When Tammy Faye meets Ron Jeremy, she says “I knew your face”. She’s a hoot. Who knew? And the more I watched Surreal Life, the more I howled. Who knew!

A few brief who-said-its:

Eric Estrada: “I went to Mexico. Better than a sharp stick in the eye.” =That= remark will be one of the more popular, I’m certain.

Trishelle “I’d never want to live with anybody like me” Well well. Truer words, thought I, until I caught a glimpse of the loverly Traci.

Tammy Faye: “I own the organ in Frank Sinatra’s movie.”
Ron: “I own the organ in many movies.”
Jokerette: “I am going to LOVE this show!”

Vanilla Ice Alien puts forth his notions of the universe and alien life on earth: I can’t stop laughing now.

All of a sudden, Traci appears. Strange things begin to happen (insert Twilight Zone music here.) Alright, I know you won’t credit this next bit, but… Trishelle begins to make sense. Hell, more of this, I’ll begin to find credence in Ice’s Alien theory.

I’m loving the sound track to this show. That and the wonderful casting job: how can this particular show fail? One couldn’t find writers to hatch some of this dialogue. Together with the extremely funny new Mole, Surreal Life is the show to watch this season.