If the producers of Big Brother 4 have a goal to ruin any future this program has in America, they have succeeded with last nights lackluster twist.

After the six remaining house guests were informed to "Expect the Unexpected," speculation and anticipation took hold. Viewers and house guests alike scrambled to predict what might happen. Here on Jokers, most predictions were imaginative and creative

So, when the time came, I sat eagerly at my computer. The feeds were up and my fingers were poised to transcribe the juicy details. But when the information came, all I could do was stare incredulously at my monitor.

Then anger took over.

"What the heck were these people thinking?" I wondered. Here we thought some great new twist would happen. Instead, Big Brother recycled old gags and bribes in a weak attempt to shake up the game.

For those who want to relive the pain, I will explain the twist. Each house guest was separately tempted by host Julie Chen. The offer? The golden power of veto as well as a normal diet of food. The catch? None of them knew what anyone else decided to do. And, if someone took the bribe, they would sentence all the others in the house to suffer a designated time on PB&J only.

This isn't a twist at all. First, a real twist in a game like this is something that changes the face of the game regardless of what the contestants do. In this feeble twist, it was quite possible that no one would take the bribe at all. In fact, Jee was the only one (based on the feeds) who did take the bribe. If he hadn't, the game would have returned to normal. So much for a twist.

The other insult of this twist is that it regurgitates things we have already seen in prior seasons. That's like the NFL changing the two minute warning to the two minute reminder and then calling it a radical new spin on things. We have been there and seen that. There was nothing new except the lame offer of Veto power which has yet to really shake anything up in this game anyway.

Golden veto? It isn't golden until a nominee wins it and that hasn't happened yet. And it wont happen this week, either.

So Jee makes his decision to sell out and take the veto in order to seal his nominations of Jack and Erika. Big Whup. Now he can't win it next week. Big Whup.

And now there are five miserable house guests made even more miserable by a diet of PB&J. Of course they are angry. Maybe they are over reacting to the diet. It is only a week, after all.

But more to the point, I think they (and we) are angry because of the ridiculously lame nature of this so-called twist.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a twist as "...a distortion of meaning or sense....an unexpected turn or development....a clever device."

On the other hand, it seems Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner define a twist as "taking the easy way out and disappointing everyone in the process."

There is nothing clever in this twist. At least not right now. Perhaps me writing this article will backfire on me as they pull another fast one on us... but with less than a month left in the game, I really doubt it.

I am insulted, frustrated, offended, and saddened that the people in charge of this show failed to use imagination on this twist. And, when I think about it, they failed in other ways too. Duckball? Recycled. That sequestering house? Mistake. They could have been really imaginative and made even more money by offering separate internet feeds of that domicile. I know I would have paid to see it. Still would, actually. How about that great luxury competition where they won sub par laundry service? That was a hoot. Not.

If Arnold's and Allison's hearts are no longer in this game, then they should turn the production over to the folks that run Survivor or the Amazing Race.

I joked on the P/X board that the twist better not be some lame ass thing like they get a duck or something... But that is exactly what they gave us. A duck.

A really lame duck.