"Maybe everybody's lying. Who knows???" - Rob Mariano

Man, where do I even start? This game is just...nutty!!! We're talking a convention of squirrels bracing for an ice age nutty!!!

How far have we come! With the first Survivor, the term "Pagonging" was coined, defined as one tribe systematically voting out the other. This became the pattern through the first five Survivors, and many fans (myself included) were heard to utter "But Amber! If you just ally with Rodger and Lis and force a tie and get Keith out you're in the final three! Do it!" or "Kim Johnson! You know damn well the guys will take it down to just them...so ally with the women! Give yourself a chance! Don't be led like a lamb to slaughter!"

Ah, how innocent those days seem compared to what we have now...five of the snakiest snakes that ever snaked, and Lil. There isn't one key alliance that is dominating, no one pact that isn't open to renegotiation. Not only that, but there are some pretty genuine hatreds brewing out there, especially between Jon, Christa and Sandra. I don't think a lot of these people will shake hands and be friends after it's over!

Probst once said people should study John Nash's theories as the key to winning Survivor, and while I haven't read it I know the basic concept - do whatever everyone else isn't doing. If there are a lot of leader types on the tribe, be a follower. If the tribe are a bunch of sheep waiting around for direction, be a leader. And in Lil's case, if everyone out there to a person is lying left right and centre, be the straight shooter that people know ISN'T going to lie.

But the screwed up thing is...Lil doesn't even know it! She's the most clueless player out there! She's fallen bass akwards into a great Nashian endgame strategy, and she'd be the last person out there to see it.

And now onto Jon...I am proud that I more or less called it in last week's article (actually the possibility of something happening to his family was in my first draft and I cut it). So the "Great Lie" turned out to be...a pretty damn big lie. And one that he would appear to use in upcoming episodes.

On one hand, it's a great idea. Downright diabolical in its brilliance. But is THIS what it takes to win Survivor now? You have to be willing to lie about your personal life in an ongoing, convincing way to have votes not cast against you? You feel that - oh I don't know - your personality and real life situation just isn't going to cut it?

Many players have gone for the sympathy card as far as their personal lives, and why they need the money. And many others have criticized this approach...but at the very least the situation upon which the sympathy was predicated was true. If you didn't have a big sob story...well, you just played the game with the resources you had at the start.

Jon has introduced a new dimension. One of lying about your personal life to get ahead, as if his personality alone will not be enough. It's brilliant and evil...but downright pathetic too, nothing but a blatant grab for attention. Thing is, you KNOW Jon is sitting at home right now, just laughing his ass off at the indignant reactions of everyone. He obviously set out on the show to be a villain, and he's succeeded beyond his wildest, WWF-inspired dreams. And that's almost the most galling thing of all - like it or not, this little ploy is going to be talked about for a long, long time. And you know what they say about any press being good press.

Yet as asinine as Jon's ploy was, in a sense what Sandra did was worse. Not only did she vindictively and immaturely deprive the entire tribe of food, but she sold out her best ally in the game in the process. Nice move! I don't get what she was thinking - Jon pulled a pretty disgusting move with his lie, but ultimately it doesn't hurt anybody. Plus his lie actually accomplished something, but Sandra was just...stupid. I actually felt rather sorry for Christa, and the hug from her now-husband couldn't have come at a better time for her.

And as for the two women suddenly agreeing to boot Tijuana? Well...I think of it this way...

Christa felt she was on the chopping block, and was happy to seize any opportunity to buy herself another three days. Sandra probably felt guilty for putting the rap on her pal, and was looking for an opportunity to save her. Now, they could have stuck with T and Darrah, but who's to say THEY aren't lying? Then Jon offers them both three more days, and makes it no secret he wants Burton in the game. He is, after all, the only one left with any fishing ability. Add in the fact that they really didn't like Tijuana, and I think it came down to more of a devil-you-know kind of situation. They could trust Jon and Burton, at least this round, because their motives of self-interest were more clear and compelling than the Morgan women's were. At least I think that's what happened...who knows???

Funniest Moment: The sight of Rupert at Tribal Council. Let's see here...the man has been wearing a tie dye shirt for 28 days, and then given access to a wardrobe again he opts for...MORE TYE DYE!!! *LMAO* The man is just...so priceless!!

As for next week...who KNOWS what happens? Things are so twisted out there that I'd say just about anybody is vulnerable right now...except for perhaps Lil, just because of the honesty factor I explained. Oh, and the Survivors get guns for a challenge! Considering the fuming hatreds brewing out there though, I'm not sure that's such a great idea. Does Burnett's contract contain any waivers about getting shot in the head by a fellow contestant? I guess we'll find out.