This feed report is short today, because the feeds were on trivia even more than is usual for Thursdays. Based on comments by the HGs, the long trivia in the morning was a practice for the second part of the HOH comp between Nat and Jordan tonight.

The HG conversations that we were allowed to hear mostly were the HGs discussing the comp, which it appears will be live tonight. Also, although Jordan and Nat were both packing some earlier, it doesn’t sound as if they were told to pack, and they both stopped packing later. On the other hand, on the feeds just before the show, Kevin is packing, so it’s unclear whether the HGs were later told to pack.

We still have questions about how the rest of the BB completion is going to play out—timing etc. Based on HG comments today, they have lots of questions, too—BB hasn’t told them very much.


9:00 am BBT…..About 9:30, we get the Control Room and it looks like the morning wake-up call. Both Jordan and Kevin get out of bed....Not sure if it was a “false alarm” or if BB decided to let the HGs sleep another hour, because there was another wake-up call around 10:15, and this time all the HGs got up.

10:15 BBT….After the 10:15 wake-up call, all the HGs get up long enough to change the batteries on their mics, and then go back to bed….But, at 10:40 BB calls for the usual Thurs. HOH lockdown, and all the HGs head upstairs, carrying their blankets…..Usually we get to see the what goes on during the HOH lockdown (although nothing much ever happens). This morning, however, trivia comes on the feeds at 10:41, and continues through the 11:00 hour.


Trivia continues as the noon hour begins. (Ed note:--This is going on longer than the usual Thur HOH lockdown.)….The feeds return at 12:37, with Jordan in the shower, Nat in the RR, and Kev off camera….
Nat says to Kevin, “I’m going to wait for Rick (Ed. Note: apparently one of the DR staff) cause he always…..” Feeds go to FISH…The feeds come back quickly. Kevin/Nat are talking in the RR. They haven’t been told to pack and say that Rich (Ed. Note: one of the BB producers) will tell them what to wear. They speculate on when Phase 3 of the HOH comp will be, and Kevin says, “Maybe Sunday…” and we get FISH again. Kevin says to Nat, “So we won’t know the Final 2 until Sunday….” And the feeds go to FISH again….FISH continues through the remainder of the noon hour.

1:00 pm BBT….As the 1:00 hour begins, the feeds are still on FISH…The feeds return at 1:25…Jordan is in the SS room putting on make-up. Nat/Kev are in the Red Room. Nat is sitting on the floor packing. There is talking between the RR and the SS room….(Ed Note: The next section of the recap only has small parts of conversations that aren’t always clear, because the HGs talk a lot about comps, and almost every time they start to talk, they are interrupted mid-sentence by FISH/TRIVIA.)

Jordan wants a clue to what the comp will be so she can study….Nat talks to Jordan about what she is planning to wear tonight, khaki pants and convers shoes. Nat says this is so she doesn’t look like a bum, but not like “I’m dressed up and I’m like….” (she doesn’t finish her sentence) (Ed note: Two guesses—either that Nat is preparing for a comp or she doesn’t want to seem like she’s going home. But, it’s anybody’s guess.)…One funny comment. When Nat first walks in, and says to Jordan, “I think I’m going to wear…” Jordan pipes in with, “Make-up?” LOL…Kevin decides he’s going to shower. Nat says she’ll shower later before the show….Jordan says she was packing “just in case.”…While Kev is in the shower, Nat whispers something to Jordan that sounds like, “Everything stays the same.” …Nat offers something to Jordan. Jordan declines, but asks to borrow Nat’s deodorant. (Ed note: No comment.)…Jordan talks about how she “froze” in the veto comp. Jordan again hopes that Rich (Ed note: a BB producer) gives them some clues because the comp will be live and Jordan doesn’t want to look like a dumb*ss…..Jordan thinks a comp where they just have to roll the ball sounds too plain.

2:00 pm BB…Jordan/Nat are still speculating about the upcoming completion….They talk about how it will be questions where they have to think first…Jordan says she has everybody memorized in my head…Nat says that Kevin uses his fingers when answering questions….At this point, Kev is out of the shower and primping. Jordan is taking the sheets off some of the beds in the SS….Now Nat/Jordan head for the kitchen, talking about how they still have ants…Nat says that if she is evicted she is going to quickly grab her key from the memory wall…Nat asks Jordan if she hears any building outside. (Ed note: Jordan’s answer is cut off by FISH).

Nat/Jordan continue to talk about the upcoming comps….Jordan is still wondering about how/whether the balls will have something to do with questions….They wonder why the ball is set up so that it can be poked out…(Ed note: Based on various comments from the HGs, it sounds like the long trivia this morning was a practice for the HOH comp.)…Jor/Nat both think that their families will be yelling as they watch the competition….While this is going on, Kev has gone into the storage room and is fixing himself something to eat…Then Jordan goes to the WC.

Kevin tells Nat that he doesn’t think there will be an eviction tonight. Nat agrees, and said she stopped packing. (Ed note: Based on these comments, it appears that the HGs were not told to pack, they were doing on their own.)…Kev/Nat go back to talking about the comp and say that sometimes the ball gets stuck. They wonder if Nat/Jor will go separately or together….Kev asks Nat if she thinks there are any new twists. Nat replies, “Not at all.”….Kev/Nat are in the kitchen cooking and Jordan is in the WC blow drying her hair as the feeds go to trivia at 2:22 pm…

3:00 pm….About 3:30 pm the feeds return…All feeds are on Kevin in the RR packing….(Ed note: It’s not clear whether Kevin has been told to pack or not)…Jordan (who appears to be in the SS room) asks Kevin if the finale is going to be Sunday, but Kevin says the DR told him the finale is Tuesday….Nat is in the RR with Kev, just sitting on the bed…..Kevin is frustrated with Nat because she is freaking him out with her last minute nervousness about whether their plans are still on…Nat tells Kevin she is taking him no matter what….Nat goes to the WC to finish her hair…Kev is having a hard time fitting all his stuff into his suitcase…Kevin has memories as he packs each item. He packs an orange shirt that he wore when he won the veto. As he packs the spacesuit, he says he loves it.

Jordan comes into the RR bringing a blue SS comforter. (Ed note: Have the HG been told that the SS room will be closed? So many questions today! LOL)…Kevin/Nat/Jordan continue to pack with little talk between them.

I want to get this posted before the live show, so I am going to stop here, at 3:50 pm BBT.