"There are a lot of different ways this game could go." - Burton Roberts

Boy oh boy is Burton right on this one! With Ryano gone we have alliances and sub-alliances and betrayals lined up left and right. Could Burnett have done it? Could we have two Survivor series in a row without a Pagonging?

For starters, Rupert is in real trouble. With Burton back in the game, Mr. Boneham is no longer the sole fisherman on the island, so his indispensability goes right out the window. It was smart to eliminate Ryano just to get the Morgan numbers down, but if they don't now eliminate Rupert the first chance they get, he stands to Immunity his way right to the top. The time is NOW...they have to act.

But where to from there??? There's so many possibilities! Get rid of the next strongest guy Burton? Eliminate the snaky Jonny Fairplay? Continue on with voting out Morgan? The four women aside from Lil allying and knocking the other three out? Fairplay and the two Morgan girls voting out Rupert's closest allies Christa and Sandra? Yikes!!! Who knows??? And what's more, no two spoiler sites seem to agree on the outcome from here, so it's very up in the air!

Whatever happens, my only hope is that a member of Drake wins this game. Honestly, how disappointing would it be for someone from arguably the worst Survivor tribe in history taking the big prize? Especially since they are up against possibly the best, most organized tribe the show has ever seen. If you look back at Day 1, the members of Drake really haven't lost that much weight, they absolutely killed in challenges, and they have much more interesting, dynamic personalities. Hell, I'd practically take Jon as a winner over Darrah and Tijuana! And note that I would include Lil here as an honorary Drake...she's earned the title!

This week's Immunity was the old "make enemies of your tribe mates by personally eliminating them" challenge. I think it's something Burnett should take out of his challenge canon. The person who needs Immunity (in this case Ryano) has absolutely no chance, no matter what they do, and generally you end up with a pretty useless Immunity win. Christa got almost all of them wrong, so it seemed to me she was pursuing the Rob Cesternino strategy - throw every question. Rob didn't answer a single one right in the Amazon's analogous challenge, and that's the approach I would take. After all, if you don't really need Immunity, the only thing you accomplish by getting questions right is making enemies. So why do that? It's pointless. She's a smart player, and I hope to see her go far.

Funniest Moment: This series really needs some comedy! I've put in a "Funniest Moment" category in every article I've done on the show stretching back to the Outback, and this is the first week I cannot come up with a single funny moment! Anybody got a suggestion? I've watched the episode five times and I can't think of one.

So for next week...the CBS website calls for an unlikely combo enjoying a reward challenge. Could it be Darrah and Rupert? Jon and Lil? Jeff Probst and Julie Chen? Your guess is that good as mine. Just bank on this being Rupert's last week, unless he pulls out Immunity. Arrr, it's going to be sad yarn matey!