The Little Girl Gets Really Lost

After a crazy Double Eviction episode of Big Brother 14, our suntan spray, yoga loving flower-child got evicted and became the first member of the Jury. But not before Julie Chen had the most interesting exit interview in the history of Big Brother.

Ashley immediately complimented Chenbot on her “side-pony” hairdo and Chenbot’s quad core was immediately overloaded. After Chenbot finished processing “extreme amusement” into her data banks, it was too late. Ashley was floating on a cloud of rainbows and unicorns and didn’t seem likely to revisit planet earth for at least a couple of hours.

It was great TV. In a few short sentences, Ashley summed up her BB strategy and view of the world; it’s love, love, love and maybe a few happy pills and then a very succinct realization that she couldn’t win the game without winning some comps. It was very funny and very Ashley!

After a good nights sleep Joker’s Updates was invited to communicate with Ashley via email.
To maintain the integrity of the game, interviews with the Jury members are done via email so that the questions can be carefully monitored.

This is Joker’s Updates interview with Ashley Iocca.

Hello Ashley, this is BestBBever from Joker's Updates.
We loved your yoga classes and we are really sorry to see you out of the house, I hope you have a wonderful zen time in the Jury House by yourself for awhile.

BestBBever: In your early interviews you said you were going to play “little girl lost”, do you think you overplayed that strategy so that the rest of the house found it easy to dismiss you as a floater?

Ashley: I think that strategy did help me, but I'm actually smart. This is a very smart group of Houseguests. In the end I should have just stuck with the floater card.

BestBBever: After that rapid Double Eviction last night, who do you think will win Big Brother 14?

Ashley: I think Frank and Britney might be there in the end.

BestBBever: I thought you & Janelle would be a very strong team throughout the summer...what made you distrust her so much, was it something she did with her coaching style or something else entirely, that influenced you to turn against her & vote her out?

Ashley: I didn't trust her because she seemed so fake to me. Everyone told me that she didn't value me as a player and that I was expendable.

BestBBever: Last night when you were alone with your thoughts, what was the thought about your gameplay that kept nagging you, that you wish you could do over?

Ashley: I loved everything about BB and the people.

BestBBever: What makes you happy about your experience?

Ashley: The entire game makes me happy. I always found the positive about people, until the very end.

BestBBever: What do you regret the most?

Ashley: I regret not playing my role further in the game. I wish I would have played the 'floater' role longer and then made my big move.

BestBBever: From today on, if you were back in the house & got to be the Big Brother HOH, who would you have evicted and who would you have picked to be your bestie in a power alliance?

Ashley: I would have loved to work with Shane, Willie, JoJo and Britney.

BestBBever: Who would you hope to be in a Final 2 with?

Ashley: I think Frank and Britney will be the F2 - we’ll see.

I would still like to know who Ashley would have nominated for eviction if she ever won HOH, maybe we will get to find out at the Finale. In the meantime, I am looking forward to the Jury house segments to see what kind of dream board, pixie dust life, Ashley has created for herself. I am sure it will be a good one.