Big Brother Recap August 21, 2009
The Jeff and Jordan roller coaster begins again, nomination, butt kissing and paranoia

The houseguests got to sleep in until 10:30 am. Jordan immediately starts talking game to Jeff, saying that they had to spend more time downstairs this week because they don’t want those four to make a deal and try to oust them. She also told Jeff again that she does not trust Russ and Michelle.
Michelle and Jordan had a quick conversation about the HOH comp the night before. Michelle told Jordan that it was good that Russ put a stop on Kevin, because that allowed Jeff to win. Jordan agreed it helped.
Jordan then went back to Jeff and told him about the conversation she had with Michelle. They then reviewed the order they want the others out, first Kevin, then Russ, then Michelle then Nat. They agree that it is the best case if it works that way.
After a quick lockdown outside the have nots this week (Michelle and Russ) find that America votes for them to have Churros and chittlings. After figuring out that chittlings are pigs intestine, they decide they really like the churros (Mexican pastries with fillings).
During the lockdown Nat totally freaked out because a bug came near her. She was jumping around and screaming. She later made the comment that for $10,000 she wouldn’t eat a bug of any kind. (Hmmm I wonder for VETO if she would……BBB you hear this)
Nat and Kevin ask Jeff what his plan was and was he planning on getting rid of Russ? He replied that Russ would only go up if the VETO was used. He said he expects the VETO to be used by everyone but Russ and that they have a 4:1 chance of winning it. They thanked him for being straight up with them. Jeff also told them that they have been on the other side all through this game and he did not trust them so he has to go through with the Final 4 deal he already made with the others.

AT 4:45 PM WE GET Fish and the nomination ceremony begins. When the feeds returned we find out Nat and Kevin are nominated. Russ tells Jeff that he now owes him one so he will not vote him out if he is ever nominated. Jordan talks to Nat and assures her that if Michelle wins POV that Jeff is going to tell her to use it, so Russ will go home. Nat lies once again and said I have always been honest with you and said I only want to put up Michelle and Russ, that you and Jeff are safe with me.

At 8:00 Kevin and Nat spend some quality time with Jeff and Jordan in the hot tub. They discuss bugs again and Kevin was totally freaked out once when praying mantises got in his car, he pulled over and called his BF and made his BF leave work and come get him because he was so scared and did not know where he went in the car. These cute stories and quality time with Jeff and Jordan is to try to build their trust so they evict Russ. Kevin also said that being on Big Brother was a major thing on his “bucket List”. After awhile, Russ awakes and joins the hot tub action. They start to discuss iphone apps, Jeff and Russ were explaining them to the others. Nat turns to Jordan and said I am with you Jordan I have no clue on this stuff.(This kissing butt was getting out of control)
A Bit later Nat and Kevin study the memory wall and discuss what the VETO competition will be tomorrow. They think either pictures (morph ones) or hiding the veto, Kevin said they once hid it in the trash.
Russ cornered Michelle and told her how bad they were kissing their butts and that they would talk later, Michelle agreed. Russ then said you better not tell them anything we are talking about anymore, Michelle said she wouldn’t.

Rather early around 11:00 the houseguests start to head to bed, Nat and Kevin actually fall asleep fast and are snoring, However BB wants them up so they start calling them to the DR. Jordan and Jeff were showered and ready to settle down and talk about how Kevin approached her today and said he knew they had an F4 deal with Mich and Russ but why not have one with them instead, that they played a clean game and are honest (ya right). Jordan then said to Jeff that she wouldn’t mind having F4 with him, MIch and Nat. Jeff finally snaps and tells her that sooner or later one of them will be on the block that it is part of the game. Jordan then tells Jeff she hates it when he raises his voice, Jeff said that she does not understand, she will go and share things with Mich but meanwhile everyone is planning on putting him on the block. That he has to see things in all angles. She then said that he always tells her that she talks too much. Jordan then gets called to the DR and tells him that they will talk when she comes back and nobody else better be there.
Meanwhile Michele and Russ go out in BY after dinner and compare notes, They’re comparing notes on what they observed with Natalie.

Mich: She's not being overly aggressive, but she's getting some stabs in about you to Jeff.

Russ: Yeah, she's been staring at me all day.

Mich: She's trying to get in my head. Said something about the hair on my belly. I know I have some fuzz there.

Russ: Don't let her get in your head.

Mich: I'm not.

Russ: Dude, she's been kissing as so f'n hard.

Mich: Yeah, but Jeff's not an idiot. He remembers what's happened.

Russ: I just hope he's not planning on backdooring either one of us.

Mich: I would hope not, but that's always possible, but that's not how it's suppose to go.

Russ: If I keep my distance from you don't take it the wrong way, I just don't want to make us anymore of a target. I get the feeling Jeff is getting intimidated, that's why he's not telling us much any more.

Mich: Jordan is talking a lot to Kevin.

R: Dude, see what's up with that.

Mich: I don't know but they're talking more. Today I was there with Jordan, Nat and Kevin and they said a joke that I didn't get and Kevin said, "Inside joke."

Russ: See that's weird. They could be backdooring us.

Mich: That girl (Nat) really hates me.

Russ: I know.

Mich: Kevin has been doing well lately.

Russ: If the competition is that picture thing, he's real good at that since he's so good at graphics and stuff like that.

Jordan then returns from the DR and her and Jeff have this conversation: Jordan says they need to keep Mich in the loop. Jeff and Jordan keep going back and forth on whether to backdoor Russ.

Jeff: We'll see what happens in POV and we'll go from there.

Jordan: I think she'd be in on it if you tell her. Cuz, like today, Natalie was laughing at Russell. He was on the hammock and like staring at us and we started laughing. Well, Natalie said something and Michele was what? And Natalie goes, Oh nothing, it's an inside joke and you wouldn't understand," like that to Michele. And Michele just looked at me, so I think she thinks I'm getting close to Nat and Kevin. She's kinda getting snappy about stuff and I'm like calm down."

Jordan continues: Maybe we need to make me, you, Mich and Nat to the final four. And then drop Michele and take Natalie to the final 3.

Jeff: It would be great if we could pick who went out each week.

Jordan: Well, it's gonna happen. We can take out Russell out this week and then Kevin next week.

Jeff: Really? Well you or Michele has to win HOH. If you or Michele don't win, we're in trouble. One of us is going on the block. I think Michele will be the target, but if she wins POV, it would be one of us.

Jordan: Are you thinking it's a bad idea to send Russell this week.

Jeff: I don't know. If he doesn't go this week, Kevin would go home and Natalie would be after, if we kept Russell. I can't play HOH next week, so I need as many options to keep me safe. So you and Michele and Russell are the best options.
So at the end after Jeff and Jordan hash out every possible scene that could happen they decide (for tonight that is) to try to win VETO, and then use it to secure Kevin and get out Russ. They also decide that Mich (who is smelling from non showering because she is a have not) they will talk to and reassure that she is in with them for F4. Jeff also warned Jordan not to get too close to Nat because she hated her just a few days ago and it could all be an act. They also rehash out their deal if the other one wins BB. If Jordan wins she buys Jeff season tickets to the Cubs, if Jeff wins she buys her diamond earrings.

By 2:30 AM all houseguests were sleeping.
Who will win the VETO? Will Jeff and Jordan ever figure out that everyone wants them out and it really does not matter who leaves this week? Will Mich ever shower? Will Kevin work his words and save himself with another lie? Only tomorrow will tell us… till then!