1. The ability of Danielle and Jason to completely snooker the house for 11 weeks with their secret alliance was the most amazing game playing I've ever seen.

2. The secret alliance is what fundamentally cost Danielle the first prize. Although they can't admit it, the other contestants (especially Roddy) are angry that they were snookered.

3. In the end, the vote went for the "nice" person, just like in BB1. I suspect that this is a universal truth in BB and the only way that Will won was by being up against someone even less "nice" than he.

4. Dani's only major mistake was her diary room comments. She should have been "nice" and fake in her comments about the other houseguests.

5. The unanimous vote against Danielle smells fishy. Lisa had it in the bag, but it strikes me as odd that Josh, Chiara, and Lori voted against Danielle. Chiara looked very uncomfortable and Josh clearly preferred Dani. I suspect that Roddy worked the crowd hot and heavy to engineer a unanimous vote, as only he could do.

6. Lisa earned the win with a "fly under the radar" strategy, her relationship with Danielle, and an impressive performance in the final HOH competition when it really counted. Hats off to her.

7. As much as the contestants talked about Will last year, none of them understood the dynamics of last year's game at all. They completely missed Nicole's central role in the way the game unfolded and how her ugliness handed the game to Will.

8. Both Lisa and Jason showed a blueprint for a good way to play this game: form a secret "alliance" with an aggressive player (like Danielle). Benefit from the ruthlessness of your partner while allowing your partner to become the lightning rod for the house's anger at getting snookered. Monica actually played this same strategy last year, but unfortunately her aggressive partner turned out to be a Nyquil-swilling nutcase.

9. Danielle's instincts about the game and the players were uncanny. She sized up the landscape correctly almost all of the time. I believe that her only miscalculation about the players was Gerry. Gerry could have been her ally if she had allowed him to be.

10. Danielle hurt herself when she failed to evict Roddy when Chiara stupidly put him up the first time. They should have simply evicted him early, telling him that he was a great guy, but simply too strong a player to keep in the game. By allowing him to hang around for three more weeks, they let the problem fester, leading to the whole "the devil" thing. It was unnecessary and the result of a tactical mistake with the missed opportunity.

11. Roddy controlled the agenda in the house by defining the game in terms of "giving my word" early on. Future BB players should avoid this trap, since clearly you cannot play the game and keep your "word" to everyone. It's just silly to make it game of "ethics", just like it would be silly to play chess with the proviso that you won't do anything "mean" like capturing the queen. The silliness of "giving your word" hurt some of the players at key points in the game.

12. Marcellas is the stupidest player in history. I think Danielle nailed it when she surmised that the real reason he didn't use the veto was all wrapped up in the psychological baggage of being "saved" early on by Gerry's veto. He so desperately need to feel that he would win without the veto that he he couldn't use it on himself.

Just my thoughts. Overall, I felt that any of the final three (Lisa, Danielle, Jason) would have been deserving winners. I think they played well and got three allies to the end game. From there, it was obvious that the final HOH would be paramount. That's the way the game should be played, IMO. I like it a lot better than, for example, dragging Amy to the finals because you think you can beat her.