Take a house of people constantly looking over their sholder, throw in a few lies, call out a few people in their lies, then throw one angry woman scorned in the mix and you have the ingredients for a big brother blow out that was still going on as our day begins.

9:30 am Big Brother gives the first wake up call.

Jeff is the first to rise followed by Lydia. It's only been a couple of hours since the last of the HG went to bed so there's no talking and in this slow motion house.

Russell is up & in the kitchen cooking his breakfast. Everyone else has gone back to bed.

Jessie is called to the DR.

When Russell finishes his breakfast he heads up to the HOH room to lay down. Jessie comes up after his DR session and tells Russell that Nat explained that Russ was upset last night because Jessie didn't defend Russell. Jessie assures Russell that him & Nat are still with him and won't put him up or vote him out. Russell said that's fine but Jessie could have at least told Chima that yes Michele did come into the GR & talk to Jess & Nat about keeping Ronnie because Chima is believing Michele. Jessie said he would talk to her but at the moment Chima was angry at Jessie for hiding out in the doom room when the fight happened. Jessie said when he last tried to approach her, Chima told him to shut the f*ck up.

Russell said he was so frustrated with Lydia last night for sticking up for Chima when it was Chima that has been slamming Lydia the whole time and saying that Lydia only wants to suck Jessie & Russell's d*cks.

Jessie tells Russell that Kevin, Lydia, Chima & Michele are the only ones that are going to want Russ out. Jessie says everyone wants himself out first.

Jessie: Nat confronted Michele in the bathroom
Russ: No she didn't, I was downstairs until 3am
Jessie explains it was when Russ wasn't around. Said Nat confronted Michele about the lies. Jessie is really throwing Michele under the bus to cover his own tracks to save Ronnie & get Russ evicted in the future.

Russell insists to Jessie that everything he said last night was the truth and that's why Chima was so upset with him. Russ said he took the high road last night and apologized to Chima but she rejected it.

Jessie & Russ finish talking when Jessie feels his lies are covered up enough for the moment.

12:00 pm
Michele is outside on the couch, soon Russell comes down from the hoh & goes outside.

Michele: What was last night all about?
Russell: I was trying to find out who was lying, when it came down to Chima when you said she wanted to backdoor me. I haven't lied or said anything bad.
Michele: I don't understand it. Jessie said something about me that never happened and I'm just very confused
Russell: You did say that she wants to backdoor me
Michele: Yeah I know. I had to throw you under the bus so I didn't mess up my game.
Russell: Then I wasn't lying. I didn't want to go personal but Chima wanted to.
Michele: Then Chima poured water on you
Russell: I don't hate Chima but she took it personal last night. I tried to be the bigger person but I had to bark back. It's a shame.

Michele tells Russ that Nat came to her after all the fighting last night & ask her to vote to keep Ronnie.

Russell tells Michele that he knows she had the conversation in the green room with Jessie & Nat about getting Ronnie out because both Jessie & Nat told him she was. Michele is very adamant that they were lying. She said she went to Jessie and ask him about it but he just started talking about something else and said we will talk later. Russell tells her that her lying about the Chima thing was what made him believe she was lying about everything else. Russell asks her again if she went into the green room with Jessie & Nat like both of them said she had. Michele straightens him out on what she had actually said.

Russell tells Michele that what Chima did to Braden was wrong. The dude has a life after BB and calling him a racist on national tv was wrong. She was trying to ruin Braden's life. He said that Chima is doing BB for a career move. He said that Chima is going to take advantage of anything she can, and that last night could have ruined his career. Michele tells Russell that Nat also brought up the race card on her last night. Nat had called Michele a racist because she voted to keep Braden in the house.

Michele tells Russell she has his back next week and that all is good between them. She's sorry for throwing him under the bus about the Chima conversation but she also has to protect her own game. She said she was going to talk to Jordan and let her know that the fight between her & Russ was staged and that she had to lie to Chima to protect her game so that they will all still be on the same page with their alliance.

Russell hopes that Michele, Jeff or Jordan wins HOH Thursday or he will be going up. He tells her that he's not a bad choice to go to the end with since 3 of the jury members will vote very personal & those 3 hate him. (Lydia, chima, kevin)

Russell & Michele end their conversation. Russell had told her she needed to not be seen with him so that Chima didn't go off on her.

Russell has been hanging out in the backyard either in the pool, laying out or sitting on the couch with no one coming out to talk to him except for Michele earlier.

Ronnie fixes his lunch & asks Lydia to join him. First she said no because she was going to eat outside in the fresh air, then she sees Russell outside and decides that indoors would be better.

Ronnie is trying to talk game with Lydia but she's not taking the bait. He mentions how he still couldn't believe how much Chima & Russell got into it last night.

Michele is outside laying out in the sun. Lydia comes out and is complaining that all Ronnie wants to do is talk about last night. She said she never ate so fast to get out of there. None of them are talking to Russell on the couch.

Jeff & Jordan are up. Jeff doesn't want to go outside because Russell is out there. Jordan tells him she doesn't know who to believe anymore. They both agree that they need to talk later on.

Michele had been in the DR. She tells Jeff & Jordan that the DR had been asking about the fights last night.

Lydia and Michele are outside talking about what happened last night. Michele said that Nat told her not to be fake or talk to people she's not aligned with or friends with but doesn't follow her own advise and it's ridiculous.

Michele: I was reasoning with Natalie but in the end she just calls me a racist because that's all she had left to say.

Michele & Jordan get in the hammock so Michele can have the talk with Jordan that she told Russ she was going to have.

Michele tells Jordan that Ronnie & Jessie obviously have a deal and she hasn't said anything about Jeff or Jordan to anybody, she hasn't told anything that her, Jeff & Jordan discuss to anyone and that's why the other side feels so threatened.

Michele: I had to do a little juggling to keep myself safe up until this point but I'm not with anybody else. Us 4 is it. I had to call Russ a liar to save myself in front of Chima last night. He wasn't lying. Chima did say she was going to backdoor Russell. Russell & I were pretending to fight. We weren't really mad at each other. I was trying to keep Chima in my back pocket but I don't have an alliance with her.

Jordan: Was the secret alliance they said you had with Jessie & Natalie true?

Michele: Yes, I'll tell you the complete story.

They move to the pool and Michele tells Jordan how she was forced into a 5 person alliance with Jessie, Nat, Ronnie, Chima & herself. It was excluding Russell. She told her how she just agreed so they would stay off her back but there was no way she was going to believe anything they said since Jessie is the one that put her on the block.

Michele tells Jordan all the bad things the other HG's say about her & Jeff, how Jessie & Ronnie think Jordan is dumb. That Jessie is always making fun of her. Jordan thinks it's messed up.

Jessie tells Nat that Russell appreciated that Nat didn't take sides during the fight. Nat tells Jessie she doesn't believe Russ' apology to Chima was real. She said that Jordan was very mad that the HG said Jordan was playing Jeff.

Jeff joins Michele & Jordan in the splash room and they rehash last nights events. Jeff is telling them how Chima said she would put Jessie & Russell on the block with Jessie being the pawn. They all high five each other and say, "And the pawn goes home".

Michele tells Jeff the same thing she told Jordan about her & Russell fake fight and the fact that she did have to tell a lie on Russell to save her own butt, but he understands & they are not mad at each other. That the 4 of them are good. Jeff tells Michele he believes her story.

Jeff tells the girls that Ronnie is standing in the kitchen where a group are all chit chatting just waiting for a break so he can slip in with an hour long story about cheetos. (lol)

Jeff, Jordan & Michele are all laying down to nap. Jordan is wanting Jeff to come lay down with her but he said this is a stand off. I'm not moving. She lays down in his bed and he tells her that her grandfather needs to grow up if he is upset about him kissing her. (lol)

Outside, Chima, Ronnie & Natalie are all laughing and talking about their favorite moments last night.

Nat wants Michele out. Chima wants Russell out. Nat thinks Lydia would be good to put on the block next to Michele. Ronnie & Chima said that wouldn't be a good idea because it would be too tempting to vote her out.

Chima is wanting to know why Jessie is talking to Russell. She is getting really angry the more she talks about it.

Russell & Jessie are chatting at the kitchen table. Jess walks by and starts talking to them. Russell tells him he has leprosy & to not come too close to him. Jeff says he's had it with the whole f'ing game. "I'm immune"

Outside, Chima is going off on Nat about Jessie inside talking to Russell. She wants to go in and tell him off. She brings up again the fact that Jessie hid in the doom room last night and didn't come out to step in between her & Russell. Chima said that Russell & Jessie have a final 2 deal because she knows how they think about aligning with all the strong players but maybe the house should get rid of all the "meatheads" and then no one will need "protection" from anybody.

Nat is staying quiet during most of Chima's rant.

Chima & Ronnie trash talk Russell for the millionth time. It's like a shark feeding frenzy. Ronnie said that Russell's nomination speech was BS.

Ronnie: He said I insulted his god
Chima: His god is Lucifer (they both laugh)

Chima: Russell is definitely no Kaysar (another middle eastern house-guest) and that Russ is giving "his people" a bad name.

Chima: "I'm going to keep calling Russell a terrorist because America won't get mad cuz America hates middle easterners"! (wow)

Chima said that Russell has made several career limiting moves in this game.

Jeff has been on the elliptical machine working out during this whole rant that Chima has been on. He's just listening.

Chima: "I can't wait to write about BB after I get out of here and I will target Russell"

Natalie ran right to Jessie and told him everything that Chima was saying outside about getting the meatheads out and about being so angry with Jessie for talking to Russell. She tells him he has to stop talking to Lydia because she was outside with Chima trash talking Jessie for talking to Russell and for hiding in the doom room during the fight. Jessie just tells her to calm down.

Lydia & Jessie are taking shots at each other playfully but it's getting mean spirited. Jessie makes a references to his "2 fingers" (sex use) and how Lydia's mouth can be used in "more ways than one". (he's referring to the fact that she has used it on him under the covers). Lydia tells Jessie to stop thinking with the wrong head.

Lydia to Jessie: "So young, so naive, or should I say so "little". (lol)

Jessie goes off to the green room with Natalie. Soon Ronnie comes in and says that Lydia is trying to turn Chima against Jess & Nat. He plans on having a talk with Chima before he leaves because it would break his heart if the 3 of them turn on each other in the game.

Nat & Jessie tell Ronnie they plan of voting for him to stay. They are going to talk to Chima to do the same and hope whoever keeps giving the hinky vote will do it again and Ronnie would stay.

Jessie & Chima talk it out. She's saying he copped out when he hid. He said if he had come between them he would have put a target on his back. He promises Chima he will choose her over Russell.

Chima: I'm pissed Russell and his apology because he said we attacked each other. All I attacked was his ears and come on, I'm pissed at him cuz he was lying to Michele.
Nat: I've hated Russ since the beginning. We never trusted him fully. I wanted Jeff to win the last HOH over Russell.
Chima: I'm not going to nominate you but I do not want you talking to Russell any more. I don't want anyone talking to him.

Jessie, Nat, Chima & Ronnie are in the red room talking about Michele & Russell.

Jessie: We got to stick together cuz the other side is loving us fighting
Ronnie: I hope I stay this week and that America gives me the power. I would put up Russell & Michele next week and clown on Russell. I can get the upper hand on Russ using my speech debating skills.

Jessie tells all of them that Michele is setting Russell up. That's why Michele spent so much time up in the hoh room with Russell after she won POV. She's making him the next target. She's trying to pit Russell against Jessie, Nat against Chima. He tells Chima that he's is positive that Michele did tell Russell that they were going to backdoor him and that Russell is not lying about it because Russell challenged Jessie about it the other day when Jessie was playing pool. This is the one thing Jessie said he believes Russell on but everything else he's not taking his side and he's a liar. (eye roll)

Jessie tells the group to be careful what they say because America will put it on youtube and then it will come up when someone does a search on you.

Chima: Like me calling Russell a terrorist being interpreted as being against middle easterners. I don't care if I offend all the terrorists in America.

For a short period, Lydia, Kevin, Jeff & Michele all agree to stick together and get out Nat & Jessie. They said they are going to cheat in the next majority rules competition by choosing BBAB in that order for their answers. They decided the only way to remember to choose the answers B B A B is to say Big Brother Alliance Boy-ah. (lol)

As soon as Lydia & Kevin walk away Jeff asks Michele if she trusts them. Michele says no. Lydia is too hung up on Jessie.

Jeff wakes up Jordan and tells her about the conversation he listen to while working about. He said that Chima was talking so much smack about Russell and Jessie. He said that Lydia kept sticking up for Jessie. He said that Chima wants to get the "meatheads" out of the house.

Outside Nat & Ronnie are shooting pool and trash talking Michele. Ronnie said Michele is stupid (yea, PhD stupid)

House-guests receive alcohol.

Russell is outside sitting alone eating & drinking a glass of wine. Jordan comes out and doesn't say anything to him but heads to the weights to exercise. Everyone else is inside listening to Ronnie tell stories.

Jeff comes out and sits down by Russell. No one has talked to him for hours. Russell asks Jeff if Jordan was made at him. Jeff tells him no, that she is just in a bad mood.

Russell & Jeff realized that both of them went on dates with their ex's right before coming to BB. Russ thinks there's too much down time to BB. (he's been left alone all day) They talk about where they live & Russell tells Jeff he needs to come out to San Fan & stay for a while so they can go party.

Russell to Jeff: You know the letter I got from my Pops? Well there was a secret message in it for me about the game. I now know it was about you.
Jeff: Hows that
Russell: My Pops wrote about me remembering the lessons I learned when I was in elementary & middle school.
Russell: When I was a kid I got in a big fight with this guy I couldn't stand. It turned out that he ended up becoming my best friend. I just didn't give him the chance to be my friend in the beginning. My Pops was reminding me of that because I know he saw our fight. He was talking about you.

Jessie is bashing the winner of BB10 Dan once again. He said he would have never survived this season. Ronnie is comparing his game to Boogie & Will's game in Season 7. He says he did it just like them. He said they had everyone twisted from day one just like he did this house. Chima starts complaining about who cleans the house and takes the trash out. Chima calls Russell a terrorist once again.

Nat climbs up on the lazy susan on the kitchen table and Ronnie starts spinning it. Jessie said that Nat was getting ready to do her nightly stripper dance. Chima said it's not a lazy susan, it's a lazy Nat. (lol)

Jessie & Nat are getting into little play fights. She tries to kick him between the legs. Lydia chimes in and says she wants to see if she can break the wine bottle over Jessie's head. Lydia grabs Russell's key and throws it on the floor, stomping on it and screaming.

Nat & Jessie start wrestling and end up half out the door where Jeff, Russ, Michele & Jordan are sitting. They can't figure out what is going on. Chima yells out "go scrappy".

Lydia goes into the green room with Kevin and has a total melt down. She wants to cut herself. She says she is over Jessie. She said she is sick of the manipulation. Aparently while the wrestling was going on, Jessie picked Lydia up and the way she tells it physically dropped her. She wants BB to do something about his abuse. She wants to break the bottles in the green room if she could get them off the wall. Kevin tells Lydia that Jessie is all an act. He knows that Jessie has been using Lydia for sexual favors and now he is all touchy feely with Natalie. Kevin tells her that Jessie is going to come to her later and tell her that he connects with her, that he really likes her and Lydia is going to say "Oh he really does like me".

Kevin: "Don't fall for it Lydia"

Kevin decides that Lydia needs other's around her when she talks to Jessie.

Lydia crying and said that Jessie bruised her by squeezing her too hard and by dropping her on the floor.

Lydia: "Jessie is physically abussing me"

Russell is talking to Michele outside. He tells her he now knows who is true friends are in this game. He mentions that Jessie won't talk to him any more cuz of the Chima ordering him not too. He laughs about it. Michele tells him that she was waving through the window at him but didn't know if he could see her.

Inside Chima is still on her Russell rant.

Chima: "I think Russell is planning the next Amtrak Bombing"
Ron: "oh my god"
Chima: "BB next twist. Who can survive the bomb scare"

Russell admits to Michele that he has a dark side he doesn't like to show.
Michele: I'm not gonna make you mad
Russ: I appreciate that. (lol)

Nat is indoors laughing that she thinks the fight she had with Jessie was believed by the other side when they were outside watching. She's hoping that someone will feel sorry for Ronnie, thinking everyone is voting him out and give him a hinky vote that way when Jess, Nat & Chima do give him a vote to stay he will stay.

The DR called Lydia. There was speculating that she would be removed from the house for talking about wanting to hurt herself.

Lydia is out of the DR. Kevin tells her to not go back to the cycle with Jessie. To break away from him. Don't talk to him.

Kevin tells Lydia to be very careful with Michele becuse she is very very smart like those smart people who are borderline crazy, that's Michele.

Our night ends with Ronnie trying one last ditch effert on Jordan. He thinks because Jordan is a girl, is emotional & she's so simple that he can get her to flip her vote. He hangs out with her telling ghost storys with a group in the red room laying in their beds. They tell murder storys, ghost storys and true news storys that scare everyone until Jordan announces to everyone it's 4:00am.

Ronnie tells Jessie in the WC that Jordan might feel sorry for him and give him a sympathy vote.

Ronnie talks to Jeff & Jodan in the splash room and tells them he's sorry about everything. He said he never talked crap about Jordan. She calls him out and said she knows he did. He called her dumb. He said he was very sorry about it.

By the end of the conversation, Ronnie has thrown Russell under the bus one more time then leaves the room, Jeff & Jordan look at each other and say, "I don't believe a word he says".

Neither do I : )