"If you're gonna run in the front of the pack with a white horse you're gonna get shot at." - Tom Buchanan

Well, you had to figure this episode was coming. Probably from about Day 2 or so the members of Drake knew that somewhere down the line, the big man had to go. Not just as an Immunity threat, but also because of his personality - he was obviously well liked, and would have killed just about anybody in a final two.

Besides which...in spite of his statements to the contrary, Rupert hasn't exactly been the greatest strategist this game has ever seen. For starters, he's made no bones about being the juggernaut of the game, both during the team portion, and then especially during individual Immunities. Winning or coming close in every single one of them only reinforced the idea of him being a huge threat. If one is to play that way, you better make sure you make firm alliances with similarly strong individuals, as Lex Tom and Ethan did in Africa, just to basically shield yourself.

Then there's his strategizing...after the merge, he was shown telling Lil that she'd be guaranteed final six - and gee, he might even vote for a Drake if she wins Immunity! Even for a rather dim player like Lil she must have thought "What kind of crappy offer is that?" Then suddenly after the reward challenge this past week, with Rupert starting to sense he's in trouble, he tells Lil it could be final two with her! Did he really expect her to buy that, especially considering how visibly close he was with Christa and Sandra?

Nope, Rupert went for a very good reason. But I'll miss the big man...he's unlike any other contestant that's ever appeared on the show. Just a larger-than-life, gutsy, heart on his sleeve kind of guy. If he's angry, sad, or happy, he emotes those feelings to the extreme - there's NOTHING halfway with him! And though he didn't have a good plan for the second half of the game, for the team portion he was absolutely indispensable. I can't wait to see him on All-Star!

So aside from Rupert going, what else happened? Well, Burton and Jon seemed to be moving tighter and tighter together, with Burton relishing in the idea of spending the last day with Mr. Fairplay. On one hand, this might not be a bad idea, considering how disliked Jon is by the tribe. But I still think Lil is a better final two opponent - not for most people out there, but specifically for Burton.

There's two reasons - first, he'd have to betray Lil and thus would lose her vote (unless Jon wins the final Immunity) and second and most importantly there's still the Outcast factor. Something tells me there would be a tendency at the end to vote in favor of a contestant who was out there the whole 39 days and didn't get voted out, instead of one who had a break in the middle of it all. Now do I think this will factor into everyone's reasoning at the end? No. But if X jury member is on the fence between the two finalists...this turn in the game could come into play. So the only way for Burton and Lil to nullify that...is to go against each other. Of course they both have to GET THERE first but...I would bet that Burton is thinking this.

Lil though? No freaking way. Burton has come back into the game with a plan, he's making deals, he appears to be doing some solid strategizing. But Lil is...just...a train wreck! She's taking this way, way too personally, and appears to have virtually no clue on how to read people. She said it herself - "I'm not very good at this game." All the more reason why...she got voted out. Things do happen for a reason.

However, there is a flipside to this - she's not going to scheme, so she's a trustworthy alliance member. Rock solid, in fact. She'll follow Burton's lead lockstep, and if not his then Jon's. And they'll both use her as they need her, thus becoming the guys on the "white horse" at the start of this article, getting shot at. As a result, whether she realizes or not she's in a good position, set for the final four at least.

Funniest Moment: I would say Lil's catamaran posing...the scout shirt almost looked a sarong around her waist. Looking good Lil! Now if she could just do something about that perpetual scowl she wears...

So for next week...a special Wednesday Survivor - with the Great Big Fat Lie we've all been waiting for! I've read many, many theories on what it could be. Probst has said that to this day, the Survivors don't know what it is, and the way they've played it up, it can't be just some simple alliance-related fibbing. It must be something deeper. And as bidz_yo astutely pointed out on the Joker's Survivor board, the description of the show says it's a male that tells the lie.

So my stab in the dark is something related to that staple of Survivor series, the family visit. And between Burton and Jon (the only two males left) who's more likely to tell a jaw-dropping lie? Right - stupid question. Could it be something about Jon's family to elicit sympathy and keep him in the game? A medical problem with himself that he conspired with his friend to tell if a family visit occurred? It's the only thing I can think of.

As for who goes...it's rather up in the air, but if Rupert went as an Immunity threat, the next most logical person to leave is Burton. Now Lil and Jon probably won't be down with this, so it would require Christa and Sandra to get Darrah and Tijuana onside, which...isn't that far-fetched really. Christa is possibility too but...I think I'll call Burton. Nothing spoiler-related here - just a hunch.

In any case, we would appear to have another unpredictable end to the game, just like the Amazon. Too bad the personalities aren't as interesting...but then that's MY opinion!