“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”
The Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who

September 11, 2012

8:16 AM

Morning Fish……

All the lights are on, Jenn is up finds they are locked in and goes back to bed..
Dan has gone in for new batteries then crawled back in bed

BB “Attention House Guests there are fresh batteries in the storage room”

Jenn into her mic “look if you guys are pulling something today then I just need a sharpie, then OK, word “

BB “Ian….Danielle please change your batteries”
Jenn, Danielle, Shane and now Ian are all up questioning what is going on.

9:04 AM

Shane wonders if it might be a fast forward, no one knows for sure but all keep guessing because they know something is up.
Jenn “At least let me pack my Sh*t.”

Jenn doing make up, Danielle is in the shower Jenn ”I’ll get to eat and drink my face off”
But while in the kitchen making a protein shake she says to herself “I don’t feel good about this”

Ian comes out of the DR “yay, we got the camera”

Jenn says she is going to go dress real nice- (for 9-11)
Jenn: I’m wearing all black today. Much like every other day, but today’s different.”

Ian and Shane can’t figure out why they are up so early, Shane grabs the HoH camera and takes some shots of Danielle on the floor drying her hair, and Dan sleeping.. Danielle tells Shane to stop, she needs make up on before any pictures.
Jenn “I can’t believe it’s 11 years later”
Danielle “what are you talking about”
Shane asks Jenn how close she was to the towers that day- she tells him “close enough” but doesn’t want to talk about it- says she saw people on roof tops celebrating. Danielle and Shane are shocked at that. Jenn heads into the kitchen. Shane asks Danielle if they ever found the black box.

Jenn and Ian in the kitchen wondering if the morning music was a hint to today’s events. “Starry-eyed Surprise” was one of the songs. Ian speculates it could be a celebrity visit, he thinks it is strange they haven’t had a movie luxury this season he says “there is always a movie” Ian figures if they don’t have him move out of the HOH room by 11am it’s nothing.

Danielle, Jenn and Ian go to wake up Dan. Ian gets a picture of Danielle and Jenn jumping/bouncing on the bed. They tell him they are locked down and heavy construction outside. Ian “it’s a triple eviction- that’s the twist! The season is cancelled” Ian has Danielle take a picture with the monkey she abused last night.
Dan is at last vertical.

Dan “there’s nothing going on, they just got us up because they’re masochists” Jenn mentions the construction outside. Danielle brings up that they have never gotten the camera before 1pm before. Dan heads to the Bathroom and exaggeratedly “what could it mean?”

Ian “I wish it was a luxury competition- but I think someone’s leaving tonight- voted out on 9/11-distasteful” Jenn says it makes her want to puke.

10:30 AM

Lot’s of picture taking, Dan has Jenn take one of him with Ian- Dan is taking lot’s of shots even in the fridge. He thinks they should take Danielle’s picture surrounded by cereal boxes.. Then he tries to take one of her with fiber powder. Danielle “you’re being ugly” Dan “I just wanted to take a picture of you with fiber powder is that so much to ask?

Dan comes out of the DR- tells Danielle “no deleting” she says she isn’t. Setting up to take a picture of all of them around the Flag for 9/11 then Dan Hangs the flag on the railing outside the HoH room and take one last picture before Ian takes the camera back to the DR.

Jenn tells Dan she was up until 4am . Dan marvels how wide awake she is. She says she is just wired differently.

Dan in the kitchen says maybe they were on lockdown due to camera adjusting for the eviction today. They don’t think that is it a luxury competition. Jenn says Ian told her Britney left on a Tuesday her season. Dan points out Brit finishes 4th. They move on to talking about music.

Jenn gets her daily Jodi mention in, starring at the memory wall. Dan goes over and asks Danielle what’s wrong she says nothing her eyes are just watering.

Ian comes out of the DR. Shane “here we go” Danielle asks if they told him anything he shakes his head, Danielle “did you ask?” no.

Ian quotes one of his tweets @kristenbitting so do you think we can go our on the 22nd? #snowballschance”

11:14 AM

Shane and Danielle laying in bed
Shane “It would make sense for it to be a double.”
Danielle “A double”
Shane “Sorry, a Fast Forward” then there would be 4 people left until next Tuesday
Shane “why else are they building outside” Danielle mentions yesterdays long outside lockdown.
Shane “there is no use specifying”
Danielle “you mean speculating”
Shane “what did I say”
Danielle “specifying”
Shane “shush”

Dan heads upstairs to talk with Ian

Dan “what do you think is going on?”
Ian “I think someone’s going tonight-it makes sense” They speculate about the schedule, Ian goes back to thinking luxury comp.
Dan “I dunno. Weird. Why did they get us up at the buttcrack of dawn?”
Ian “It has to be a luxury though, why would they get us up early for an eviction?”
Dan “but we just had a luxury though”
Ian “I dunno. It’s really weird”

Dan tells Ian about a dream he had where Julie asks for a piece of toast. He and Ashley wrestled with the toaster, Janelle ripped it away, and Dan just got the toast out of the fridge. Memphis was there riding a mechanical bull… Ian says he probably wasn’t eligible to compete…

They go back to speculating about an eviction
Ian “Quack Pack date with destiny”!

They go over competition details, studying, then go through the evictions.
Ian “Jenn will be leaving 2-0”
Dan tells him she thinks there is a strong possibility that Ian would keep her in a tie. Ian says no way “it’ll be 2-0 thought, right?”
Dan agrees
Ian “good otherwise Danielle would rip your face off”

Dan says they’ve both done for each other what they said they would, building trust. Ian says if Dan voted the other way, he’d lose Ian’s vote anyway and Shane and Danielle would be mad.

Ian “Quack”! They wonder if the Duck Tales theme song will be played tomorrow.

Ian and Dan espouse the virtues of the Quack Pack. Talking about Frank, Dan asks Ian if he thinks Frank will be invited back. Ian says yes.
Ian wonders how Franks exit interview with Julie went “he was PISSED”

Dan”we probably got bashed. He probably said he wants Jenn to win the whole thing”

Ian says they have to clean house, can not risk floaters getting to the end. Says Jenn came close in comps too so it’s not like they’re getting rid of a Jerry (S10)
Ian “she can’t stay mad too long. I gave her a trip to Maui over a dog suit”
Dan says it wouldn’t have been funny with Jenn in the costume.

House is quiet, everyone lying down or sleeping Dani/Shane in skid row, Dan on the HoH couch, Ian in the HoH bed…

Jenn under a blanket in the arcade room, awake, twirling her hair.

11:54 AM


12:54 PM

*Big Brother Live Feeds Will Return Wednesday Evening* official notice per Superpass

9/11- We Will Never Forget

(Thanks as always go to the Jokers Updaters-Without you we’d all be lost)