9:30 AM
The Houseguests get their wake up call but take a half hour before they actually move about the house.

In the Kitchen, Rachel continues her meltdown from last night. Shelly tries to talk her down and talk some sense into her, but the more sense Shelly makes, the more Rachel resists. She says over and over, “You don’t understand” then lists a host of her different woes. Brendon is there initially looking despondent and blank and he doesn’t even acknowledge Shelly for a time. Shelly tries to verbally knock some sense into him too.

Shelly goes back to the bedroom where Lawon and Jordon have been listening to the whole thing. She says she could use some help out there.

Jordon eventually goes out to the Kitchen and provides support to what Shelly has been telling the Duo.

The unhappy couple eventually goes to be alone. Brendon tells Rachel he doesn’t agree when Shelly says Rachel should stay and fight because he knows the reality of it. He says she should pretend and make it look like she is fighting to make it to jury.

Everyone in the house seems to be aware of what is going on and is either fed up with it or thinks it is all an act (or both).

11:30 AM
Lockdown in the HOH. Rachel is curled up in Brendon’s lap occasionally sobbing quite loudly. The other houseguests look at each other in disbelief and disgust.

1:00 PM
Feeds were blocked for over an hour and when they return we see the Houseguests have been released from the HOH torture chamber. Most are in the kitchen getting food.

Brendon and Rachel disappear for another pep talk and eventually we see them laughing about the good times in the house.

4:30 PM
Dani and Kalia’s plan from last night to confuse the others by hiding things seems to be working. There is a flurry of activity as people tell each other about things that are missing and wondering what it means. Most everyone figures out it was probably a joke and continues getting ready for the live show. Rachel and Brendon appear to be getting the blame.

6:00 PM – Live Show
Brendon is evicted with only Rachel and Porsche voting to keep him.
Julie informed the Houseguests that the next person evicted may have a chance to come back into the house. We are told we can vote for one of the first four evicted to battle it out with the next evictee for a chance to return.
Kalia impressively won a ‘knock out’ style HOH competition.

7:00 PM
The house divides. In one room, Dani tells Kalia that Jordan was mad Kalia won HOH. She notes it was odd because Kalia and Jordan have a deal that they would never put each other up. Lawon notes that Porch feels bad because Rachel, Jeff and Jordan strung her along. Now they are mad at her for picking Shelly against Jeff in the ‘knock out’ competition. Dani says she was disgusted when Rachel straddled Brendon during the commercial break. But, she thought Brendon went out classy.

In another room, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are clearly not happy about the turn of events, but they are not overly stressing about it because of the Twist.

10:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
With s vote a 5-2, Brendon is the first veteran to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Kalia won the HOH competition, “Checkmate” and is now the first Newbie HOH. The next houseguest evicted will have a chance to get back in the game. They will battle won of the four previous evictees live next Thursday. The next nomination ceremony will air this Sunday.

10:30 PM
Kalia gets her HOH room.

We got to hear a Diary Room leak reminding her to act excited. She did not disappoint. Three steps into the room and she broke out in tears. Almost as fast she composed herself as everyone looked at her pictures. Her basket included Coffee Frappachinos, Vegetable dip, Mac and Cheese, Lean Cuisines, tea, Seltzer water, Almonds, Pita chips, Lays Barbeque chips, Mexican corn chops, Frosted Flakes, Pringles, Red Velvet cake mix, Waxing strips, Twizzlers, Olive Oil, Pina wine and her CD was Adele 19. She read her letter from home to everybody.

Once everyone is gone, Dani and Kalia agree that they should try and play without the twist in mind. They laugh that everyone believes that Brendan stole all the stuff. Kalia says she’ll put the chess pieces back after everyone goes to bed. Dani vows to she will not be nice to Rachel.

Anticipating midnight, Jordan said she's gonna eat so much she's gonna go into a food coma.

Adam says they will be doing something with the "shunning" of the Elf Costume tomorrow according to Big Brother.

Rachel requests a meeting with Kalia. Rachel offers, “You don’t owe me anything, like a deal or friendship, but if you happen to not nominate me then I will not nominate you next week. Kalia will pray on it.
When Rachel leaves the room, Kalia breaks into laughter, “Humble pie tastes good doesn't it home-girl. Trust that I always had a plan the whole time I was here.”

3:00 AM
Kalia assures Adam that he isn't going up on the block and she says she couldn't send him out the week of his 40th birthday!

Jordan and Jeff head to bed without meeting with Kalia. Jordan doesn’t see the point. Jeff stays in the Have Not room with her, even though he doesn’t have to.

Adam and Shelly stay up talking. They are impressed with Kalia lately. They finally pack it in about 4:30 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Jeff and Jordan try to meet with Kalia? Who will she nominate? Will the new twist shake things up? And will Adam really be able to part with the Elf suit?

Thanks as always to the excellent Updaters for keeping us all informed!