As we all know, Janelle Pierzina became the final member of the Jury of 7.

As I mourned the loss of one of the best players of Big Brother history I also took a look back at previous seasons. I had discovered something known as the Diamond Veto Curse. Ever since the Diamond Veto was introduced (Sesason 4), the winner has made it to the final 2 (with the exception of Janelle this year). Now this is good thing right, why would it be considered a curse? That's because the Diamond veto winner has never ever won Big Brother. Alison, Micheal "Cowboy" , Ivette, and now Janelle were unable to snag a win in their respecitive seasons.
A pattern has also occured between Winners. As we remember in Season 4 Alison won Diamond Veto and Final HOH, but Jun won BB4. In Season 5, Cowboy won veto and Drew won 2 consecutive HOH's, and Drew won BB5. In Season 6, Ivette won Diamond Veto and Final HOH but Maggie won BB6. And now in season 7 We stand with Boogie and Erika. Janelle has won the diamond veto, and Boogie has won 2 Consecutive HOH's. If the pattern continues this would mean that Boogie will win BB7.
We must also take a look at our Jury of 7 (disregarding the fact that Will and Danielle may have walked out). Howie and Marcellas will vote for Erika because both of them hate CT regardless of startegy. Danielle, James, and Will are a shoo-in for Boogie because they respect him more of a player over Erika. This leaves a toss-up between Chicken George and Janelle. The likeliness of Boogie winning is too great and I will be in shock if Erika wins. All in all, I will be fully expecting Mike "Boogie" Malin to be the winner of Big Brother 7 on September 12.