This article actually started as a comment to pictures from the launch for Fox’s Reality Remix. The comment I made was about the 15 minutes of fame being made into a way of life. You have people going from reality show to reality show. I’m not talking about going to a show opening like a few of them do.

Can you imagine interviewing “Mike the Miz” (excuse me I’m sure his mama didn’t name him that) in a few years for a job.

Inter: Mr. Miz, tell me a little about your job experience

Miz: Well for the last 20 years I have been on the Real World, WWE something or other, battle between, no it was something called, not sure about the title there were so many shows but it was between road rules and the real world and then there was the inferno, and another show that was something like the inferno but I think it had a different name, then battle of the reality stars, then there was

Inter. Excuse me! I meant job experience, real job experience

Miz: Well duh that is what I was telling you, now where was I.

Please don’t get me started on a few of the others that seem to think that their careers should now come from appearing on these shows. There are people that have been on reality shows that have made careers from it but not from going from one show to the next. A few have gone on to do work behind the scenes or producing.

Anyone that watched BB6 knows that Jennifer was planning on becoming the next Trishelle. She believed that she would get the recognition she needed to become the next reality star. It might have happened except for the part where most of the people hated her by the end of the show. On the other hand, look at Omarosa, not too many people liked her but she’s show hopping now. She’s no longer on the “A list” but she is still on a list. Of course, no one is looking at her as the professional person she was a few years ago.

These people are no longer in their early 20s. It’s time to grow up, get a real job in the real world and stop looking for the reality show to make a life for them.