The Queen makes her moves, Brenchal Crash and the Elf is among them

9:11 After a brief FOH we see Shelly and Lawon sitting at the table they ate the first ones up. They didn’t really have much conversation but sat and drank coffee; they were still on inside lock down. They talk about family (Shelly’s of course). Lawon told her that for his 40th birthday this year he was going to visit his Dad in London. They are both waiting for the OK to go outside and smoke.
By 1:00 everyone was up and BB had them on an outside lockdown (smokers loved that). When the feeds returned we see Adam in his elf outfit! He has bells on so everyone can hear him coming, pointed shoes and ears and a ruffled collar too.
We also see that America’s choice for food for the houseguests was seaweed and sardines. Jordon was totally grossed out by the smell. Jordon and Shelly chat a bit and Shelly assures Jordon that her (Shelly’s) only goal this week is to keep Jeff in the house. Jordon thinks that Rachel is easily persuaded and that is why Dani wants Brendon gone. Rachel and Porsche talk and said that Shelly is playing both sides and not to trust her, that she said she was with the veterans and then last night in HOH she told Dani she was with her.
Shelly talked to Dani and Dani told her that she needed her support if she put up Rachel and Brendon this week, she wanted to make a big move and everyone in this house is afraid to it. So she has to make the big move! Dani also said that someone told her that if Shelly had won HOH this week she was going to put her up (Dani). Shelly denied it (She did say that) and said that Rachel would tell Dani anything to get the focus off of herself. Shelly then tells her that Brenchal can’t be trusted but J&J can be.
Shelly leaves in walks J&J. Dani said all she wants from them is a 1 week deal that they won’t put her up. They agree to that. They agree to the deal for safety. Jeff said he will take the deal, won’t throw anyone under the bus and does not want to know her plan, Just concerned about his and Jordon’s safety. They leave in walks Adam.
Adam said his same old line that he wants to be there and that if he can’t win he wants to at least have a say in who wins (be on the jury). He then asked her that if she nominates him fine but if not please don’t put his key last (???). He then told Dani that she would not be her target next week. She thanked him he left and in walked Kalia.
Kalia said Rachel was crying and nobody can find her to Dani. (She was in the DR). Danielle tells Kalia that she is behind her 100% and she trusts her and has her back.
After Rachel comes out she is still crying saying America hates her and that she will be sent home first. Brendon assures her that if that is the case he will ask people to vote him out, but she still goes on because she does not trust Jeff and thinks that he will not talk game with her. She said that everyone in the house thinks she is crazy.
Rachel and Brendon enter the HOH here is how a feeds updater posted their conversation: Rachel & Brendon talking to Dani, Brendon apologizes, 04:10 PM Dani says they will see she was on their side completely. Never ever ever was I going to turn on you. I can see how you saw it that way but it wasn't. If my closest ally isn't going to trust you why am I going to work with you.
Brendon would have done anything for her until she tried to pit them against each other.
Dani says the whole thing w/Dom was if we get Dom to work w/us we would have been unstoppable. That's truly how I saw it.
Brendon didn't know what to believe. He thought they were doing good & was disappointed when that happened.
Brendon says he would have gladly gone & left Dani & Rachel in the final 2 (and feeds cut out)!
Rachel saying they couldn't have gone backwards, but she understands where Dani is coming from.
Brendon says all that crap aside he wants to smooth things over w/her whether he goes home this week or not.
Dani says if they would have kept Dom it would have been the stupidest move they ever made.
He says Kalia doesn't like us but that's a different subject.
Dani says she likes them does not feel negative towards them.
Rachel says neither do we.
Brendon says on a game note I don't know what you are going to do.
Rachel asks if she is willing to make a deal w/them.
Dani says she isn't making deals right now but she is considering them.
They tell Dani that Dom was lying to them about everything.
Dani thought it sucked the things they told Dom about her.
She says they were each other go to person.
Brendon says he's sorry but it's cause he took it personally.
He considered her a friend & maybe they were a bit jealous over Dom, but that's personal.
Rehashing about keeping Dom. And that's not personal it's just game. She is not gonna hold that against anyone.
If she keeps them safe this week they will keep her safe next week and they WILL win next week, it's gonna be physical again.
He says you know who you can trust.
Dani says it's funny how no one cheered for her, and if she didn't win she would be on the block. Whether she had a shot at the veto or not she would be going home.
Brendon says I still think we can wipe out this house.
Dani says but I was ok 1 hour & then the next I'm on my own.
Dani says we never talked game because of Lawon but everybody thinks we did.
Rachel says as far as game goes that we have a better chance working together.
Brendon does not want Kalia or Lawon to win this game. Rachel says in the mean time if we are against each other then they just ride thru the middle. We can get far together if we work together but if we go to war.
After B&R leave, Dani makes a gun with her hand and puts it to her head think she whispers "I don’t care about Americas Favorite"
They leave in walks Porsche. She basically just wanted to defend herself and explain to Dani that she was not the reason why Dom left. She said the only reason she did not vote for Dom was because it was not a sure thing and it would have made her look bad. Then Dani got called to the DR.
4:52 the feeds get turned off and we get trivia for the nomination ceremony. Feeds came back and we see Brendon and Rachel are nominated. Of course this brings more tears from Rachel and Brendon assuring her that she was going nowhere that he would leave first. Porsche tries talking to her and she Rachel told her that the only reason her key was last was because she is friends with her. Rachel still crying saying she didn’t expect to be screwed this early in the game from someone she trusted (come on Rachel if Brendon had won Dani would be up on that block today). Brendon keeps telling her that if he wins VETO he will use it on her and that she can stay and take Dani out for him. She just keeps crying.
Brendon and Rachel are just realizing one of them are coming home. Meanwhile Kalia and Dani are sure someone is coming back and Dani said that with Dom out of the house she can concentrate more on her game.
Dani talks to Jeff and Jordon and tells them if the veto is used that they have to put up Jordon because putting up Jeff would be too risky. J &J said they understand.
Lots of speculation on the POV. Brendon and Rachel want to win and try to convince Dani to put up someone else like Lawon so he goes. Tonight a lot of talk about farts, seems the slop causes major gas issues in the hamsters bellies so the house really stinks.
3:36 – All house guests were quiet and going to sleep.
Who will win VETO? Will Brenchal survive this week? Will the curse of the elf suit (like the banana suit last year) come through? Can Dani take a breath and think ahead a few steps for the win? Will Rachel ever stop crying probably not until Kalia stops talking! Until Tomorrow! Thanks to all the live feed updaters you’re the best!