
ED is still missing from the house.
Adam begins a bacon lecture, talking about his love for bacon and the different varieties.
The HGs are now playing charades. Production whispers to Adam that he cannot do any copyrighted movies in case they decide to show the footage on TV.
We see that Rachel has a costume that the HGs are calling a cow suit. It is believed that the costume is from the Have/Have Not competition. Some of the other HGs are saying that their costumes are filled with water.
It is Porsche’s brother’s (Justin) birthday and she wishes him a Happy BDay.
The HGs ponder other games to play and complain openly that they are bored with no alcohol in the house.
The HGs begin a game of bowling using Coke bottles and hedge decorations. Adam emerges as a champ when he gets a strike.

11:00 PM
Dom, Keith and Jeff are trying to come up with a handshake, while Brendan is showing Kalia how to play chess.
Jordan is talking to Shelly about her winnings, taxes, etc. and about being on The Amazing Race. This is interrupted by a scolding from Production.
ED has been missing for 3 hours now. Nobody is being informed on what happened to him.
We get a view of the Have Not room which appears to be decorated like a Mental Hospital of sorts. Cassi, Shelly, Lawon and Keith are the Have Nots. Apparently the Library Room is now the Have Not room.
Cassi has setup a salon in the Have Not room where she is waxing/shaving Dominic and Keith’s eyebrows. Keith says he gets his done every three weeks. Cassi has also shaved something into Adam’s chest. All of this manicuring was done with the same razor. This grossed out Keith.
Dani says that ED has been in the DR for 6 hours. So now we know the true amount of time he has been missing from the house. Everyone is saying that Dom looks like he just graduated from High School. They joke that in order to bring back ED, they must guess the true age of Dominic. Porsche hopes that since ED is gone that there will be no evictions this week. Brendan pretends to make out with the Fortune Teller and asks her where ED is.

12:00 AM
We get a shot of Dani in the Storage Room asking BB where her Dad is. They won’t tell her and she is getting pissed. Brendon jokes that he will reveal the secrets of BB to the live feeders if they do not get information on ED’s whereabouts. Dani exclaims “We are supposed to be able to talk to someone whenever we want to talk to someone…well I want to talk to someone now!” She is furios. All feeds are turned off of Dani and we later learn that she was told not freak out and that she would find out about ED after a certain time.
Dani, Jeff and Rachel are now in the Parlour complaining about Adam and Porsche. Adam has been telling the returning HGs about their seasons and about the BB game in general and it is getting their nerves. Porsche is already planning her game as if ED is not coming back and that there will be no evictions this week. Dani wants to punch both of them.
In the meantime, Dominic is telling Lawon and Keith that they are going to war with the returning HGs, while Cassi is in the Padded Room talking about how everyone is getting on her nerves speculating about ED disappearance. She says he’ll be back in the morning. Keith still thinks it’s all part of the twist.
Dani states that when BB11 was on, she didn’t get the J/J hype, but now she really likes them, and that Brendon cracks her up. She and Rachel are both glad that it was the 6 of them that came back. Dani tells Rachel that she didn’t like her character on the show, but she knew that she was someone she would like in person. She says she always liked Brendon even when they make him look like a Douche Bag. She also says that she really liked Annie and that she is the love of her life.
Dani says she likes everyone in the house this season, but they got weird when the feeds went live, doing shout-outs and what not. She wants to tell Adam that if he wins the POV and uses it, he will go up next if they get HOH. Rach, Bren and Dani joke about Adam living in a replica of the BB House.
Dani, Bren, Rach agree that Porsche is the outcast of the newbies, and that nobody likes her because she is playing both sides. She won’t be missed, and should be evicted. But if she wins POV, or gets pulled off of the block they are going to target Dom or Cassi.
The alliance of the returning HGs has been dubbed the Dream-Crusher-Alliance (DCA) because they want to crush the dreams of the SuperFans.
Keith is nervousing that Kalia might flip to the veteran side and vote him out over Porsche. Dom doesn’t think she will flip sides, and will vote with them.
Brendon has found a new friend. A plastic turtle he has named Franklin. He begins telling the story of Frankin’s birth, and then puts him in the oven. BB puts a stop to it.
Brendon releases a rancid fart in the house and Dom says it smells like an animal died in his ass.

1:00 AM
Dani is called to the DR. We get FISH and Trivia for 3 Hours and 20 Minutes.

4:20 AM
The feeds return to show Lawon talking to someone in the Bedroom, B/R in the HOH, and Dani walking around the Popcorn Room.
Jeff says that if everyone is done with Pizza, that he will have some more.
We learn that Dani now has the Golden Key, and that Dick is gone. Dani says that all she knows is that there is nothing wrong with her family, and that’s all she knows. ED’s belongings are being packed.
We learn that there was a big confrontation between the HGs. Sounds like Keith was going off on everyone, pointing fingers. We are not really given the details.
Brendon and Rachel are in the HOH. Rachel says that she is done with BB after this. No Vegas, no Interviews. She just wants to go home, get a real job, be a wife, and have babies. She says that Dani got screwed in this deal. They go on to say that they have not won a bunch of money and that Bren is in Grad School and has no money. They talk about how if they end up on the block that they agree Brendon will go home. They agree that it’s not as bad as last time when everyone was against them. At least they have a few people on their side this time.
Jeff gets called to the DR.
The DCA discuss strategy and count how many votes they will need this week.
Dom and Cassi are talking about who to vote out between Porsche and Keith. Dom wants Porsche out, but Cassie makes and argument for Keith to go home. Dom tells Cassie that it’s the two of them to the end. Shelly is called to the DR. Cassi doesn’t want to be called to the DR because of the huge zit on her face.

5:00 AM
J/J, Rachel are in the HOH talking about the votes. Jeff says that the newbies have no leadership and are not on the same side. They think that they can probably get a few of the newbies to come to their side. Jeff thinks Shelly is legit. Jordan talks about how cocky Keith is, and how he may just throw the POV.
Jordan tells Rach that she needs to stay in the house and change people’s perspective of her. Jordan says that Rach is a really good player and that the people need to see that. She tells Rachel that she didn’t think much of Rachel when they first came into the house, but now sees her in a different light.
Jeff is downstairs talking to Adam in the KT. Kalia comes in and Jeff asks how she looks so good at 5 in the morning. She says it’s because she just had her hair done. Jeff heads back up to the HOH and asks if they saw him workin it. He was telling Adam that the DCA is gonna kick ass and wanted to know if Adam wanted to join them. They need at least one vote from the newbies to have the power.
Dom, Cassi and Porsche are whispering. Sounds like they are trying to get on Porsche’s good side in case she stays. They leave Porsche in the bedroom and move to the bathroom to continue talking about their alliance.

6:00 AM
Dom and Cassi still discussing strategy and how to make it past the next 3 weeks. They think they are good with both sides of the house.
Dani and Rachel are up the in HOH talking about Keith being a contestant on another Reality show. Some kind of Ken and Barbie dating show. She then gets up and tells Brendon and Rachel goodnight and heads downstairs to the bathroom where she starts to chit chat with Dom/Cass. Lights out in the HOH.
Dani says how she is going to be on the sidelines for the next 4 weeks. Adam joined the bathroom group for a little random chatter. When he leaves Dom says he feels sorry for Adam, because he is trying to fit in. Dom says Keith is a loose cannon. He asks Dani who her side wants out and she didn’t give any names but assumed it was Porsche. Dom says he’s not so sure. Then Keith enters the bathroom and they all start chatting.

7:00 AM
Keith leaves the bathroom and all HGs turn in the for the night.
Why did ED leave the house? Who will go home? Is the House truly split? Who knows!