9:30 am
This is Big Brother, It's time to get up for the day.


There is an indoor lock down going on so the house-guests do what they do best in the mornings,,,, sleep.

Jordan is the first to get up for the day. She brushes her hair, gets a drink then promptly goes to the green room to lay down. We can hear lots of pounding going on outdoors so I am assuming Jordan can hear this too and is anxious for the possible HOH part 2 competition.

For the next couple of hours Jordan puts some of her things away in the wash center and cleans the kitchen. The ant invasion is still in effect (remind me to not use what they use to get rid of ants)

Jordan is called to the DR, when she comes back out the backyard is opened back up.

Natalie & Kevin finally get out of bed. Kevin goes outside and tells Jordan good morning then asks her how long the lock down had been over. Jordan told him about 15 minutes. Natalie walks out and is puzzled that nothing had changed outside.

Natalie: Are we not having something today?

Jordan & Kevin are just as confused as Natalie, they were sure the second part of the hoh competition was today.

Natalie & Kevin begin doing laundry.

Natalie: I guess it's all tomorrow
Kevin: I'm confused, I was sure there would be something today
Natalie: The DR said I was dumb for throwing the competition yesterday

Nat & Kevin go inside, leaving Jordan to sit in the backyard by herself.

Nat & Kevin discuss their weaknesses in last nights competition. Natalie said she got dizzy and Kevin said he watch the square blocks on the log to keep from getting dizzy.

While Kevin & Natalie sit inside talking, Jordan is sitting on the couch outside looking very sad, she is silently crying and looks like she really needs a hug.

Kevin is getting really annoyed trying to figure out why they are not having the next competition today. He shouts out f*ck you BB as he wonders out loud if big brother will tell them anything about when & what the next two competitions are.

Kevin & Natalie are playing solitaire sitting at the bar side by side while Jordan still sits alone outside with tears in her eyes.

Kevin: I wonder since we aren't having round 2 today, is BB giving us time to get over the endurance comp?
Nat: I doubt it
Kevin: I hope they will let me know what round 2 is so I can figure out what round 3 is.
Nat: I'm just glad because I have time to catch up on laundry and stuff

Kevin heads off to take a nap and Natalie goes outside to talk to Jordan.

Nat: "You look sad."
Jordan: "Huh?"
Nat: "You look sad."
Jordan: "I'm just thinking."

Nat goes to washer /dryer and and then goes to doors and yells to Kevin:

Nat: "Hey Kevin come get your clothes so they don't get dirty."
Kevin: "Okay."

Kevin heads out back.

Nat: "Damn. We probably need to clean this washer before we leave. BURP."
Kevin: "Why?"
Nat: "There's leaves everywhere in the washer."

Natalie & Kevin go back inside together leaving Jordan on the couch outside.

Kevin goes to the red room to lay down. He pulls the covers over his head, relaxes then Natalie comes in to talk.

Natalie: That girl (Jordan) outside is out of it
Kevin: She's an emotional wreck. She never developed her own coping mechanism as she had Jeff, now she's devastated. I don't know

Kevin: I'm sure glad that hard competition is over because Jordan could have won that.

Natalie & Kevin are sleeping again.

Nat gets up and goes outside to Jordan.

Jordan promises Natalie that she will take her to the final two if she wins then asks Nat to not repeat this to Kevin. Natalie agrees.

Jordan: I have a gut feeling that I should take you to the end.
Nat: I don't have a final 2 with Kevin but I had to make one with him in order for Kevin to keep you.
Jordan: I don't see Kevin in the final 2.

Both girls say they are happy with fifty thousand but want a shot at the 500k.

Jordan keeps stressing to Natalie to please not tell Kevin what they talked about. Natalie tells Jordan she doesn't talk game with Kevin (lol)

Jordan: I think the reason Kevin was going to keep Michele was she wasn't going to take you no mater what so he was covered. Now I think he feels the same thing about me and he's waiting to see who wins tomorrow to make his final two deal.

Nat: If you win are you taking Kevin
Jordan: NO, I made that deal with you. This is a circus. I tell you things then you tell Kevin, what I tell Kevin he runs & tells you.
Nat: What does Kevin say about me?
Jordan: That you are taking him
Nat: That's what I told you I had to say to him. Kevin is going to make his final 2 deal tomorrow.
Jordan: I think I have a 50/50 shot at winning with you. I don't think I have a shot at beating Kevin. You have Jeff, Michele & Kevin cuz he's going to be mad at me for taking you so you already have 3 votes for sure. So lets just say I have the other 3 votes, America will have the final vote.
Jordan: America will see you without Jessie & like you more. You will get the vote.
Nat: No, you were with Jeff & America loved Jeff. With Kevin he played the game and the jury is going to say he played the game
Jordan: He also won 10K
Nat: I still think it's 50/50
Jordan: I know you have Jessie's vote & Russell's vote cuz I left Russ a really mean message. I think you will have Lydia's vote cuz she's with Jessie.
Nat: If Kevin goes home I will lose his vote
Jordan: Not if I send him home.
Nat: I think with Kevin I would only get Jessie's vote.
Jordan: You will get Jeff's vote. He was pissed at Kevin. I think about this stuff all the time, that's why I run all these scenarios. If everyone is voting strategically then Kevin wins cuz he has played the most.
Nat: That's what I was thinking too cuz last season Dan screwed everyone over and they gave him the game.
Jordan: I know you don't believe me and I'm iffy about you but I know you haven't played a dirty game and have been true. I think my word is good. Kevin told me if he kept me I had to make a final 2 deal with him and of course I had to make a deal with him cuz I want to stay but if I win tomorrow I am taking you. If I do win & I evict him he is going to be so mad. I'm not going to say anything bad about you to Kevin. I'm not going to tell him anything in our conversations. I promise you I am keeping you.
Nat: Me too. You do realize the reason you stay this week was because of me. I told Kevin if he didn't keep you I would take Michele to the final 2.
Jordan: Kevin told me to make deals & to remember this isn't about friends, this is big brother and you are playing for 500k
Nat: I still have to act normal around Kevin, hanging with him.
Jordan: I won't talk to you so Kevin won't think something is up.
Nat: lets make a deal that we won't bad talk each other & just hold out for the 2 more days.

Natalie goes back in the house as Jordan sits thinking on the backyard couch. She finally gets up and starts doing laundry.

Natalie & Kevin are sitting in the red room while Nat plays solitaire.

Kevin: It wasn't like that
Nat: I just didn't like it
Kevin: umm, Tuesday is the last day
Nat: So do we know when the last competition is?
Kevin: nope

Jordan is called to the DR

Kevin: Aren't you glad to get this over with & get this blue hoodie
Nat: No dude, I get the other one, I think I deserve it. Don't even try that sh*t
Kevin: What do I get, exactly?
Nat: (sarcastically) excuse me?
Kevin: What?

They argue over who has done more for the other in the game. Kevin reminds Nat that the LML (lie to Jeff to get Russ out over them) would not have worked without him.

Nat: that made us even, then yesterday (her throwing hoh to him) put me one up on you. (to get the Japanese hoodie she wants from him). In fact, I want it right now.
Kevin: (laughs)Biznatch please, you are out of your mind
Nat: I earned it, after yesterday I proved it to you.

They argue over who gets the Russell nomination credit. Nat said it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't come up with it. Kevin argues that if he hadn't implicated it, it wouldn't have worked, plus it didn't mater to him cuz she was the one going home not him that week so him putting LML into motion saved her ass.
Nat: No, you would have gone home instead of Russell if it weren't for LML. It took a week for it to happen. It would have helped me the following week but you would have went home.
Kevin: No
Nat: yea, I deserve it Kevin
Kevin: We are even is what it is
Nat: Kevin I fell yesterday, I proved to you that I am taking you to the end
Kevin: I don't understand why you think we have to constantly prove to each other
Nat: no, I just need reassurance
Kevin: the moment of betrayal has passed
Nat: then give me my dam hoodie
Kevin: And tomorrow is a live show, they (DR) said they would explain everything to us during the live show tomorrow.
Nat: Jordan could win tomorrow since it's live
Kevin: You need to win phase 2 and knock the bitch out.
Nat: She could beat me tomorrow & I would not have been in this situation if I hadn't thrown it to you so you better take me.
Kevin: Why are you doubting me?
Nat: it would have been dumb doing that (Michele) right now you have a better shot with me
Kevin: no, I would have a better shot with Michele
Nat: I would have won last night
Kevin: I don't' see how you think you would have won
Nat: if Michele had stayed, I would have won cuz my life was on the line
Kevin: So you don't think my life was on the line if I kept Michele, I wouldn't have thrown anything.
Nat: With the votes you have Lydia & I have Jessie. Everyone else is a crap shoot. I can't win against Jordan. She has 3 votes already & has America's vote.
Kevin: That's why everyone told me if I wanted to guaranteed more than 50/50 I needed to keep Michele.
Nat: We are taking 2nd place if we take Jordan to the end.
Kevin: I know. I feel like every single chance that I've had power in this game or I had a chance to betray I have stuck with you. I loved Lydia but she had to go.
Nat: This is big brother.

Indoor Lockdown

When the lock down was over Natalie, Kevin & Jordan go inside to find only 3 chairs at the table.

Natalie is called to the DR. While she is away Kevin & Jordan talk about tomorrows competition.

Jordan: It might be 2 back to back true & false things and a quick eviction.

Jordan is scared that Kevin & Natalie are so close to each other they will take the other. Kevin says he makes strategic decisions and no personal decisions.

Kevin: I voted out Michele because I thought Michele would take Natalie to the final 2.

They discuss how Natalie doesn't need the money but Kevin & Jordan it would be a life changing experience. They both agree that they would take each other to final 2 for sure.

Jordan said when they were outside she noticed the grill was gone. Kevin wonders why BBQ grilling is such a man type of thing. Jordan thinks it's because of the fire.

Jordan: The DR was talking to me about Jeff & the grill and I told them he could light my fire. (lol)

The house-guests are locked down inside but can hear banging going on outside while something is being built.

Kevin is having a mini melt down in the red room. He wants to know what is going on.

Kevin: they haven't told us to pack.

Kev says maybe there is a helicopter out there to take us....

Jordan thinks tomorrow will be step forward step backward. All are trying to figure out what is going on. DR told them there is nothing to worry about until tomorrow.

Talk now turns to the endurance comp. Snow Ice Key teeth were sharp.

Nat says she blames Chima's entire eviction on Michele. Kevin chuckles, Nat says it's the truth and the truth hurts sometimes. Neither Kevin or Jordan make any comment to this.

Jordan says Nat looks sad, Nat says No just ready to get this done. Jordan agrees.

Nat laying in bed playing cards. Kev and Jordan in beds across from her in the red room.

Talk turns to what each favorite moment in the house was;

Nat: My engagement, winning hoh & phone call
Jordan: winning hoh, winning pov (she can't think of a third)
Kevin: first kiss with Jeff?

Now Jordan recants the story of kissing Jeff when Ronnie was in the room

Kevin: My top 3 would be coming into the house.

Kevin talks about how Kevin & Ronnie was running all over the house the first day. Kevin said he went down the slide and they were both screaming.

Kevin: My other 2 favorite moments were both Pandora's box because they were so bizarre.
Nat: Her engagement was the best moment of the game and her life.

Jordan ask Nat if Julie ask Natalie about the engagement when she was upstairs doing her interview? Nat said no.

Kevin: My last favorite moment was winning the veto. I knew Michele was going to spank me in that comp but Michele had a brain fart
Jordan: I hate those

Kevin: My favorite person in the house was Casey
Nat: I disagree
Kevin: Strip away the game crap and Casey, Chima & Lydia were my favs. My least favorite was Jessie. I didn't like Ronnie but think he is actually a decent person but his game was just wrong.

Nat says her least favorite house-guest was Laura & oh yea, Michele

Kevin wants to know all the secrets of the game from all the houseguests.

Jordan: Did Russell really want Ronnie out?
Nat: No
Jordan: I think something was there

Kevin wants to know what Ronnie thinks his biggest mistake in the game was. Natalie says probably not back dooring Russell.

Kevin said that Laura didn't like her alliance with Jessie, Nat, Chima & Ronnie and started to gravitate towards Jeff & Jordan.

Nat said she saved Laura from being evicted week one. Jessie wanted her out and Nat convinced him otherwise.

Nat: Laura claims to know so much about big brother but she wasn't smart in how she played the game. She was part of the in group at the beginning as well as a sub-group that was also looking out for each other.
Jordan: dang, I wasn't part of either of those groups ad I made it this far (lol)

Kevin tells Natalie that if she was a fan of big brother then she knows she has to be 21 to apply. Nat tells him maybe it varies by State. (lol he so knows she's lying about her age)

Lockdown is over.
The house-guests go outside to find that big brother has set up a ramp with 2 holes in it and 2 bouncy balls. Kevin reads the directions and they have to roll the balls up the ramp, into the hole without touching the sides.

Nat says to Kevin that this competition is a crap shoot and she should have stayed on the log.

Nat: They (BB) doesn't want me to win.
BB: You are not allowed to talk about production

Natalie & Kevin decide they need to stop trash talking Jeff so much to Jordan.

Nat: I called Jeff dumb in front of Jordan

Jordan & Natalie spend the next couple of hours practicing off & on rolling the ball up the ramp. Jordan has found a rhythm and is making more than she is missing. Nat is missing more than she is making.

Jordan is making something to eat while Nat & Kevin practice.

Nat tells Kevin she thinks the amp game is all the comp will be and doesn't think a crap shoot should be the game. She said the game could be roll the ball into the holds with the correct answer and if that is the case she will get it because Jordan was dumb.

Jordan finishes taking a shower. Kevin & Natalie are shooting pool. Jordan goes back outside to practice before going to bed. She gets 17 out of 20 balls in the hole and tells Nat & Kevin that she got 16 balls, 2 at a time in the hole in a row.

Jordan goes inside to the splash room and gets out a deck of cards that she uses as a study tool, sits in her & Jeff's bed and begins to study.

Natalie starts practicing again. This time she gets 7 out of 20 balls in.

Nat: Jordan is just as good or better at this than I am

Nat is getting flustered because Jordan is better at the ball comp and she is trying to find a niche that will help her get the ball in the hole.

Nat: I'm doing horrible! Jordan is doing better than me
Kevin: I know

Nat quits practicing.
Jordan is studying. Nat asks her how she studies with the cards but Jordan doesn't say much. Nat had also been studying her calender. When Jordan didn't give her any information she put her calender away & went to bed.

Right before everyone fell to sleep Nat made a comment that Russell had his dates wrong.

Jordan: I know, he said Ronnie told him everything before he left. (I think Nat was trying to throw Jordan off just in case the dates she was studying was the dates Russell had given them)

And another day ends in the big brother house. Tomorrow is the part 2 hoh competition live during Big Brother.