The Cooking Monster Gets Permanently Pawned

After yelling his way into the hearts of many Big Brother fans this year, the big hearted, smaller bellied [congrats on the weight loss Joe!] cooking beast, Joe Arvin, was evicted from the Big Brother 14 house in a quick-fire double eviction. Dan won HOH and put Joe and Ian on the block, with Ian being the main target and Joe being the pawn.

Then, in classic Big Brother style, Ian won the POV and removed himself from the block. Dan put Dani up in place of Ian and that made the pawn, Joe, the bigger target and he was sent packing. Before he was sent to the Jury house, Big Brother allowed us the opportunity to ask Joe a few questions.

Hello Joe, this is BestBBever from Joker's Updates. You were so much fun this year and you have some very loyal fans at Joker's Updates, we are sorry to see you go to jury. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions:

BestBBever: Was your strategy to cook your way to the 500g's based on BB4 winner Jun Song?

Joe Arvin: It was not based on [the] BB4 winner. I did not even know them.

BestBBever: How much was your cooking strategy based on your desire to be on a cooking show?

Joe Arvin: My plan was to go with what you know and cooking is what I know best.

BestBBever: Mis & GlassTears on Joker’s Updates would like to know if you will do a Big Brother Cookbook?

Joe Arvin: 100% yes – I will be working on a Big Brother cookbook with recipes from each houseguest.

BestBBever: Did you know that the other houseguests continued to eat the food you prepared but they were outraged that you never washed your hands, Boogie even said he would not give you a job because of your hygiene, so was it just something you forgot about because of the stress of the Big Brother house?

This question was eliminated by the censors. I got more than 50 people wanting to know the answer to this question but In retrospect, it was silly of me to ask it because it could affect the outcome of Joe’s jury vote. If Joe knew how everyone badmouthed him for his lack of hand-washing or for the fact that he cooked all of the food when others wanted to cook it themselves, it could cause a commotion in the jury house & alter the way he feels about the Final Two.

Most of all, I hope we are able to give Joe an opportunity to set the record straight, and defend his critics, during Joker’s backyard interviews.

BestBBever: Janies_Guy (JU chat op) would like to know how you felt when your entire team betrayed you & voted to evict your coach Janelle?

Joe Arvin: I was devastated and I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs but knew that would only hurt my game more.

BestBBever: Was it the same way you felt when you thought you were talking to Shane but you spilled the beans to Dan in the dark?

Joe Arvin: That was not the same way I felt when I was talking to Dan in the dark. I think Dan set me up because he ran in and jumped into Shane’s bed on his side. I hoped Dan would see that as loyalty because I was willing to tell Shane everything I saw in the house because I thought we were in that strong of an alliance.

BestBBever: Do you think mistaking Dan for Shane in the dark, and talking to him as if he was Shane is what got you evicted?

Joe Arvin: No – I do not think that is what got me evicted. I think circumstance of the double eviction and not winning the veto left it to an only choice situation.

BestBBever: If you ruled the Big Brother Universe and you could do your own RESET for BB14, who would you form a power alliance with?

Joe Arvin: Power Alliance - Shane, Ian, Frank and Mike Boogie

BestBBever: Who would you permanently evict?

Joe Arvin: Permanently evict - Dan

BestBBever: Who would you be sitting in a Final 2 with?

Joe Arvin: Shane & Myself

BestBBever: From the players left in the house, who do you think will win BB14?

Joe Arvin: No answer

I am not sure if he purposely didn’t answer this question or if he ran out of time. Perhaps, he doesn’t want any of the remaining houseguests to win.....except maybe Shane.

In the beginning, Joe was not the easiest houseguest to love but once I saw his family and understood more of his personality, I found that he was one of my favorites this year and I sincerely hope he will be asked back for All-Stars.

Joe’s family was delightful and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them, perhaps he could skip a second appearance on Big Brother & go straight to a cooking show with his wife & daughters! I would love to watch his daughters teasing him about washing his hands & yelling back at him to get him to quiet down.

His love of cooking combined with his love for his family seems like a WINNING combination and one I would enjoy watching.........I hope it happens!

@BestBBever for Joker’s Updates