As always we start with a recap of the previous week, and then see Jessica, Ralph and Michael heading back toward the dorm where they share some champagne for having made it to the final three.

Jessica says all three of them are there because of all three of them. Jessica tries to lay on the hammock and ends up dumping herself on the ground. Lots of well wishes as they head off to dream of the kitchen from hell.

Michael answers a phone call, it's Ramsatan telling him they are to report to the kitchen in jackets ASAP, there is some emergency. It's about 4:00am. Hell's Kitchen is open in 15 hours and they need to make bread since the baker is unavailable.

So they are making bread in the wee hours of the morning. Jessica spends most of the time yawning a lot, laying on the counter. It is almost 6am so Ralph and Michael send Jessica off to bed. Ralph does push-ups on the kitchen floor. The guys have most of the bread made by the time Jessica comes back out to help.

They leave to go get a little sleep. They get two hours of sleep and are awakened by the souse chef to head back to the kitchen at 10:00am. Ramsatan is there to greet them in the dining room. They are told to come up with an original creation that reflects them personally for the dinner service.

Challenge: The Perfect Soufflé

The procedure is demonstrated for the chefs. They have ten minutes to make the perfect soufflé. After ten minutes of preparation, they are all placed in the oven. The tell is when the soufflé is finished cooking. Jessica makes the worse soufflé he ever tasted, Ralph's needed a bit more egg white, Michael's needed more sugar. Ralph wins, Michael comes in second, Jessica comes in third.

Ralph's reward - Tonight he gets to choose between Beef, Chicken or Tuna for the most inspirational menu item. Ralph chooses beef, Michael chooses tuna and Jessica ends up with chicken. They must create something original, Michael is planning a sesame crusted tuna. Ralph wants to make filet mignon. Jessica is some what lost as to what to make. She has settled on a stuffed chicken breast.

The decision of who leaves tonight will be based upon the customer responses to their original dishes and Ramsatan's observations of their conduct in the kitchen. The orders start coming in and Ramsatan demands a fully served dining room.

Unbeknownst to the chefs, their families are present in the dining room to try their dishes. Jessica is a bit behind on her chicken so Ralph has to redress his filet. The chefs have to not only do their own main courses but a regular station as well. The filet is orgasmic, the chicken is excellent.

The chefs are told only that there are VIP's in dining room. Ralph's family likes the steak and tuna, but not the chicken. Jessica has the dessert station and cannot seem to keep her head above water. The guys, mostly Michael have bailed her out on the chicken dishes so she can focus on desserts.

Jessica slips and dumps one of her plates on the floor. Jessica tells the guys if they don't help her with the desserts they are not going to get this dinner service finished. So far Michael has not only done the starters, his own tuna dish, Jessica's chicken dish and it looks like he will have to do desserts as well.

Jessica finally asks Ramsatan for help, big mistake. Jean Philippe goes into the kitchen to try to help but Ramsatan tells him to leave. They are getting down to the final tables tickets. All main courses served, filet was the most popular, then chicken and the tuna last.

Ralph and Michael are now helping Jessica finish her desserts. They completed a fully booked dining room on next to know sleep. No dishes were returned to the kitchen. They are told to clean up the kitchen. Michael is concerned that his tuna having sold the fewest will not make him end up going home.

They relax in the dorms and wait for Ramsatan's decision. They are finally summoned to the dining room to hear his decision. He is very pleased with them. They are told the VIP's were their families. Michael's wife Lola and his in-laws are brought out. Jessica's girlfriend Courtney, her mom and sister are brought out. Ralph's fiancé Buffy and his mom and uncle.

The families will help decide about the dishes, they unaware of what dish was prepared by their loved one. They were asked at the end of dinner to rate the favorite dishes. Ralph's family, tuna, tuna and tuna. Jessica's family, tuna, chicken, filet mignon. Michael's family, filet mignon, filet mignon, tuna. Michael gets five vote, one for Jessica and three for Ralph.

Jessica is sent home but Ramsatan tells her to smile, she has been amazing, tough, clever and never short of a word. It really is amazing she has made it this far. Jessica gets to leave via the front door with her family. She seems so happy to see them it surely takes away some of the sting of having to leave.

Michael and Ralph are given a few minutes to spend with their families. They are the final two and one of them will win their own restaurant. The previews show next week, they end up basically running their own restaurants. The chefs will run their own kitchens with the evicted chefs as their staff. It should be intriguing. Next week is the two hour season finale.