Today I have been listening to the live feeds. After the nominations by Jun, Head of Household (HOH), I made some interesting observations.

First off for those of you locked in a closet, Jun nominated Alison and Jee. What is her strategy you ask behind this since Alison holds the Golden Power of Veto (GPOV). Simply put, she has insured Jee will remain on the block. Alison will use the GPOV to take herself off the block. The assumption being Jun will then replace Alison with Robert. Alison and Erika vote out Jee.

The question I am asking is why didn't Jun nominate Alison and Robert. Alison then uses the GPOV on herself; Jun puts up Jee. At that point Jun hasn't directly put up Jee she was forced into it because everyone knows her final alliance was with Erika and Jack. Jee knows at the final five his alliance with Jun was null and void. Jun also knew Alison would never have used the GPOV on either Jee or Robert. She could have put up Jee and Robert knowing her nominations would not be altered.

It really doesn't matter what is known but what the perception of the sequestered Houseguests (HGs) is when they view the program. Jun has made Alison the fall guy again. The jury is already in that mode and would be easy to nudge further in that direction.

I just heard Jee say to Jun "I really hate Ali.", telling me Jun would get Jee's vote in the final analysis. Everyone needs a fall guy in this game. Each sequestered HG blames someone for their eviction. No one takes responsibility for their errors in the game.

Dana got power hungry and was whacked out. It is Alison's fault she was evicted in her mind. Was it really? Alison forced Nathan to use the GPOV on her. Did Nathan not have free will to do whatever he wanted to do with that power? Nathan blames Alison for his eviction.

Now we have Jack and Justin. Justin is an unknown factor. Erika took him out. How is Alison responsible for that? Well I guess we can get Justin to the point of holding Alison responsible for breaking up the two stooges since she betrayed them by voting out Jack instead of Erika. Of course it would have been totally foolish for Alison to have done otherwise. She, Erika, and Jun on their maneuvers heard Jee and Robert planning Alison's eviction with their own ears.

Jack of course must blame Alison for his eviction. He was told he was safe. It was in the bag. Who messed it up for him? Alison of course! Erika is off the hook because she and Jack agreed they would both campaign to stay. No lies between those two.

So now we are down to five HGs. Jee is on the block; Alison is on the block holding the GPOV. She takes herself off and Robert is put up. Jun doesn't want to go against Jee in the finals so no funny business putting up Erika and saving Jee. That would be a Marcellas move. Her place forever secured in the Big Brother Hall of Shame.

Alison and Erika the only two votes this week. Jee is evicted. We have our final four. Alison, Erika, Jun, and Robert. If by some miracle Robert wins HOH, he nominates Erika and Jun. Erika is voted out. No one wants to go up against Erika, but it seems everyone thinks they can win against Alison. Very interesting.

So Robert doesn't win HOH. He is gone. Our final three; Alison, Erika and Jun. Unless Erika wins the final HOH she is gone. Both Alison and Jun believe they cannot win against her. I think they may be right.

So for all you Alison haters, and there are many; Alison is in the money. Against Jun it is hard to call. Will the jurors hold Alison responsible for them not playing the game as well as she did? Or will they put their pettiness aside and realize she played a great game? The jury all despise Jun as well, but simply because she is Jun. It will all depend on what Dana saw Jun say if anything on the shows. I honestly don't know if any of the Dana bashing done by Jun got air play.

The two votes Alison might have locked in are Erika and Robert. It depends on who is the HOH that takes out Erika. If it is Jun then Erika will vote for Alison to win. Robert is somewhat of a toss up. With his loyalty to Jee he may see his vote against Jun as a vote for Jee's favor.

There are probably so many other scenarios one can contrive but that is how I am thinking at the moment. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.