The Final Hurrah Or "Poetry In The Wake Of Post-BB Carnage"

Over the carnage rose prophetic a voice,
Be not dishearten'd, affection shall solve the problems . . . ~ Walt Whitman

In the final moments of the quiet post battle foliage of what made Big Brother ratings history, is not a “prophetic voice” that you’ll hear but the occasional spawn of venom. A Monday full of quiet moments of sobriety, sentiment, and reflection were interrupted by last minute attempts to undermine other houseguests, an attempt at the re-writing of history, and a final rebuke of the repeated aggression of bullies.

Kevin bids the feed viewers a silent ‘good morning’ in wake of Sunday’s battle. The backyard is seemingly a haven in what truly is a late morning. It’s nearly 12:00pm BBT, day 73 in the Big Brother house. The noon sun should be breaking the shadows of the Big Brother backyard hideaway. Waking at 11:00am BBT, Kevin had readied himself for the day with a quick trim of the hair, a shower for the pre-finale daybreak, and a hasty retreated to the backyard in silence. The other houseguests remain asleep.

Kevin remains deep in thought as his jury arguments run through his head. His dialogue with himself runs like a post-mortem ritual. References to nasty game play, deceit, and lies can be heard quietly as he mumbles to himself. He continues to rehearse his jury plea.

“I would be honored to be the first ‘LGBT’ winner…. Oooooh, that will get Michelle.” He mutters in reference to the fact that he would be the first winner to represent the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender population in Big Brother history; a fact that he has recalled numerous times throughout this season. Kevin continues his statesman-like dialogue quietly to the cameras, mic in hand. Apparently tiring of his own appeal, he retreats to the green room to regroup, its 12:20pm BBT.

Its 1:30pm BBT time; Natalie and Jordan seem to have been hastened to waken in the lockdown. The houseguests are now in the backyard contemplating the cause of their confinement. Between handfuls of a box of breakfast cereal, Jordan laughs at Natalie as she recalls the night’s events, as she and Jordan were foiled in their feeble attempt to prank Kevin with shaving cream.
The houseguests settle in for a sunny afternoon lockdown; Jordan poolside enjoys the breeze while Natalie appears uncomfortable as has settled in a lounge chair; Her badminton racquet at the ready for bug patrol. Kevin keeps a calm distance in his original spot on the couch, despite Natalie’s constant cries to come sit by the pool.

A contemplative Kevin shakes his leg nervously as the ladies lounge in an apparent slumber by the pool. At 2:12pm BBT Kevin appears to be the only person to notice a place with a banner flying overhead. He points and quietly speaks into his microphone. The moment has passed and we are left with the “Control Room” and random trivia. The feeds return also brings a welcoming end to lockdown. The quests can return to the house, at 3:41pm BBT. Nothing regarding the banner is confirmed other than both Natalie and Kevin confirming that they indeed saw one. Random versions of what they saw spew from their mouth but none making any sense.

Natalie treats the house to another feeble attempt at her inedible culinary delights. Natalie’s torture of an already dead fish leaves the others lackluster and not up to the task of eating it; The chicken fiasco from Sunday still running through their minds. The kitchen fills with the smell of fish and houseguests discussing jury votes and possible scenarios. It is 5:30pm BBT. In all scenarios, each insists they could never win. It’s the same conversation from the last few nights. The only agreement they come to is that they each have a particular person(s) votes in their pocket.
Will the houseguests ultimately be surprised by the actual outcome of the jury? Will Lydia corrupt Jessie’s vote? Will the jury vote on strategy and longevity vs. likeability? Can they still count on the same votes garnered earlier in the game? The award of $500,000 brings many doubts to the surface as only money could; in the hands of what once were rivals in a game of psychological and physical warfare.

Natalie again attempts preparing food for her housemates, a concoction of pasta that offends the delicates senses of Kevin and leaves Jordan laughing. It is obvious that Natalie is hurt that her food remains uneaten by her adoring houseguests and audience. Barking orders, she announces she is washing dishes for the last time. Her demeanor returns to the argumentative nature of yesterday’s endless ranting. Visions of a rabid dog come to mind.
Thankfully, Jordan and Kevin cut through the tense air with chat of pop culture and celebrity. Kevin makes sure to insert a comment, alluding to the fact that Big Brother will give Jordan a wonderful edit as the sweet, southern, blond that charmed them in a Jessica Simpson-like manner. Jordan appears to be thrilled at the prospect from the grin on her face while Kevin’s undertones of the obvious ditzy blonde comment go unnoticed by a naïve Jordan. Time passes quickly as it’s nearly 6:30pm BBT.

Kevin and Jordan withdraw to the quiet of the red room. However, the step-time march of Natalie brings an immediate halt to whatever thoughts the houseguests had of a quiet moment to themselves. She loudly plops, if a loud plopping is possible, on her bed for a loud game of solitaire. The others are fighting a losing battle if they intend on resting. A passive-aggressive, childlike Natalie insists on attention at this time.

Sometime around 7:15pm BBT, Jordan submits before the inevitable tirade erupts and entertains Natalie’s by painting her toes a bright pink. While Jordan escapes the ire of Natalie, an unsuspecting Kevin is attached with questions of his choice in clothing for the finals. In what would be otherwise uninteresting conversation that was otherwise useful in passing the time of the Big Brother 11 house in its final days of existence; Pensive and insecure in her body movements, Natalie offers Jordan her nail polish she received in her luxury basket as HoH. Jordan is drawn into a conversation of Natalie’s home, in the Arizona desert. Tales of days too hot to move about, she explains that she has grown accustomed to it. They continue to share a moment as Jordan relates her own hot North Carolina climate. Natalie further engages and unfiltered Jordan who goes on to speak in more personal nature of her life and ambitions, as Nat soaks it up like an eager sponge, giving notion that she’s genuinely interested in the episodic tales of her rivals’ existence.

Sin writes histories, goodness is silent. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The houseguests note that a lockdown is imminent and their last moments available to them in the backyard are waning. They take the opportunity to gather around the hot tub, at 8:30pm BBT. Natalie has brought out a craft kit and has everyone else doing her work and slowing begins to bark out her wishes. The others remain unbothered and go about there evening accommodating her, making for a much more pleasant last evening.

Anxious about what the finale brings, they all express their anxiety of what’s to come. Jordan is called to the diary room leaving Natalie and Kevin silently burdened with the looming competition and vote. Kevin explains that he is weary of wasting time with Lydia’s jury questioning and would rather have the attention of someone whose vote he doesn’t already have. Questions of the usual suspects toss about. Just as Natalie gets ready to capitalize on the guilt of her supposed F2 partner with an “I guess we all know who we are voting for…”

Natalie declares, in flash of clarity, that “. . . Dude! Jordan smoked us in America’s vote! She’s like Jerry! She’s America’s sweetheart …”

They discuss that the loss of a guaranteed vote from Chima has hurt them in the game. Each comparing notes on what Jordan has told them in regards to her vote. “She’ll take you” they insist upon the other. Natalie and Kevin are again at a stalemate and remain quietly contemplating their future. Natalie breaks the silence with the clincher “No freaking way she’s taking you! You’re my only chance!” Kevin returns with “No, you and Jordan have been way closer…” Each bluffing and playing the game, knowing the other is doing the same. Neither has won that round of creative banter. It’s the same old song and dance. Michele is again on the tongue of Natalie, but nothing deserving mention.

Jordan returns from the diary room as Kevin is departing for the same destination. Natalie corners Jordan with the same ongoing wordplay: You’ll evict him tomorrow, won’t you? What will you say? Jordan nervously claims she may indeed lose the HoH competition, and cry. Natalie churns out the same mindless chatter, as days long ago, Jordan is the pick for America’s vote and sadly, Natalie admits defeat since she really didn’t do much in the game. She attempts to make a pathetic attempt at a sigh, feigning defeat. Not to be shaken, a newly empowered Jordan agrees wholeheartedly and heads off to the bathroom leaving Natalie to digest her comment. Natalie is called to the diary room at 9:12pm BBT.

Cue the music. Kevin returns to the backyard and meets a solo Jordan with the same dialogue. “Natalie is telling me I’m her only hope…,” he says. A brilliantly mocking Jordan remarks “Take her than if you think she will win.” Kevin is taken aback a bit. “Would you take her?” he asks tentatively. Jordan in almost comical in her answer, drilling him with a “Why would I take her! I have no way winning against Natalie.” The conversation continues. In the darkness of the evening, the banter borders on absurd. Jordan has learned to master the art of manipulation as well. On the other hand, has she known all along?

They reflect for a moment and let it sink in that this will be the last evening in this place. Both readily admit that they are nervous, showing a very human moment. However, fresh from her last attempt at falling on her own sword, allegedly, Jordan pipes in very clearly and with purpose that “I would rather have the 500K than a friendship in this house”. She goes on to agree that yes, indeed Kevin will be remembered as a servant boy to Natalie as he’s now stating. She states that she believes that if he goes up against Natalie in the finals, strategically he should win but this year the jury house is full of her friends. He agrees. “If you take me, it won’t change what I’m going to do. I’m going to take you regardless if you tell me yes or no,” Kevin states with regard to Jordan insisting that in actuality she doesn’t think he will take her to the finals. She insists again. Natalie returns to join them unaware of the ongoing exchange. Jordan has just upped her game play.
Jordan leaves for the house to complete her packing. Natalie insists they play pool and is met with an unwilling Kevin. After much whining, he gives in and racks up. Kevin does not look happy. In fact, he looks very displeased with the idea of another game at the whims of a cheating Natalie. Kevin appears more interested in the goings on of Jordan.

Several hours go by as the houseguest go about their final tasks. Its 10:30pm BBT the houseguests gather at the hot tub for another round of ‘he said, she said.’ As Jordan leaves, Natalie makes a nuisance of herself and corners Kevin. “Just tell me if you are taking me to final two!” she insists. Kevin cannot hide his displeasure. She threatens that if he “screws” her then he won’t get her jury vote. In addition, she spitefully adds that she will make sure he loses any chance of Jessie voting for him. She attempts to continue with her threats but a very tired and weary Kevin interjects. Her incessant picking has pushed him too far. He remarks sternly that he will not take her because she is threatening him. Natalie continues her furious ramblings as his remarks fall on seemingly deaf ears.

A quiet murkiness fell over the backyard. Kevin curtly interjects a stinging response for Natalie. “Let’s play Guess What I’m Thinking!” with a sharp jab. Nat harshly interjects “No, because you don’t want to know what I’m thinking.” In comparison to this last comment, any passing conversation pales in comparison. The lies, the game play, and the stress finally taking its toll on the houseguests, Jordan rejoins the others to take a last look around the back yard. At 11:15pm BBT, a quiet sentimental moment passed between the three finalists. For a single moment, the game stood still. They stood in silent appreciation for opportunity that they were given.

The houseguests ultimately arrive at their sleeping quarters, nestled in the red room. Chips and salsa, hoodies, and temper tantrums passed. Kevin is scrutinizing Natalie for her constant creative truth telling and attempt at “rewriting history.” Arguments past, nights of long ago, rivalries of the beginning weeks are recalled in anger. Kevin continues a full frontal assault with no end in sight. He takes on the usual aggressor with a vengeance unseen in him until now. Natalie has awoken a sleeping giant. He continues with a quiet confidence that does not require the same energy that Natalie puts into her heated words.

Head to head they continue in a psychological dance, word flying carelessly about with malicious intent, neither relenting nor giving in. Natalie grows louder as Kevin points out her indiscretions and tales. She attempts to drag Jordan into the argument to no avail. To make things worse, Kevin points out the many times that Natalie showed her greed in making herself more comfortable at the expense of others and the times he mentioned her lack of hygiene. She has now starting laughing as a way of deflecting the obvious truths. Laughingly, with malicious intent, she attempts to get Jordan to hand her pillow to start a fight. Kevin gets the last word in. He owns up to his own indiscretions. Jordan joins in the ‘mea culpa’. Natalie actually backs down after her uncomfortable laughter subsides. Kevin allows the conversation to change.

At 12:30pm BBT it is lights out for the houseguests. Quiet joking continues as they laugh about the past debates about peaches, purple hippos, and past housemates. All is quiet on the waterfront other than the continued attempts of Natalie to poach Kevin’s clothing. Silence descends upon the house as they slip into a last night of sleep in the Big Brother house. A night of tossing and turning begins.

However, what good would a last evening in the house be without a prank? Without malice and all in good clean fun, Natalie poorly executes a prank around 3:00am BBT. Kevin returns from a midnight stroll to find his bed full of tissue. True to his word earlier, when Natalie taunted him with retaliation in the form of a prank, Kevin returns with the clippers to shave her head just as he foretold. The laughter is contagious and their final night id restless, but seemingly ending in good spirits.

As the night retreats, the new day descends. The finale is upon them.