Happy Saturday!

8:30AM Frank talks to the cams in the lounge, alone, he says he should have back- doored Dan last week but he didn't do it & now it is coming back to bite him pretty good, not even a week later. He says he can't really blame Mike he really thought he trusted him. Says he even figured that after he didn't back door him that he could trust Dan for a min and now he is screwed. Well not screwed yet but he doesn't like the situation he is in. He says he might be able to get out of it if he doesn't win today but he would much rather win, but then Mike will still be on the block. Says he can still play the game without him he isn't worried about that. He says he was crafty & was able to get off the block, & he will probably get off easier without Mike there, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want him there. Frank says but even if they both stay on the block he (Frank) might go he doesn't know. He is disappointed in Dan, says you play this game a little different than life but he came w/his integrity & he will leave with it. Says he has played an honest game. He is like that out of the house so he wanted to be that way in the house. Wishes he wins the POV today. Says it's hard when you are so tight with someone it’s almost like a lose, lose situation. Says if he wins we might be able to get enough votes to keep me but every time he manages to escape the block people then realize he can. He is figuring how many lives he has had in the game. He asks if there is anyway we at home can keep him & Mike there or at least 1 of them & then they get the votes to keep the other 1. Frank says the worst case scenario is him going home & then Boogie staying then he reverses it . Says he could handle Mike not being there if he had to. He figured it might happen at one point, didn't want it too. It pisses him off, disappoints him that he had the chance to get Dan out twice but didn't. Should of would of could of. Knows he should have then but he took the advice of the person he trusts the most. Says there is so much going on in there & he won't blame Mike 'cause in the end it was his decision. He hopes he & Mike can get out of the situation they are in. Says they will pull it off. Says he's whispering so no one hears him not that he is defeated. Starts speculating but says his hit list has grown and if Brit & Shane don't step up it will go up by 3. Frank goes for more coffee, talk is done.

Elsewhere, Boogie talking to Jenn. Says that there is a group that will be coming to eventually take you out. Jenn said she thought that you were working with Shane & Dan and that's why you were so surprised. Boogie says our plan was to take out the unlikeable people and go to the end with our four, you and Ash, I mean you and Ian. I wanted to take my shot next week. They took their shot this week. I made the mistake of sharing some of that with Dan. Boogie: We had a conversation with Britney that turned out good, started off bad, but worked out good. She realizes that she's got to take Dan on sometime. So she may be on board. We going to try to get Shane to put up Dan WHEN we win the POV. So we can roll together from this. One reason we may pick Ian is this is about the time when they have the how bad do you want it veto, and this kid will do anything for us. He'll shave his head. After Jenn leaves, Boogie says "Whatever".

Boogie & Frank rehashing last nite's HOH convo, and how Dan was careful with his words. Boogie says that "cut that Catholic schoolboy routine. You aren't playing with rookies here." Boogie says he is thinking of using the POV on Frank if he wins. Both are really hoping that they get house guest's choice and pick Ian.

And the Veto players are Shane, Frank, Boogie, Ian, Jen & Ashley.

Boogie and Frank in HOH with Shane. Boogie says The gods are shining down upon us. We just wanna clarify with you where we're at. Boogie says, despite what you might think, he and I are still holding out the hope for the threesome we want.. We know who's responsible for this. We will go to the ends of the earth to pay that back. Not you. I know what I'm being made to look like in the outside world. Shane says, that disturbed me, when you called him out, and he wouldn't say anything. Boogie says he wouldn't say anything. Frank says he's very good at lying. Boogie says he chooses his words carefully so he can say, I didn't lie. The thing is, he's not dealing with people from season 10. The reason he's so stressed is because he played his cards too early. They tell Shane they are not coming after him and there's a very good chance this veto can be used. They think Ian and Jenn would both use the veto. Boogie says again he is not going after Shane, he’s going after Dan. He says he will do the dirty work. We will do the dirty work together, and take out a big threat to you. Frank says we sympathize with the fact that you don't know the game that well. You got to be thinking about, you can't play HoH next week.. You have to assume that if Dan wins, he's going put up the one of us that's left.. and you. He doesn't want to compete against you. Boogie says you want both of us here working for you. I'll scream it from the roof of the house. I am going for him. I have zero problem with you. Those other coaches manipulated you. Why do you think Britney said 27 times, "It's not my Hoh!" Shane says” Blood on my hands” Frank says if one of them s comes off, he would love to see Dan go up in that spot. They leave HOH...

Boogie and Frank Pull Britney into the Arcade room to talk about last night. They apologize for being tough with her and say they are not mad at her. She says she is a little upset with Shane for throwing her under the bus. They tell her they want Dan out and they can take him down together. She is non- committal but hears them out.

Boogie and Ian in Have not room. Boogie tells him they are playing it to Britney and Shane that we're not mad at them. They have been super nice to Shane and we've been pointing out to him what a dangerous player Dan is.. We're hoping he'll go up as a replacement. Ian says “ What?!” Boogie explains We did it to Janelle 2 weeks ago.. explains how he confronted Dan last night and Dan didn’t talk. Says he is planting little seeds to everyone about Dan and he will get him out.

Boogie and Frank on their way to restroom notice Ian went upstairs to HOH, Franks says, you don’t think Ian is the one who ratted us out do you? Boogie laughs it off and says no way but if so than pack it up cause that kid is gonna win this game (LOL)

12:15 PM - POV Time - Feeds out for 7 hours – Feeders eagerly await POV outcome, knowing a 7 hr veto is unheard of and something great must have happened! But feeds return to most HG sleeping and realizing the veto had been over for hours!! Button Boy must have fallen asleep…after a good bit it is finally realized that Frank won the veto!

8:00PM Boogie and Frank chit chatting in Backyard, Boogie looking irritated that he is on the block. Shane, Britney and Dan sleeping outside and Danielle & Ian playing pool. Pool game breaks up and Ian Joins Ashley in the hammock. He asks her why she “threw” the veto. She explains that she didn’t throw it and doesn’t understand why anyone would think that. Ian is noticeably acting sketchy and keeps looking over at Frank and Boogie like he is waiting for them to confront him.

Frank is saying all of these people are so weak. Boogie says you need to get Dan in the hot seat next week. Boogie is going to go to work tomorrow, hard! ..Boogie says we need to divide. Frank agrees, one good thing about us talking to people is intimidating. But sometimes we need to be velvet gloves. Boogie says I know exactly what needs to be done with each of them. What I want to do with each one,gentle, gentle I am going to straight up ask Ian did you say Dan's name to them? When are you going to do that. The kid is pissing me off. Frank...get in the F game right now. Boogie says Yeah, I know His big thing was to make jury. are you ready to play. Frank...It’s funny people thinking I'm so intimadating. I am a really easy going guy. : Frank says the week Janelle and Will were up, Shane was willing to go up as a pawn, but Dan didn't trust them to keep him safe. Boogie says he started to plant the seed with Britney tonight. He told her he gets like this on Saturday nights because we have a long five days ahead, but this week, it's different for me. I was soft-spoken and quiet. I think what else I'm gonna do with Shane is, with both of them, actually, remember when she made that crack about the country club? I'm going to say, don't get rid of me just because you think I don't need it or don't want to be here. At the end of the day, she's a woman who wants to be a parent so badly, so I've got to start working my baby into this a little bit more. There's only so much gameplay we can hit them with. It's like with you and Shane, dude, you say we can do this together, but if I don't have Mike, I'm a sitting duck. Mike's a great second banana -- he will win one when we don't. Today, I wanted to go to the final three, but to go out first, it sucked. Mike's there to protect, with Britney too, it's much more powerful, and there won't even be a Dan. We have to be careful with the Danielle thing -- Joe would still have to be there. I pray they don't put up Jen -- that's the worst case. With Ian, we can just play up the fact that this kid's going to win if he gets in the finals. They might not be afraid of him, though, b/c he's not good at the comps. He didn't even win this one. Maybe they don't care. It's hard -- it's like that fine line of the intimidation thing. We have to have that as part of the argument, but we can't go too hard with it. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to back off of that argument completely, and then Monday morning, just say, there's this big decision before you. I don't want to go to bed Sunday night and get f'd on Monday. Boogie says "I hate these people so much. It's so painful to be around all of these idiots”.

Shane and Brit in HOH. Brit says Ashley told me tonight that she doesn't want to vote another girl out of this house. She's not going to go against what you want because she already told you she would. And if Joe knows how Ashley's voting, then that's how he's going to vote." Shane: "Are they still in the arcade? Frank and Boogie?" Dan says no. Shane says he and Britney have talked about what he should say to Frank and Boogie -- he's not going to tell them who he's putting up as a replacement nominee. Brit: "We're worried Frank will go with the rest of the house against us. If Boogie is campaigning against Jenn, that's going to piss Jenn off." Shane asks if he should tell Jenn she is the pawn. Brit: "I think you should pull her aside after the ceremony." Brit says: "Grab her right after, but leave my name out of it. I think it's totally reasonable for Shane to say, I could roll with you guys (F & B) forever, but I'm always going to be one to your two." Dan: "It's better not to even get into it." Shane: "I know they're going to be in my ear about two or three times tomorrow. I will not mention anyone else but me -- I'll just say it's not good for my game. I'd like to bring up the fact that I'm hearing that you're making alliances and deals with everyone else in the house, but they'll just say they're telling people what they want to hear. And Boogie's like, 'F you, you're digging your own grave, you had a chance to work with us.'" Dan: "But he won't be around."

1:00AM Ian and Dan in the storage Room. Ian telling Dan Boogies pitch is to get Dan or Joe up. Dan asks Ian what Ashley said about Frank outside? He says Joe told them in the HoH that Ashley said "I'm only trying to help you Frank". Ian doesn't recall that ever happening.

Brit tells Frank in AR that she feels betrayed from all sides. That she was happy to be in the Six, but then she finds out Dan had something going with F/B. But then why didn't F/B come talk to her that Dan was in a good spot. She doesn't appreciate that Shane threw her under the bus, but he wasn't being malicious or manipulative. She says she feels hurt by everyone and that she doesn't want to look like an idiot. That she was burned before (by the brigade) and that she doesn't want it to happen again. She says that she will be on board for whatever Shane decides but that it's not going to be her responsibility. Frank says that Boogie told him that Dan was willing to get rid of Shane first, but then threw out Brit's name also. Frank says that Boogie told him that Dan was willing to get rid of Shane first, but then threw out Brit's name also. Frank says the first chance he gets, he's going to get rid of Dan. He wants Mike to still be around, but if not, he's going to need to work with someone. He would prefer to keep Mike as a safety net like Brit has Shane. Frank says he's never trusted Dan ever & he thinks that Dan always wanted to work nostalgically with Boogie, which would have left him as the odd man out. Brit says she felt the same way about Jani at first until she realized everything Jani does is a game move.

Lets see what Sunday brings with Boogie and Franks plan.....