Ian: You know for the future, it just means, hey! I am going to be debt-free as I can into the real world and I still plan on being a chemical engineer...........

BestBBever: Good, the world needs more like you!

Ian: Thank you, it doesn’t really alter anything on my career path but it is an awesome notch in my belt and something to tell my kids or grandkids someday, that I did, so..........I am really pumped and it is just really something that no one can ever take away from me!

BestBBever: Are you a member of a fraternity at Tulane?

Ian: I am NOT a member of a fraternity at Tulane! [he said this with emphasis and seemed very proud of it, which I salute!]

BestBBever: Some of your sexual antics were hilarious and some of them were a little frightening especially with the Monkey and I wondered if that was fratboy pranks?

Ian: Uh, ya know, I do enjoy a good prank so I could be a little immature, I am 21, so I know the monkey kind of scared some people, especially Danielle but I was having fun and Dan seemed to think it was pretty funny too!

[I am not sure why it matters what Dan thinks and when did 21 get a pass as an age of immaturity? WTH is up with that? When I was 21 I had to milk 15 cows and churn butter before I drove my ten children to school in a car I built myself....no wait, that’s Danielle sorry, I kid, I kid and I digress!]

BestBBever: You were very entertaining on many occasions and the live feeders appreciated it and on behalf of Joker’s Updates we would like to formally congratulate you on your win!

Ian: Thank you so much........you know I really do like Joker’s and I love your Updates!

BestBBever: Thank you Ian, I hope you’ll come visit us!

[There were technical difficulties and the conference call was abruptly ended. I called back and Ian thought he had accidentally ended the call and he was delightful while apologizing and the interview continued!]

BestBBever: Ian, you were talking about how much you hated the ants but as a superfan, weren’t you aware of the fact that the ants take over every year?

Ian: I did know that but it was just so awful and I thought maybe there was a hope that it wouldn’t happen but it did!

Ian then talked about how his OCD affected his game and he was afraid that it would put others off but he thought he managed it well.

BestBBever: I was amazed at how much sugar and caffeine you consumed.....

Ian: YEAH! I do love my Diet Coke!!!

BestBBever: Have you ever considered that some of your symptoms could be attributed to your diet?

Ian: That’s possible but uh, when I am at school, I very rarely get to indulge in Diet Coke and I still have the same issues so, I just took a stab and I’ll say that’s probably not what it is. But that is a good guess and it very well could have been.

BestBBever: We loved your hammock time........

Ian: I loved the hammock as well.....

BestBBever: The squeaks and noises the hammock made became your theme song and we especially loved the conversations you had with yourself while you were rocking, after Dan “scumbagged” your word, Shane, you kept muttering; “to be the best you have to beat the best,” was that specifically about Dan?

Ian: Yes, that was absolutely about Dan!

BestBBever: So, at that moment you knew he was going to the Final 2 with you?

Ian: I knew he was going to the Final 2 with me since after the Otev competition. I mean I intended it for a long time. I mean that, I really meant that I was taking him to Final 2, there was no question and once I did that little Renegade gunshot thing, I was taking him. I would never go back on that!

BestBBever: Again, for clarification, when you were telling Boogie & Frank and some of the other guys what a bad dude you were, why were your dastardly deeds so much kinder than Dan’s?

Ian: Mine were cleaner, I didn’t insult anybody. I tried to be cordial in my dastardly deeds, I didn’t tell anyone that they were DEAD TO ME and I didn’t make a scene and then boot someone out and I just tried to play it cleaner.

BestBBever: Good point, thank you.

Ian talked about how much he loved winning that Shark competition on National TV and he didn’t even know that he needed it but he said it was his favorite moment in the Big Brother house.

BestBBever: You handled your wins gracefully but that one really did seem special to you.

Ian: It was!

BestBBever: Of all the women in the house, you talked a lot about Kara and I thought it was really cute when you made a comment about a Playmate sleeping one bed over from you, did you talk to her last night, do you plan on talking to her tonight and has it ever occurred to you to ask her out?

Ian: I think Kara is a really beautiful woman however I don’t think she is really my type and I don’t think I am hers either but I will definitely remain friends with her. Kara is just not the type of girl that I go for.

BestBBever: Well what type of girl do you go for, besides Ashley [Ian laughed out loud at that] because you do have a lot of groupies and I think your love life is going to be a lot different in the future, so what do you like?

Ian: I really like a down-to-earth, really intelligent girl and if she is cute that absolutely helps, so that would be it, in a nutshell!

BestBBever: Well maybe we’ll set up Joker’s Updates Bachelor for Ian!

Ian: ALRIGHT, I think it could be kind of fun if it happens, we’ll see if it happens!

BestBBever: Ian you have been wonderful, absolutely delightful during this interview and I will admit to being a torn because I thought Dan played a “killer” game but you really handled your win so beautifully...

Ian: It was SOMETHING!

BestBBever: What did you parents think of all of this, how do they feel?

Ian: They said, “You said you were going to DO IT AND YOU DID IT! WHAT THE HECK!" Because I’m sure there were a lot of moments where they were at home watching and they thought it wasn’t going to happen and I think they were just shocked that I pulled it off and I think any financial problems that our family had are GONE so, I am sure they’re elated!

BestBBever: That’s lovely, that must be a wonderful feeling!

Ian: It was, I really felt like I actually accomplished something!

[My heart now has an Ian shaped compartment in it!]

BestBBever: Is there anything that you didn’t get to do in the Big Brother house that as a Superfan you thought you would do?

Ian: I don’t think so, I did slop, I did a penalty outfit, I got HOH and Pandora’s Box.....yeah, I did it all!

BestBBever: Do you have any regrets about the Maui vacation versus the Dog suit?

Ian: Not for a second! What happened last night [him winning BB14] ultimately made it the right decision and the right thing to do!

BestBBever: I think that Dog suit was very successful, it made everyone treat you like a puppy and although they felt they knew you better, they thought you were harmless, it was a great move!

Ian: It was a lot of fun, I really did enjoy that one! I got to sleep outside, it was like camping! I thought it was quite cool!

BestBBever: You wore it well, did you take it with you?

Ian: Yes, thank you, yes I do have it, it will probably hit Ebay!

BestBBever: No way, really?

Ian: Yes, sadly.......I love the thing but I have a few more items I love more and I think it will bring a lot of joy to someone’s life the way it brought joy to mine!

BestBBever: Well, thank you Ian. That is a lovely sentiment to leave on, you wanting to give joy to someone else. Come see us at Joker’s and we’ll play Bachelor and set you up!

Ian: Thanks Joker’s, thank you, I will!

The kid that entered the Big Brother house almost three months ago, is not the man I spoke to. Ian has reinvented himself, just as reinvented the game of Big Brother. He is destined to hear quacks so often, they may haunt his sleep but I think it will be a good haunting. Ian thought Dan’s mist was limited because it didn’t work in the jury house.

Ian didn’t think he played a great game or even a good game, he thought he played a decent game and Dan just forgot about his jury votes. He plans on being friends with everyone but especially Britney. He definitely threw the first part of the final HOH because he told Dan he would and he wanted to keep his word but also because he thought the second part was more important and thought he would win any kind of numbers or fact challenge.

Ian never thought to request the hammock but he does think he will buy one because he really enjoyed it all summer and thought it was a great way to relieve stress because he likes to “be in motion at all times!”

Ian would definitely participate in an AllStars competition, if he is ever asked but he would like to finish his degree first. His advice for the people entering the Big Brother Canada house is to NOT act like he did the first week and don’t make yourself a target. LAY LOW!

Eventually, Ian took his own advice and because there were bigger fish to fry, Ian was underestimated and ignored until he looked to be evicted and one of Dan’s “scumbag” moves saved him. More than anything, Ian just seemed human. He had his good points and bad and I definitely hope he plays in a future AllStars. His win was so unique and he played such an interesting game, I think I’ll install a hammock in his honor.

I never got to ask all the other great questions the Big Brother crew came up with, Ian seemed to have a phone “mist” all his own and I admit to being charmed. The world needs some great chemical engineers, now more than ever and I hope this is the start of a wonderful, charming life for Ian. For as long as I live, I will never forget how charming and enthusiastic he was as he explained organic chemistry to Ashley. I know he has some lingering feelings for her that I chose not to explore but I definitely see some brainy beauties in his future. Live long and prosper Ian!

@BestBBever for Joker’s Updates