815am HG wakeup call went over the speakers. Everyone was slow getting out of bed this morning. While everyone is slugging themselves out of their beds Rachel went up to Shelly and asked her if they could talk-Shelly’s response to this was “let’s just get through today with dignity.” No other talk was said between the two.

915am POV players were picked. Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, Dani, Adam and Shelly were picked. Kalia as outgoing HOH did not play and Brendon and Rachel did not play.

Dani and Kalia were laughing in the HOH about how it could have happened that Brendon and Rachel did not get picked for POV. They were also talking about the sleeping arrangements from last night. Brendon and Rachel were snuggled tight in the middle bed in the spaceship room. Porsche, Dani and Kalia continued talking in the HOH before the POV comp. They were trying to figure out a way to remind everyone that Jeff has won $10,000 already.

At about 1:45pm Trivia comes up and the POV began. Trivia was on for 3 hours. At about 4:45pm the feeds come on and two cams were on Kalia and the other two cams were on Porsche. They were lying in their bed not showing much emotion. Adam and Jeff come in the candy room and they all start playing the 20 questions game.

By 5pm there was still no confirmation from the HG’s as to who had won the POV. At 5:15pm Cam 4 switches on to Shelly sleeping in the Have Not room. Other cams were still showing the group playing 20 questions.

At around 530pm Brendon and Rachel were talking in the bathroom. Rachel confirmed at this point that Jordan had gotten the unitard as punishment. She also said Jeff was greedy for taking the money and making Jordan get the unitard. Rachel and Brendon go into the candy room to play the game with the others. There was still no confirmation as to who had won POV at about 5:30pm. The camera does go back on Shelly in the HN room and there is a loaf of bread, water, a pot full of slop and curtains up with a porta potty behind the curtains.

At 6pm Jordan comes out of DR in her outfit which consists of a green unitard, a pink tutu, pink slippers and a dunce cap that has a twirler thing on top. The front of the unitard has an arrow pointing up and says “I’m with stupid.” On the back of the unitard it says “Kick Me.” Jordan is excited about her new outfit and says it’s not even bad for her.

At 6:20pm we finally received confirmation that Adam won the POV. Adam and Jordan were in the purple room talking when confirmation came from them.

The results from the POV were as follows:

Shelly got 24 hour in HN room and got a phone call from home once she was out of confinement
Jeff won $5000
Jordan funny unitard
Dani won a Veto ticket (this gives her a free pass to play a Veto if she is not picked for the Veto next week)

At about 7pm Jordan goes to talk with Shelly through the HN door. They were both lying on the floor and Shelly could see the colors of Jordan’s unitard. Throughout the night everyone comes by to talk and check on Shelly. Dani spent about an hour sitting there eating her dinner while talking with Shelly.

It was a pretty slow evening in the house. There was some pool playing and Jacuzzi relaxing going on.

As the house starts to wind down for the night Jeff and Jordan were outside talking about whether Jeff made the wrong decision by taking the money. Jeff said that karma might get him. They also talk about whether they should keep Shelly or Brendon (if he gets put up on the block)

At 4am all the HG’s were asleep.