They Shot the Sheriff…Goodbye Kathy

Whenever I think of law enforcement
I have this image of strength and power
But Kathy you kind of changed this image
Yes this image for me you have soured

Your ability to compete in the comps
Left a lot to be desired
From the slippery wiener to the big paint brush
And in the caramel being mired

You didn’t really stand out as a player
You didn’t to anyone pose a great threat
Basically when it came to you
No other player had a thing to fret

But play the game you did nonetheless
With a little more class than some of the others
You did get a little catty for a bit
But we’ve seen worse on Big Brother

On the other hand you did do something
That made me and others proud too
You defeated Rachel in the bowling comp
Then stood your ground when she came after you

So Kathy I guess a pat on the back
Couldn’t hurt for a so-so game
You weren’t a strong player by any means
But you played it just the same

Oh and one more thing I want to say
Some advice you may want to heed
The crime rate in your area just may go up
Due to your known lack of ability and speed

So when all is said and all is done
And Big Brother twelve is done it’s playin
You may want to hire more cops for your force
I’m no expert…but I’m just sayin..

Goodbye Kathy and thanks for…trying?