8:30 AM
As we check in on the Houseguests today, we find Shelly is up and on a cleaning mission (ed. Must be making up for being in solitary confinement yesterday).

With the Veto Ceremony looming and receiving the wake up call from Big Brother, we find the nominees are outside together looking quite at ease.

They both say they will put up Dani if they win the next HOH.

At the very same time we can see the current HOH is up. She does not look as relaxed (ed. She has an important decision to make assuming Adam uses the Veto today.)

Brendon appears outside and he’s in a bad mood complaining that Porsche or Kalia wouldn’t give up their bigger beds leaving Brendon and Rachel to share a smaller twin bed.

Later Dani mentions a guy from prison recognized her and liked her star tattoos. Brendon adds a guy from prison recognized him too (ed. There is no mention of what HE liked though).

Feeds go to Trivia during the Veto ceremony

When the feeds return, we find that Adam removed himself from the block and Dani replaced him with Brendon. Brendon is alone with Rachel and switches back and forth between the ever familiar ‘When I’m Gone’ pep talk and strategizing on how they can work it so that Shelly is evicted instead.

Dani goes upstairs to watch the spy screen.

Later Dani asks Kalia, "What about getting rid of Jeff next week instead of Rachel?" Kalia is agreeable.

1:00 PM
Dani goes to lay out with all her friends.

Just kidding, she is joined by Porsche and Shelly. Shelly mentions the sites she visits and brings up JokersUpdates. Dani says Joker's always has up to the second details on the conversations and Porsche seems intrigued.

Brendon mentions to Rachel that Shelly is jealous of them because they are so affectionate and she probably doesn't have that with her husband (ed. That was just too odd not to include) .

In the Kitchen, Shelly complains to Dani that Brendon drank all the Diet Coke while she was in solitary. Dani adds, “And the food...And the beer...”

Back outside Dani helps Porsche prepare for when Brendon and Rachel ask for her vote this week.

2:30 PM
Shelly tells Jordon she is staying with Jeff and Jordon to the end. She tries to convince her that Dani would be interested in a long term deal with them too and encourages her to talk to Dani about it.

Not long after Dani finds Jeff and Jordon to say she is not coming after them, period. Jeff says, "We'll talk later”. When Dani leaves, Jeff says he thinks they can trust Shelly and Adam more than Brendon and Rachel.

4:00 PM
Jeff and Jordon tell Brendan that Adam probably won't vote to keep him.

Elsewhere Dani, Kalia and Porsche discuss in graphic detail about the stains on Brendon and Rachel’s bedding.

Meanwhile Brendan tries to convince Jordan it is better to keep him over Shelly.

Big Brother has permitted Jordon to wear sneakers to work out, but she still has to wear the tutu prompting the quote, “I’ve never worked out in a pink tutu.”

6:00 PM
Adam drops a weight on Jeff's cup and shatters glass everywhere prompting BB to call an inside lockdown to get it cleaned up.

Propeller spinning as she walks, Jordon comments, "Everyone's workin out".
That pretty much sums up the early evening hours.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Veteran Daniele is the current HOH. Daniele nominated Adam and Shelly for eviction this week. Brendon was given a chance by America to battle his way back in the house and won. He and Rachel have attempted to make a deal with Daniele. The next Veto competition and ceremony will air this Wednesday.

Dani mentions a post show interview she did with Julie in New York. During commercial break she asked Julie who she liked on the show. Julie said she liked Dustin until he changed and got all mean. Dani told her Dustin used to talk crap about Julie. Julie said, “Oh really? Well he's on my S#%t list then!” Julie said she didn't watch the feeds, but she kept up with the show on-line.

Adam tells Jeff and Jordan he has to vote Brendon out. They suggest to Adam that keeping Rachel around for a little while is a good thing.

Shelly takes a turn with Jeff and Jordon. Jeff says he's not voting her out. She pushed for them to talk to Dani again. Jordan thinks Dani is just worried they will get the next HOH. They also suggest to Shelly that keeping Rachel around for a little while is a good thing. Shelly is less certain then Adam appeared to be.

10:00 PM
Porsche has taken on the nerdy personality of someone they are calling Elizabeth. She is wearing glasses from one of the comps. Adam is doing the same thing, only he is now speaking as ’Phillip’. They are meeting/dating for the first time. It was pretty cute and had some funny moments.

They continue this shtick for quite some time. Elizabeth announces that she will need to meet his Mother before the second date. She then talks to his mother on the phone. Phillip mentions eating Roast Beef and Elizabeth is a bit concerned (she doesn’t eat meat).

Kaila, Porsche and Dani partake in some corn on the cob that Brendon prepared.

Outside everyone dares Rachel to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon. She is hesitant.

Everyone laughs when she coughs out a cloud of cinnamon.

Brendon tries it too, with the same results.

The guys are playing some marathon pool.

Everyone else is sitting on the couches and Dani says, "How boring is this cast? At least we can admit it." Later Kalia asks Dani what she thinks a banner would say if one were flown over the house. Dani thinks the banner would read "You guys suck and this season is boring as hell"

Most everyone plays 20 Questions while Shelly is inside scrubbing down the bathroom.

When Brendon and Rachel excuse themselves to go to bed, Dani follows them in to say Brendon has Jeff and Jordon’s vote to stay and she is working on Porsche for him.

2:30 AM
Jeff and Adam resume playing pool and talk some serious game. Most everyone else is heading to or already in bed.

Adam says Dani is the person we gotta get out. They need to cut the head off the snake.
Jeff pushes hard to keep Brendon this week, but Adam counters at every turn and does not buy it.

Regarding losing the last several HOH competitions, Adam says "Statistically speaking it has to come to an end". Jeff says it is like roulette. The numbers don't mean anything in this game. "Statistically we suck!"

Adam tells Jeff that Porsche is voting to send Brendon home. Adam says it's hard being the deciding vote this week and last. No matter what he does one of the sides will be mad at him.

They finally wind down just before 4:00 AM and the house goes quiet.

Is Dani really trying to keep Brendon in the Game? Are there others? Are we looking at a split vote this week? And will Elizabeth agree to a second date with Phillip?

As always, much thanks go to the Updaters!