Arnold Twist begins with a young boy growing up in California. His father was a habitual remote control changer freak. Young Arnold would steal the batteries from his the remote so his father would be thwarted in his constant channel changing. As Arnold grew, he would play other pranks on the members of his house. He hid the TV Guide, pulled the plug on the TV (just enough to send his father to the phone for the repairman) and often, he would convince his older sister that American Bandstand was canceled because Dick Clark had died.

When Arnold grew up he was apprenticed to the evil Fagin as a student director for ‘Dynasty’. While there, he forced the producers to bring in stupid writers who wrote incredibly inane story lines. The series ended and Arnold was happy!

Arnold was befriended by a young woman name Alison who talked him into taking over on a new project that CBS had tried. It was called Big Brother and had suffered in its first year on TV.

Arnold and Alison decided to rob the Internet viewers of their money in the second season. They each bought new mansions and cars and yachts with their profits. They chose weird people and prison escapees. One guest was taken off for a ‘knife incident.’ Arnold learned his lesson.

The second year Arnold produced Big Brother, he manipulated the players so a young married black woman would win. Unfortunately, the woman was seen as harsh and mean. Arnold learned his lesson.

For Big Brother 3, Arnold insisted that he would control the players in their every move. He took out a player for nothing more than moving a few chairs around. He watched as the two players most likely to have sex over and over again were nominated and evicted.

Secretly, he made the three lamebrain guys the ‘Dream Team’ and played them up to the TV audience as gods.

And then came the twist. All America waited for the incredible twist. Julie Chen’s cardboard standee hyped it as something that changed the game.

And then we saw it. The twist.

POV for the one who allowed their fellow housemates to eat PB&J for a week.

The entire internet viewing audience gasped! This was the twist? This lame thing was the twist? In droves, the viewers turned off RealPlayer and canceled their subscriptions.

No one remembers who won BB3. When BB4 started, there were three internet viewers who subscribed to the feeds.

Arnold learned a lesson. Don’t mess with the Internet viewers. Arnold may think he has the power but the Internet viewers have the numbers!