The season is almost over. As we anticipate the finale and the aftermath, let’s see if I can sneak in the house and get some pre-back yard interviews.

10:00 AM
BBRecapper: Good morning Houseguests. That was inspiring. What were those wake up songs?
The Michigan State, Alabama, and Tulane Fight Songs, and also Weezer's Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.

BBRecapper: Did anything unusual happen while we couldn’t see the feeds during the music?
Danielle: Dan almost broke my leg when he jumped on my bed!
Dan: You’re just being dramatic.

BBRecapper: Danielle, has your outlook on the game changed any since last night?
Danielle: No, Ian hasn't seen my vengeance. He will not win this game.
If I go, at least I know I played a decent game and I’ll be happy.
Dan chimes in: I won't because I won't have accomplished my goal of getting you to the end.

BBRecapper: Dan, do you have any advice for Danielle when she is out of the house?
Dan: You can never win on the internet. Stay out of the forums. They are worse on the girls than the guys.

BBRecapper: Danielle, is there anything you would like the viewers to know about Shane’s eviction?
Danielle: Yes! Dan "misted" me into using the veto on him.
Dan: What does that even mean?... Being misted.
BBRecapper: Is there a move you are especially proud of in the game?
Danielle: Taking out Janelle as a back door. It was the right way to do it. She talked about me being fat. I’m not a mean girl who bashes or insults girls and will not be associated with girls who are that way.
BBRecapper: Is there anything you are afraid that live feeders might have picked up on about you?
Danielle: I've had breast implants. I’m worried Shane is going to be pissed about my fake breasts.

BBRecapper: Danielle, is there anything that might upset you to find out once you leave the house?
Danielle: Yes, I will be upset if I find out Dan picked me on his team because he thought he could control me.
Dan takes this opportunity to egg her on a bit by laughing. Then says he knew she would be loyal.

BBRecapper: Danielle, did the Diary Room call you in about your comment to Ian yesterday that you would snap his neck?
Danielle: Oh yes, They were not happy. [In the heat of the moment] I didn't even realize what I had said until after.

1:30 PM

Ian is just starting his day while Dan and Danielle take a break and play in the pool; trying to see how long they can stay on top of the large ball until BB tells them to stop. Dan is again admonished by BB when he uses the snorkel to float facedown motionless for a very long time, "What, did they think I was dead?"
Somehow this leads to them throwing fruit at each other very hard. Dan gets the blame when we hear BB once again say, "Dan, Stop that!" Dan goes back to snorkeling and laughs occasionally to himself.

BBRecapper: Glad you could join us Ian. Is there anything you and Danielle would like to say about Dan at this moment?
Ian: "Absolutely bonkers."
Danielle: "I really think he's lost it. I really think he's gone crazy, I'm not kidding."

BBRecapper: Dan, you seem to be in rare form this afternoon. Let me ask you seriously. What kind of guy do you see Danielle marrying?
Dan: One that doesn't wear the pants.
BBRecapper: Seriously?
Dan: Well, maybe a Doctor with the personality like Ian; like the school doctor or something. Someone that's way older than her; like if she's 26, they'll be 35. Very well to do.

BBRecapper: Ummm, Ian! Let me ask you the same question.
Ian: Good looking, tall. Because of her looks she would probably attract someone attractive with money.

BBRecapper: So Dan, what about Ian. Who would he marry?
Dan: Someone that likes the internet, Pokemon, super skinny, a little nebbish, maybe strawberry blonde hair.

2:30 PM
Dan is still a bit mischievous asking Danielle what the name of Ian's hometown is. When Danielle gets it wrong, Dan dumps a bowl of water on her.

Danielle goes off by herself and tells us: Sorry live feeders that I'm so boring, I just want to be away from Dan and Ian right now.
BBRecapper: It’s ok, we’ve grown accustomed to your extended make up sessions.
Danielle: And I'm missing Shane so badly. I'm tired of Dan picking on him. He's just mad that Shane and I were so close and Shane never wronged me. God, if Ian wins this thing I'll be so mad.

BBRecapper: So Ian, You seemed conflicted when Boogie left. What was going through your mind?
Ian: When I heard him say "Ian, not cool doggie.” And telling Frank, “Ian is not to be trusted"; those comments hurt and pissed me off.

BBRecapper: Dan, what past Houseguests would you say Ian compares to?
Dan: Matt Hoffman and Ronnie.
Ian: Ronnie?! I will kill you!
Dan: Then change Ronnie to Eric Stein.
BBRecapper: How about Danielle?
Dan: A mix between Jordan and Daniele Donato.
Both Ian and Danielle agree.

BBRecapper: Danielle, you have mentioned many maladies throughout the season. Are there any others you would like to share with us today?
Danielle: Bad Allergies. Mold, pollen, dust.

6:00 PM
The feeds were out, but I was able to get a little inside information. The Houseguests were just informed they are going to be on the Talk tomorrow. They are very excited and hope their families know about it.

8:00 PM
While I was trying to get in another question to Ian out back, there was a commotion inside. Apparently Danielle thought Dan was cheating at cards. Here was the result:

BBRecapper: While you prepare the chicken parmesan and pasta, is there any misinformation that Chef Murphree would like to pass along?
Danielle: Absolutely! You cannot get salmonella from chicken. It only comes from the egg yolks.

9:30 PM
BBRecapper: Dan, forgive me for following you into the bedroom. You seem upset. Why are going under the covers?
Just then Danielle bursts in and wants to know what’s wrong.
Dan: I’m just now realizing I’ve played a [crappy] game.
Danielle: There's no way you have played a [crappy] game. You are the only coach here. All of your moves have worked. You've played the best game. I promise to convince the whole jury to vote for you.

BBRecapper (After Danielle leaves): Dan, you are smiling! What does this mean?
Dan: I love this game! Sometimes the best way to get in people's head is just to let them spill their guts.
BBRecapper: Does this mean you will definitely be throwing round three to Ian?! …Dan? …Dan? (Sorry folks, he ducked into the Diary Room)

BBRecapper (It looks like Ian is curious that something is up):
Danielle: Dan is upset and feeling bad and is mad at me over earlier comments.

Danielle proceeds to do a couple kart wheels and a head stand. It seems Dan has her literally turned upside down!

Well shoot! Allison Grodner has been alerted to my presence in the house and she is none too happy. I bet the feeds were blocked when the large uniformed men with nightsticks escorted me from the studio. Sorry folks. I’ll get to a PC and finish up the Recap from there.

Dan and Ian are in a marathon chat about Survivor. They intermix some Big Brother history and at one point Dan mentions the vote count if Ian were to take Danielle to the final. If Ian came with subtitles, they would say ‘Dan, you don’t even need to go there because I’m taking you.’

They get in a little talk about this season too. Ian asks Dan if he knew that someone was going home the first night. He didn't. Ian thinks Dan should have picked Willie for his team. Dan thinks Britney's team should have been unstoppable. He noticed when the coaches were drafting their teams; Willie wouldn't look him in the face because he wanted to be on Britney's team. Britney and Russell know each other.

They discuss the draft pick order. Dan says he really, really liked Kara because she sat back and listened.

They talk about Joe getting a bear during the first comp. Dan says it was Joe's best showing in a comp.
Ian says Boogie's strategy was to pick guys that reminded him of Will and Boogie in their 20's because those are the types of guys to win.
Ian says Wil had some issues with Janelle because she tried to play his game for him and he would straight up tell her to stop playing his game.

Danielle joins them. Ian tells Danielle that the week Danielle was up against JoJo there was no chance Danielle was going home. Dan says Boogie leaned over to him during the live show that week and told him he was sorry. (after telling Dan that Danielle wasn't going home earlier on). Danielle is glad she didn't hear that because she would have freaked out.

Ian says that Frank and Boogie's downfall was believing that Ian would never lie to them. Boogie reamed him out when he took the dog suit. Ian believes that taking the dog suit and giving Jenn the trip to Maui helped him end up where he is today.

Dan reminds them they have to be up at 7:45 AM and be ready by 9AM tomorrow (for the Talk). Dan and Danielle start heading for bed. Dan gives Danielle a hug and thanks her for cheering him up. Dan swears he isn't going to gut her at the end.

Danielle is telling Dan she felt awful for hurting Dan's feelings because that's the last thing she wanted to do and she wants Dan to know how much he has done for her. She was worried that she was going to have a mental breakdown in the house, says she had a major meltdown in the Diary Room (I don’t think she meant tonight). She kept telling them that she just wanted to go home and it caused a frenzy in the production room. BB wanted to call in Dr. Zachary but she didn't want that.

2:00 AM
Ian has joined them. They turn off the Lights and everyone is drifting off to sleep when out of nowhere Ian laughs out loud. Dan asks "What?" and Ian says "Frank… just thinking about Frank and how obnoxious he was".
And with that the house goes quiet.

Will Dan really throw part three to Ian? Will Ian really take Dan to the final or will he ‘skulldug’ him at the last minute? And most importantly have you received a call from Rachel at card services recently? It’s been over a week and I’m starting to worry!

Thanks to all the Updaters for their effort today. It is much appreciated!