"The heat is so intense when you get to seven..." - Kathy Vavrick O'Brien

That it is Kathy...that it is.

I have seen each episode of Survivor multiple times, and I cannot recall a seeing a group more demoralized, down, snippy, and at each other's throats than this motley crew. They're sick of the rain, sick of the bugs, and completely utterly sick of each other. Between that and the rather lackluster gameplay, it's really starting to get into train wreck territory here. It's honestly kind of fascinating, for completely different reasons than any series before it.

And then, just to stir up a pot that needs no stirring, they have a "reward" challenge that further sets people against one another. I have the sneaking suspicion there was some collusion there to hand Rupert the "win" - just to put him in a bad position, and take some heat off of Rob. After all, who did Amber chop when it was down to three of them? It was Rob, and with Rupert's chop he left the game. But good on Rupert for taking the steak. Hey, he got stuck with it, he might as well take the best meal.

Many people have decried the fact that an opportunity was missed to boot out Rob or Amber. But like last week...where are you going to get four? It would require either Rupert or Jenna to break a longstanding final four pact, stab three tribemates in the back, all for...another final four pact. That just doesn't make any sense. And at six, there's no combination that works either. Now the final FIVE? THAT'S when a move should be made! Tom's in a swing vote position, and Jenna and Rupert should recruit the big man, vote out an impenetrable voting bloc in Romber, and cruise to the top. But then again, Tom and Alicia knew they were on the outs with their own tribe while Lex was still around, yet didn't try to form a bloc of five with them on Day 27. THAT was the time to make a move on Romber, yet they let it just cruise out of sight. Will Rupert and Jenna do the same? We'll have to see.

With Kathy gone, and no one left to coach her, Shii Ann is showing just exactly why she was voted most unworthy to be on the show. It's funny because she always has great insightful comments about what's going on - has had them all through the series. But when it comes to her own gameplay, and implementing her ideas, she has been a complete and abject failure. She arose the ire of her tribemates in Thailand, and she's doing the same thing in All Star. And NOT ONE person coming out of the game has had a single positive thing to say about her...even Kathy. Conclusion: she sucks. That said, you do have to give her props for winning Immunity...she was determined, and as Teresa proved during this same challenge in Africa (where she held out for SIX HOURS) it's about guts more than it's about strength.

It's strange how there are six people left, and each one of them represents a different season...yet to me the season in which the game was played at the highest skill level (the Amazon) is so, so far gone from the picture it's not even funny. That really makes me sad...damn, this game needs Rob C. to shake things up!

Funniest/Most Kick Ass Quote of the Season - No contest - the award goes to Shii Ann. "The smug, horrible, superior Chaperan tribe, Pagonging all of us Mogo Mogo members..." Instantly, every Survivor message board junkie's head exploded at that shout-out...TO US!!! It's the first direct reference to the online Survivor community that has ever appeared in the history of the show.

As for next week, the Immunity Challenge appears to be the same one that was in the final seven of The Outback, where Colby began his still- unequalled Immunity streak. A good omen for Shii Ann? Somehow I doubt it - it's way too physical a challenge for her to beat either Rob or Rupert, who I think will win. Nope, it seems like she's best suited to win challenges...where she does nothing. Sort of appropriate, right? I'll be rejoicing when they vote her bitchy ass out of there...should have happened a long, long time ago.