What separates the “New Jersey Housewives” from the other franchises is family. This is a real family with real problems, and maybe that's why it's so enthralling, because there's so much at stake. It’s not a career or an image being destroyed, it’s real relationships with parents and siblings. The feud between the Guidices and the Gorgas cuts deep, and it doesn’t matter whose side you’re on; the loss and sadness hurts just the same.

There is so much here that no one can get Teresa to own up to. Did she get paid to put articles in “In Touch Magazine?” Of course she did! There’s no doubt she had some kind of contract to do multiple front page stories, but am I the only one that doesn’t blame her for not admitting it? During the big fight where Jacqueline confronted Teresa about the articles, I felt that Teresa was either unable to admit she was paid for contractual reasons, or maybe she just didn’t want to admit it on TV.

Of course the main issue here is the fact that the Guidices put out the article about Joe possibly going to jail, while the rest of the cast was asked not to speak of it. This just seemed like something Teresa could yell out to people: she didn’t really have any ammunition tonight, so telling everyone they spoke about her legal issues was just grasping at straws. It’s understandable that Teresa wouldn’t want everyone gossiping about her legal troubles, but the ladies feel that by putting it in a magazine, all bets were off.

Once the men come out we can finally get to the real issues. Did coming on the show ruin Joe Gorga and Teresa’s relationship? Joe says it was broken before then, and maybe he did the show hoping to get closer. Teresa, as always, blames Melissa for coming between her and her brother. This all goes back to the behind the scenes drama. Teresa has always claimed that Melissa and Kathy came on the show behind her back, and did it to get a piece of Teresa’s fame. Everyone (even Andy Cohen) has dismissed this and confirmed that Teresa always knew they were in the running to be on the show. There’s no doubt these women saw what Teresa had and wanted in on the action; it was an opportunity to become famous and launch a brand like Teresa did. This however, doesn’t change anything. Teresa and Joe haven’t spoken in a year, and the Gorgas are even selling their home to get away from Teresa and her kids. Unless there is a bigger issue we’re unaware of as to the kids not getting along at school, I find it hard to believe they are moving to get away from the Guidices.

Chris Laurita, who is surely the voice of reason, talks a little bit about his sister Dina. He, like Caroline, doesn’t currently have a relationship with Dina, and he was hurt to see her on the show talking badly about Caroline with Teresa. This is a little blown out of proportion. Despite the fact that I’m sure Teresa had ill intentions in having Dina on the show (like rubbing their friendship in Caroline’s face,) the fact is that they are friends and Dina simply went to an event to support Teresa. She really didn’t say much about Caroline, as much as Teresa would have loved her to.

Rumor has it that the big fight between Dina, Caroline, Jacqueline, and apparently Chris stems from Dina being fired from the show. Dina, who claimed to be leaving to get away from Danielle, was supposedly fired for being too boring. When Caroline and Jacqueline didn’t refuse to film without her or do anything to try and help her out, Dina stopped speaking to them. I’ve always believed this for the one undeniable fact that supports this story: Dina was so boring on the show! Nevertheless, I do feel for them all and hope they can reconcile and be a family again.

Stripper-gate. So who was a stripper, and who wasn’t? Well I wasn’t too surprised to learn that it was Joe Gorga with a stripping past, and not his wife. OK, it’s time to get into the “Posche Fashion Show,” Angelo the creeper, and who was and wasn’t involved. Let’s bring out Kim D. I was shocked to learn that Kim D. and Andy were meeting for the first time. I was really disgusted with the ladies saying “I smell Shit” and rolling their eyes when Kim D. came out. Not because she didn’t deserve it, but because they then proceeded to talk about how they’re all good friends.

I loved finally getting a little insight into this; Kim D. was mad at Melissa for promoting another store with the same name. That’s understandable, and Kim D. admits that she’s a spiteful person and when the opportunity arose to blow up her spot, she had to do it. It fell into her lap: she found people claiming Melissa was a stripper, and brought Teresa along for the ride. So yes, Teresa knew. Kim D. is hesitant to say Teresa knew, and instead says she knew something was going down, but not what was going down.

What’s telling is that Teresa knew something was going down because something always happens at the “Posche Fashion Show.” Hmmm. During the whole fiasco that was the finale this season, something didn’t seem right to me. There was something so fake and contrived about the whole set up, from Angelo the stylist/ex-strip club owner being miked up, to poor acting on everyone’s part. It all seemed for show to me, and I was certain that production had a heavy hand in it. When Teresa says something always happens, it all clicked.

Every year the “Posche Fashion Show” is a major source of drama for the show, there’s no doubt it needed a dramatic close. It’s obvious it wasn’t just Teresa in on it, and although she admits nothing, it’s time to put the issue to rest.

In the end, Melissa never wants to look at Teresa again, and Joe Gorga just wants an apology. He claims that Teresa has turned her parents against him and he breaks down. Teresa finally says something honest, she just wants Joe to be happy and love his kids. A simple statement that finally reveals the true Teresa, in tears. Nothing is resolved, and she can’t own up to anything she did or said. She has an excuse for everything, and at this point her family, like us, are used to it. There’s nothing else to say, and we say goodbye to our Jersey family.

Are you shocked by Teresa’s lies, or do you see where she’s coming from? I know she has die- hard fans, and major haters. I want to know what you think. What do I think? Well a sociopath is defined as “someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. They are manipulative, self-centered, don’t learn from their mistakes, don’t take responsibility for their actions, and lack remorse.” That’s what I think. Let me know what you think here.